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I was laying on my bed over the weekend thinking, ‘When money is the most important thing—the measure of goodness of anything—the minimum legal requirement becomes the moral ideal. Right and wrong are determined by risk of discovery vs. potential monetary gain.

Many corporations are able build the cost of litigation into the cost of their products and/or services, because the frequency of litigation is sufficiently high that meaningful statistics can be calculated.

In my perfect world litigation would be used only as the exception. Punitive damages would drive offenders under after 3 to 4 violations. The law is designed to administer deterrents sufficient to prevent future violations and/or violations by others.

Secondary to that is compensating victims for their legitimate damages. We don’t want to incentivize victimhood. But at the same time we do want to deter death and destruction. Damages that amount to entitlement or satisfaction are economically dangerous, because by them injury and suffering are made profitable occupations.

In Greece there is a problem of intentional AIDS infections. The victims can obtain an entitlement of ~700.00/mo. + medical expenses + plenty of sex with those seeking AIDS-infected partners so they too can collect from the government.

If they received only compensation for medical expenses the problem would be solved. But corporations are so large and so wealthy that compensation for injuries becomes part of a business model. If punitive damages were levied in addition to real damages, lives would be saved. But who would receive the additional damages?

If government collects the additional damages, then it would be in the interest of government to tilt the entire litigation process against deep pockets. If the injured receives them, then victimhood brings fortune. And large corporations would then have incentive to file bankruptcy, because they would receive punitive-damages-paid in the form of a bailout.

So what is the solution? The solution is a civil-court system that at least seems fair to most people. That’s what we have now. It’s not ideal, but it promotes peace and order. The other solution is for people to turn back to God Almighty and observe sound moral teaching.

Many will take advantage of that social condition also, but the common people live better lives if they take advantage of the cost-free, apology-forgiveness-love, conflict-resolution system than the vengeance-for-pay system now under discussion.

In fact, written law by itself cannot create equity among men, because government has no remedy that actually adds good to the world. Government is only able to use force to do harm as a means to acquire cooperation.

True peace and security are obtained through voluntary observance of a moral code higher than written law. The human condition is to desire what one perceives she cannot have, to resist against force, to strive for liberty, and to create beauty.

That’s why the government fails when it attempts to make everyone be nice to each other. But Jesus Christ succeeds! Pope Benedict XVI spoke to a live audience of over one million. 32,000 staff were required for the event. No building in the world was large enough to host the gathering. So, it was held at an airfield.

After four days and nights—some of it in the rain—there was not a single violation of the law, or injury, or accident. A million people gathered to worship Jesus Christ, and there was only peace, joy, love, a sense of well-being, and true blindness to differences of race, gender, age, nationality, political affiliations, criminal history, physical appearance, language, wealth, position, occupation, and/or gender of attraction. Jesus Christ brings true equality among men!

Compare that to Woodstock, a crowd of 500,000 non-Catholics. Jimi Hendrix was the closest thing to an African-American present during the entire event. The Hell’s Angels motorcycle club—the toughest guys outside the octagon, and maybe even tougher—worked security for the event.

By comparison, the Woodstock audience nominated Caligula for consecrated sisterhood! Many cherished youth were lost during that weekend; not to death, but to moral relativism and intentional sin that slay the immortal soul.

I’m FragileSwan. And this has been WordPress.

I’m FragileSwan. And this is WordPress.

I found this group of special people: here.

They’ve formed a faith-based belief system based on denying the existence of God! If God were not to exist, then they’d be denying the existence of nothing. Since the goal of atheism is to tuck one’s head under a pillow of logic, cover their eyes, plug their ears, and then claim the world is dark; disbelief in nothing won’t do.

Atheists must believe in nothing and deny something, otherwise it wouldn’t really be denial! If someone truly believes something does not exist, they never mention it, because why would they? They disparaged me, so I will say this, “Your final testimony against Truth will be your rotting corpses, dry bones, and finally dust!

“Truth shall live on, forever!”



Hail Mary, Full of Grace, The Lord is With Thee.

Blessed Art Thou Among Women,

And Blessed is the Fruit of Thy Womb, Jesus.

Holy Mary, Mother of God, Pray for Us Sinners,

Now and at The Hour of Our Death, AMEN.



There was a judge. One day a man came to his door and handed him a box. The judge went to introduce himself, but the man said, “We know who you are. If you activate the box, you will receive $400,000 cash. But you must wait until at least midnight.”

The judge said, “There must be something more!”

The man said, “If you activate the box, someone will die; someone you don’t know; someone you don’t care about.”

Then the man went away. The judge carefully evaluated the concepts. If he had no knowledge of the person who died, that part didn’t affect him.

The following morning the man returned, “Judge, $400,000 for you.” But then he pulled it back. “First give me the box.”

The judge complied and took the money. The man said, “A word to the wise: spend it all. Don’t save any of it.”

The judge asked, “Why?”

The man said, “I’m going to give the box to someone who doesn’t know you; someone who doesn’t care about you!

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House of Cards

A house of cards is carefully crafted. It provides a shield against observation. But if even one of the cards is slightly disturbed, the entire structure falls at once. Those inside are revealed to the world, and their wickedness is laid bare. The card was compromised. The house has fallen. I give my death to the occupants.


Atheism is a form of progressive blindness that eventually enslaves the mind to a faith-based belief system that pivots on academic credentials. Atheism doesn’t work unless the thing disbelieved exists. Otherwise, it would be denial of the existence of nothing, which is pointless at the least, and at most also pointless.

However, I do believe atheism nearly always fails the faithful, because it’s a discrete denomination of intentional ignorance; ignorance that prefers belief in undetectable things that don’t place moral restrictions on human behavior, i.e. dark matter, dark energy; rather than God Himself, i.e., “It’s that way because God made it that way!”

With the God explanation, as the world progresses to greater understanding, it at least moves in a direction of continued existence rather than unwitting annihilation.

Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin were the products of failure to practice Roman Catholicism as prescribed according to Roman Catholic Doctrine, and they were both also the products of atheism and secular humanism!

Atheism is favored by government, because atheists are easy to control, manipulate and oppress. To an atheist, the ultimate authority over right and wrong is the government. That philosophy reduces the ideal moral standard to the minimum legal requirement = moral bankruptcy = the devolution of civilization into warlords, soldiers and slaves; and reduces women to a standardized medium of exchange, the value of which is determined by the relative potential to give ultimate masculine satisfaction, and her reproductive and infant-feeding potential!

I am also familiar with the camaraderie among scientists that invariably finds atheism fashionable, because it eliminates the unknown and exalts human understanding. This brings with it a false sense of security and the constant need for new justifications!

In ancient times the academics taught about the dome of the sky that had many small lights attached and a few bigger ones too. The theists postulated that rain was caused by God opening doors in the dome, which permitted the water above the dome to fall as rain.

The atheists of the time postulated that God had nothing to do with the doors opening. They claimed the doors opened by themselves, without assistance!

At the same time, the atheists and the theists were in full agreement that ships quite regularly sailed off the edge of the world! Atheism is an attitude. It uses the understanding of the epoch to offend the righteous.

Every generation is the most advanced in history, until the next one comes. But that will soon change, because understanding has left the hearts of men. They reason vainly, so their senseless minds were blinded. The halls of higher learning became the holes of deeper darkness! Academic credentials became the guarantee that the possessor was among the most likely to offer advice that is flawed and self-serving.

The critical juncture at which academia finds itself is of it’s own design. Discovery of truly new and original thing has ceased, because inspiration has been rejected! The University is meant to divert the attention of youth away from vice just long enough to learn proper conduct from the chaste and honorable example of his instructors.

And education teaches one not what to think, but how to think. The wrote material is presented simply to avoid duplication of effort—to avoid reinventing the wheel! No University student was expected to remain a drone tethered to his textbooks!

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I received this anonymous message in my email.

Dear Fragile, could you post this?

Dear Heavenly Father, I give You all the Glory, Honor, Thanks and Praise due Your Holy Name—The Name Above all other names.

Eternal God, in Whom Mercy is endless, and the treasury of compassion, inexhaustible; look kindly upon us, and increase Your Mercy in us; that in difficult moments we might not despair, nor become despondent, but with great confidence submit ourselves to Your Holy Will, which is Love and Mercy itself.

Dear concerned,

As you are aware, I am honest and a man of my word, even when those things present challenges or adverse consequences to myself. The means I employ to resolve conflict do not ordinarily include courts of law. American civil courts have been weighed and found to be, where truth and justice go to die! My experience dictates the same.

The underpinnings of legitimacy that support an equitable judicial system have crumbled by the insidious corrosion of feigned feminist-hysteria; a weapon forged of sensual guilt (guilt for sensual pleasure) and deceit to conceal it. They long to defile masculinity, because it gives them a higher rev on the relative-masculinity meter. Males suffer no sensual guilt, so the closer feminists can get to masculinity, the closer they come to Satan’s promise of liberation, and the more evil they become.

But acquisition of masculinity is not presently possible for the woman. Research is still in progress on a medical procedure: addadictomy, that promises a cure for penis-absence syndrome! Deep inside herself the woman knows she cannot have a penis. But she knows she can have a penis deep inside herself! Therein lies a clue.

The guilt-laden woman cannot directly approach the throne of Almighty God, because He will not hear his Own daughter confess sensual pleasure: pleasure forbidden to the woman by God Himself. We know this by self-evident Truth. No father will hear his own daughter confess sensual pleasure. The woman’s Heavenly Father objects all the more!

God said to the first woman, “Your heart shall be for the man, and he shall be your master.” Therefore, the woman’s lone means of forgiveness and atonement are from the man, and they are forthcoming only to the obedient wife. Sensual guilt builds in the female heart and blocks out manifold streams of love and forgiveness radiating from every corner of the heart of the father of her children.

Pride creates the illusion that the woman deserves more love than she is getting, and that her problems are due to her husband, both of which can cause female rebellion against God-Ordained Masculine Authority. Female guilt is aggravated by the sinful act of rebellion, and the wife acts up in increasingly more destructive ways until she finally kneels at her husband’s feet and confesses her sins; her head veiled and bowed in reverence to her husband’s Masculine likeness to God Almighty, or files for divorce. I’m not saying every divorce is the woman’s fault. WAIT! yes I am.

The man shall then give his wife a firm masculine hand. After disciplining his wife out of love, sensual guilt is expiated from the woman’s heart, and closeness returns between spouses. After hearing her confess sensual pleasure, the man is highly motivated to deposit his intimate gift of masculine love and forgiveness inside the woman’s guilt-laden but contrite fertility. Fertility is the woman’s Sign of Contrition.

If she is obedient to God Almighty, the woman shall conceive the man’s offspring, preferably man-child. What greater manifestation of God’s Divine Forgiveness could there be than new life in the image of married lovers, and in the image of God Almighty Himself; new life the woman can call her own!

Thanks to the courts, intelligent men no longer marry, nor do they have children by American females. Thanks to lawyers, wedding ceremonies are just a veil over the front door to Hell. Therefore, I live righteously, and when my rights are violated I appeal to Almighty God. Against this there can be no legitimate law. As an American, I also have the right to share my beliefs with others, even if others disagree with me!

The measure of whether or not certain communication serves a legitimate purpose must always be Truth, not simply what another person thinks. You’ve also helped kindle the marital climate in which males no longer put their loving feelings for their wives in writing, because men know that would only produce future evidence to be used against them in courts of law.

If I communicate with someone and she disagrees with my words, she is granted the same right; that is, to share her beliefs with others, namely me. If someone sends me a message, and I don’t want to read it, I don’t blame the sender for sending it. I just dump it.

We can hardly call harassment, US Mail from someone familiar to us, because anyone can toss letters in the trash unopened. No one can compel another to read Postal Mail, period. And, I know when I open a piece of US Mail, and I disagree with it, at most I might contact the sender to say, “I disagree. Here’s why …” The godless damned can get a lot of mileage from mere speculation, but when the game finally ends they have a long way to fall. That’s how Satan works. They want everyone dead.

For myself, if someone posts to the Internet the electronic equivalent of a message not tendered to me, written on paper and buried 10 feet underground, I’m not going to ever find it, so I don’t care what’s in it.

Unless, of course, if I’m on a 20-year mission to calumnize by implication the father of my children, because I used his children as weapons to exact vengeance in retribution for me divorcing him, and now I’m in a bind.

If I’m this woman, here’s my problem. My ex-husband gave me my own way on everything, always, so I just thought I’d get away with prearranging to call my friend’s house and pass off her ham-actor husband as my children’s’ father, when they called (dialed without them seeing) to thank their father for the Christmas and Birthday gifts he sent them every year.

If I’m that same woman, I probably would not know what to do about the fact that I arranged an impostor to claim he was my ex-husband, act drunk, sound stupid, and say, “I really want to see you, Mike, and you too, Mary! But as a condition of my parole (imaginary), and my status in the sex-offender database (fictional), I’m not allowed to be near minors (fabricated).”

If I did what that woman did, and my children are certain to find out—even just by the sound of their father’s voice when they do finally meet him—I would be afraid of him. But not because he might physically harm me or anyone else. I would fear him because my children would know immediately upon meeting him that I lied to them nonstop for 18 years. I might enlist some help to mercilessly and without cause, antagonize my ex until, after years of it he fought back, but not with physical violence, or even making contact with me.

And she speaks. “No, he smoked me out of the dark hole where I ceaselessly plot how to get rid of him, while I use feigned feminist-hysteria as a defense against the Truth. It must be intuitively obvious to even the most casual observer that I have illegal access to details of his personal activities. Otherwise, I would have no means to locate a feeble, anonymous blog post—something that was not tendered to me—buried within five-billion others on the same website. And that’s only one website of two-trillion on the web!

She continues. “I’m not a celebrity, and I’ve provided my utterly contrived and purjoriously secured evidence of being stalked, to, so that no search engine will return open links relating to any but my professional life.”

If it was any other way, the world would have fallen into utter chaos long before now. But if I’m the woman who did those things, I’m thinking, ‘The murder conspiracy failed! He’s smoked me out! I know! I’ll lie some more! What do I care if an innocent man is murdered on my behalf, as long as I don’t get caught lying about everything! He deserves it, because I divorced him.’

Then the woman–who has never been abused–transformed family court into a toilet, and by example made a pathetic mockery of The County Court Childrens Bill of Rights! But, as long as the court is infested by organized penis-envy (feminism), every time her ex-husband tries to do the right thing, she is legally entitled to wield the full force of government to bend him over and shove her witch’s broomstick up his you know what!

What a service the court has performed on behalf of all women, everywhere! Government subsidy on female rebellion, single-motherhood and dietary supplementation with vitamin RU-486; have opened the opportunity for women to throw their husbands out with the trash, so their kids can become ultra-messed-up by government secular-humanist indoctrination and the public child-molestation system! Make no mistake, government poses the greatest threat to children!

On her deathbed, the voices she will not hear are of her children who have long-since fallen victim to the family-court payload: child-suicide, drug-addiction, poverty, despair and misery. But enough survive to feed the next generations’ staph on the dirt-poor bitter-feminist divorcee vengeance toilet!! What would happen if, by the manifold Mercy and Divine Forgiveness of Almighty God, just one of those disenfranchised children survived?

What would happen if that child informed The Lord God Almighty: The Owner of The Universe, Who Alone controls everyone and everything, always—past, present and future; of what was occurring in the world? What if Satan had tried to kill that child, first through his parent’s divorce lawyers and then through his wife’s divorce lawyer?

What if that child received God’s Pity for the outrage he endured, and so, They endured it together, as Father and Son? What if God, just to spite the wicked, placed into this child’s flesh an infirmity, to make him feeble and weak, but then gave him a legion of Angels to protect him; a legion from which any individual member is capable of neutralizing the collective security force of earth’s surface—and anything short of that—in just under three minutes?

Then suppose this man, of which The Lord God has spoken, “I AM The Lord, Thy God, through Whom all things came to be; this is the one I approve: the lowly, afflicted man whose heart trembles at My Word,” was given The Sword of Truth.

He’d be an invincible crusader for Truth and Justice, God style! At any moment he could speak five or ten well-chosen words, and it would kindle a fire that would never be quenched. It would be a blaze of Truth for all ages to come. This man exists in the world today. A satanic onslaught has been unleashed against him.

Mothers are selling their own children’s souls to the kingdom of darkness; preparing them to reject righteousness and to embrace evil, all for the sake of Satan’s battle against a poor, disabled man! The clan of witches have been sentenced, so that The Heavenly Father may be Glorified.

Not one hair on the head of God’s Beloved shall be harmed! For God has said, “My Son, could I ever forget You? See, I have carved You in the palm of My Hand!” But those opposed to Him, without cause beside sheer wickedness, shall be suddenly struck down by the Mighty Hand of God, so they cannot rise again! And the recently introduced fly shall crash and burn, as is fitting for the servant of the evil one!

I wash my hands of this accursed lot. I shall no longer intercede on your behalves. There is nothing standing between you and the Almighty God!

All this has been made known in advance, so that when the innocent see it come to pass they shall learn wisdom, and so that The Heavenly Father may be Glorified! Dear Heavenly Father, I implore Thee, May the Mighty Hand of God’s Mercy be fixed tight upon me! Dear Father, Thank You.

It is written, “Blessed is the man whose sin is not counted. There is no guile in his spirit. Therefore, God imputes to him no guilt for sin.”

Happy Birthday, Michael! Happy Birthday, Mary!

That’s all the message said.

I’m FragileSwan. And this has been WordPress.

Oops, one last thing. Don’t trust people who go out of their way to create adversity for others, or who bear tales of secret things. Enemies operate in darkness. “It would be best if so-and-so did not learn of our encounter,” is the devil!

I’m FragileSwan. And this is WordPress.

All generalizations are false. But then what happens? If the generalization that all generalizations are false is true, the statement itself is false. But if it’s false that all generalizations are false, then it’s true! But if it’s true it’s false.

Satan would have you contemplating circular logic while government agents invade the homes of those opposed to performing their assigned service-task for the Obama State Peoples’ Collective, ransack everything, and seize those items that have been placed on the contraband list!

Yes, gun control is the first phase of a much larger project to seize by force all items that could be used contrary to the will of the Obama State Peoples’ Collective. And if you disagree with the will of the people—the will held by those who have correct thinking—humanitarian reeducation camps are there to correct your wrong beliefs, for the good of everyone, including yourself!

When everyone smiles at everyone else and says, “Peace to you from the heart of the Obama State Peoples’ Collective,” for fear of detention and death; the world is perfect, because no one will ever offend anyone, ever, no matter what!

I feel so warm and fuzzy all over! I’m just going to go snuggle up in blanket and giggle for about four hours! Except there are no blankets, because labor drones don’t require them to sustain vital functions necessary to perform their assigned work-tasks.

Economic efficiency is the measure of morality. Allegiance to the Obama State Peoples’ Collective finds its ultimate glory in those specially chosen labor drones who agree to have legacy reproductive components surgically removed, because the less flesh there is, the more food there will be for everyone. They serve as the perfect example of sacrifice in the name of the Obama State Peoples’ Collective.

When the USDA Nutritional-Sludge Act passed, a vast pipeline was built, and nutritional sludge was piped to all work centers. When the labor drones arrive to perform their assigned work-tasks, they have access to their USDA nutritional-sludge feeding tubes; feeding tubes that mate an interlock mechanism surgically implanted in the stomach wall. This is the only food source on the planet. Thus, absenteeism is kept at a minimum.

It is the will of the Obama State Peoples’ Collective—at least that’s what we were instructed to think, if we knew what was good for us—that food be delivered directly to the stomach, for two reasons:

  1. Chewing food is an unnecessary expenditure of energy that could otherwise be put toward useful work on behalf of the Obama State Peoples’ Collective.
  2. Morality dictates that the economic advantages to elimination of meal breaks justifies the change.

Income tax is 100%, because the Archons said, “It is the only distribution equitable to all.”

Gun-control is forgotten now, buried under the sands of time. Tall statues of Emperor Obama can be seen from any location. Promises unkept are soon forgotten under absolute government control; abject oppression and misery. But who said people are intelligent?

Mental illness is such a convenient term. It’s the perfect vehicle to tyranny. It fits absolutely everyone! Yes, that’s right! Every person has some psychiatric diagnosis! Therefore, anyone with subversive beliefs such as faith in God Almighty, is summarily detained to keep the Obama State Peoples’ Collective safe.

The object of the game is to create a situation that the people believe necessitates government-imposed protection. But if such a situation could exist short of foreign invasion, the government is in no position to protect the people.

In the absence of armed civilians, the police are trusted to protect the people. But the police protect not individuals but communities, by their presence. Not in anyone’s wildest imagination is there supposed to be sufficient law enforcement personnel to police every square inch of everything at every moment.

Let’s take rape as an example. There is a brutal rape initiated every four seconds in the U.S.. The crime requires a few minutes to commit, and the perpetrator disappears. Catching criminals in the act requires a stake out, but a stake out is only effective if either the suspect or the potential crime scene is known.

Every woman in the nation can be sure of at least one thing: if you get raped, there isn’t going to be anyone to help you. No one knows the identity of the perpetrator, or the scene, ahead of time. The same holds true of home-invasion, homicide, armed-robbery and battery.

But the threat of harm to citizens by individual criminals is nothing compared to the threat of harm by criminal government operating against an unarmed populace! Now we face a contrived threat:

Psychopaths are planted among us. They’re literally everywhere. They’re mentally ill and at any moment any number of them can go berserk and kill hundreds of people. These individual correspond to no known motivation. Therefore, we all just have to either lay back as our children are randomly slaughtered, along with every possible witness, and the destruction of even the most feeble piece of evidence that might hint at possible motivation; or agree to hand our firearms over to the government.

The psychopath thinks, ‘OK, I’ve gone berserk. I need some guns, ammo, and a place where there’s a lot of innocent children. OH, I almost forgot! I’m also going to commit suicide, so I have to erase my hard drive so thoroughly that no forensic means can be used to recover the data!’

And why? The government says, “For some reason.” Of course, that goes right along with the impossibility of ever predicting what certain people will do. That leaves open the door to fabricate any character in the minds of the public, a character of which one photoshopped-to-the-max photograph exists, and it looks more like a ritualistic mask than a face.

Now, Michael Moore wants to release the photos of the Newtown massacre! OH really? It’s always outside public perception that the sleight of hand occurs. By implying photos exist, the belief that the event actually happened is bolstered. It doesn’t matter later that the photos were never released. Subliminal legitimization has removed all doubt. But both political parties and the news media are behind that one.

I’ll give you an example. There was a historical news blurb. I didn’t see it, but My Dad did. He said, “Every printer prints an invisible identification on every printout page, that can be revealed under ultraviolet light.”

The Truth: Paper mills print an individual, unique identification on every sheet of printer paper. To identify a document’s source, the authorities can read the mark, contact the manufacturer, ask which company took delivery of the paper lot containing the unique mark, contact that company and ask who they sold the paper to, and they’ve got a good lead on the identification of the individual that made the printout.

Sleight of hand occurs outside of public perception. The move to marginalize the Prophets of God is to keep Satan concealed, and to keep the people in darkness! Every truly great visionary, in every age, was accused by political leaders, judges and lawyers of insanity, demonic possession, political subversion, and they were marginalized in countless other ways.

But today we see that the visionaries are all correct, and it is lawyers, judges and political leaders that are the embodiment of wickedness; enemies to Truth! Political leaders who called Jesus Christ, insane.

I don’t know how else to say it except to just say, “Every lawyer, judge and politician will repent or die!”

Of course, intelligent people realize that death is 100% certain. So, death coupled to any possible ancillary factor is also 100% certain. Therefore, the above statement is statistically sound. Given the inflexible nature of mathematics, I can hardly be blamed for stating the obvious in such a way.

Any other way would be lying! Given that there are an infinite number of incorrect answers to anything, it’s always best to state the correct answer than to state all the incorrect answers and then say, “There’s only one possibility remaining.”

I just hope no one gets too worried over it. Guilt inside the corrupt heart views testimony to the inevitability of death as a death threat. If that were the case, every medical prognosis that involved any mention—or even the implication of mortality—would be grounds for a restraining order, because the prognosis would constitute a death threat.

Now, don’t we all feel stupid? The mere mention that someone will die—be it appended to some arbitrary condition or not—in no way constitutes a death threat. In fact, anyone who physically retaliates, either overtly or by means of the occult—the crafts of medicine and/or law—against such a statement will die!

But everyone is going to die. So it’s no big deal! If they’ve resigned themselves to it anyway, I don’t see the problem. It’s kind of like saying, “Everyone shall exhale or die!”

That’s the beauty of Barack Obama’s policy decisions. The reader asks, “What?” The beauty of Barack Obama’s policy plan is that we will all die and be redeemed from it. Truth defends itself! The court says so. No one can be held liable for speaking the Truth!

That brings up a topic I find very sad, especially for myself, because I might live to see it. I have a friend named, Tom. He’s a chaste mystic. He’s been featured on my blog. Maybe I’ll add a search function to aid in finding his interviews.

Tom has proclaimed—and he has never been incorrect—not one generation shall pass after his death, before the 20 most populous US metropolitan areas are leveled by strong blasts and the populations instantaneously vaporized; in retribution for the cruelty of the people.

I hope Almighty God changes His Mind. Tom has said, “All those who oppose me shall die!” But he took me aside and said, “Everyone will die. The difference between me and the wicked is: I’m satisfied that my enemies will all die. I feel no need to hasten death for anyone. Temporal life is but a breath we take between birth and death; a period so short in terms of Eternity that it might as well not even exist.

I shall go on forever, because I know the Truth! I am One with Truth—Truth Who IS God Almighty. It isn’t me they have to fear, it’s The Lord God Almighty! I have survived murder attempts for 30 years. My assailants are all removed from earth’s surface, while I go on forever!

Then, you must admit that God exists, because His Hand of Mercy is upon me. Nothing short of infinite Mercy, Forgiveness and Absolute Power could have preserved my life on so many occasions under such adverse circumstances.

I make an offer that was made to me once: the objections may at any time abandon the ways of sin, practice Roman Catholicism, and be happy! Our Heavenly Father will show His Face to all who seek Him through The Perfect Living Sacrifice of Jesus Christ. Most offensive to Almighty God is obstinacy in sin and final impenitent sin.”

Tom’s not on the blog today. I was just recalling his words.

Next! Finally, the most probing question in all of history; a question that has baffled the greatest minds since the beginning of time—a question so deep, as it is wide; of a substance so sublime it has baffled all who contemplate it.

Why are we here?


Why are people born?


Who is God?


What is love?


None of the above! The most pressing question in the history of creation is: Why are males attracted to large firm well-formed pointed-up breasts? OR simply, Why do men like big boobs?

Simple people want a simple answer:

Because males want their babies nursed on them!

But first they need babies. Hence, the male is motivated to mate the owner of attractive breasts. What makes certain breasts more attractive IS their revelation of genetically superior infant-feeding potential!

Otherwise, breast wouldn’t be attractive! The male finds attractive in the female those things that belie genetically superior reproductive and infant-feeding potential! Isn’t that exciting! We can prove men want their babies breast-fed exclusively, because males are not even a little bit attracted to mating industrial food-processing plants (the source of infant formula)!

Long thick hair and hard strong nails both belie female fertility. That’s why maidens wear their hair down, but matrons wear theirs up. A married woman won’t advertise her fertility to anyone but her husband, while the maiden yet must attract a husband, so it’s permissible that she advertise her fertility in public.

If a girl sees a glamorous model and wishes she could be as beautiful, she must be mindful of what makes a girl attractive to the male. Girls become models to overcome a poor self-image. If a girl knew exactly what percentage of the model’s beauty was her own and what percentage was manufactured, she would have sympathy for her.

Couple this to the fact that models—and all women made up to look like the ultimate example of female reproductive and infant-feeding potential—attract egotistical, insincere males who place their woman on display, as if to say, “Yeah, she really is that hot!” with subtle undertones of, “Yeah, I really am that great!”

A woman’s beauty finds its highest value as a means to attract and entice into commitment a desirable male. I’m already over the hill at 20. I don’t think I’ll ever get married. I went out to a pizza place with a bunch of girls from my campus prayer group—the group could really use at least one guy—and there were some drunken, but still eye-candy guys (at least one of them, who was trying to maul me), but guys are big, dumb jerks!

He wanted me to sit on his lap. I asked him if he liked my dress, because I had just gotten it. He said, “I’d like it a lot more dangling from the lamp in my bedroom!”

I slapped his face and said, “Don’t you ever say that to a girl again!”

He said, “Hey, you can’t do that,” and he tried to smother me with his mouth! So, I tossed my soda in his face.

He said, “I didn’t even do anything wrong! That’s probably not even your natural hair color!”

I said, “Oh, of course, you’re s-o-o smart! Girls always dye their hair with that ubiquitous tint: mousey-brown!”

He said, “OK, I’m an idiot. I’m a little wasted, you know? You’re way outta my league right now. Please pardon me.”

I looked, no, glared at him and started laughing because his hair was soaked with Pepsi. I said, “Your apology is exactly why I respond with indignation to creeps.”

His name is Scott. He dried his hair with dinner napkins. But he was too embarrassed to talk to me after that. It just proves that males learn to behave themselves when confronted by a girl who demands respect; a chaste and holy girl who responds as would be expected from a proper female.

He had learned from pagan sluts that women like to be treated as sleazy objects, and that a girl will do anything—no matter how degrading or repulsive—to get a man’s attention for the night!

That’s a sad commentary. Masculine beauty is supposed by the female to be a source of Truth and goodness; a light by which to see herself as she is reflected from inside the masculine heart, back to herself. She sees how good she is by the selfless acts of sacrificial love he performs on her behalf.

But I have enough confidence to rely on myself emotionally, because my Dad accepted me as a teenage girl. He didn’t freak out at my flaky moods. He didn’t ask my Mom, “When is Fragile going to snap out of it?”

He accepted me exactly the way I am, he loved me enough to insist I have no intimate contact outside the bonds of Sacramental Matrimony, and that includes privacy with males I’m not related to. He put it to me like this: “Could anything but sin ever come of such a predicament.”

Which brings me to my roommate, who is, well, not very pure. She said yesterday, “I really feel down.”

I said, “Maybe you need someone to feel you up.”

She laughed. “You have no idea what you just said!”

I said, “All things are pure to the pure.”

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I’m FragileSwan. And this is WordPress.

I tried posting the following as a reply to a post on . But it returned the error: Your comment contains profanities and will not appear on the site until it has been checked by a moderator.

My reply got too long, so I posted it here: . Before you look at it, let me just say, “It’s tragic that people must suffer and die at the hands of nature. My prayers are offered every day, in union with the holy sacrifice of the Catholic Masses said throughout the world, for Mercy upon the victims of the hurricane.”

What your Heavenly Father tears down, He intends to build back, only better than it was before, and to secure the allegiance of His children in the process. Harm done by natural disaster does not usually come to individuals based on some contrived scheme of retribution.

Those harmed or killed by Sandra’s force were NOT chosen because of some evil attributed to certain individuals. However, The Almighty would see His beloved children suffer and die, before he would see them destroyed by wicked leaders.

Sooner than The Nation Under His Divine Providence would be fed to the forces of darkness, it shall be destroyed. Death of the temporal body is preferable to death of the soul while the breath of organic life remains. Americans have committed grave error; deadly error, and the above post [the post I was replying to] does nothing to reveal the Truth.

“My people perish for lack of knowledge.”
“Truth will set you free.”
“What was Truth is Truth now, and it always will be Truth. There is One Truth. Everything else is wrong!”
“Heaven and earth shall pass away, but Truth shall never pass away.”
“Those shall inherit the earth who wield The Sword of Truth with utmost perfection.”
“Truth slays the wicked and perfects the just.”

Now, click the above link [the link back to the remainder of this post], or copy and paste it, if you wish.

** end **

Here’s my question: Where is the profanity? should be avoided by those who use ‘reason’ to navigate life, because it obviously doesn’t exist there! Zdnet has also declared war against God Almighty!

The Word of The Lord to those at “Draft your Declaration of Independence, list your grievances, read it out loud to Me, and I will promptly lift My Divine Hand of protection from you. At that time you shall be given a choice. Either option serves to preserve life, but the remaining alternatives bring death.

  1. Find a different Universe.
  2. Obey The Creator of this one. 

Here’s the post that started out as a reply to the post on

Blessed Virgin Stands Undaunted by Hurricane Sandy

To avoid the messages nature speaks so loudly, we must tuck our heads under a pillow, plug each others’ ears, cover each others’ eyes, and chant together, “If we can’t see it it doesn’t exist.”

Then, should we practice the faith-based belief system called, climate change, OR, global warming; a religion that substitutes carbon-based gases for the opacity of evil that prompts earth’s surface-dwellers to adopt distinct denominations of intentional ignorance as the means to combat eventual, ultimate and certain death, and the ensuing judgment?

Granted, global warming presents the user with the savior of mankind: ‘scientific data’. The faithful can use defective scientific findings to combat the diabolical source of all evil and sinister agent of doom: those who consume fossil fuel.

That concept eliminates human reason from the equation, producing the blindly zealous hearts ‘green-technology’ corporations require to fulfill their corrupt quest to afflict the ignorant with things like electric cars:

60 mile range, if you begin coasting to a stop at least a mile before you actually have to stop.

8 hours to fill the tank (charge the battery), before you can travel another 60 miles without heat or air conditioning, because electric cars carry the energy equivalent of one liter of gasoline; hardly enough to provide power needed by automobile climate-control systems.

It’s looking good so far. But the best part is: to get the electrical-power to charge the batteries in electric cars, you have to generate it, at a power plant. Only one-third of the energy used to produce electricity gets to the outlet where you plug in your car for 8 hours, because much of the energy is lost to heat escaping the boiler that drives the steam-turbine that drives the generator to generate the electricity.

The remaining losses are incidental to the physics involved in electrical-power distribution. Here’s my favorite: the single solution to every world problem. And the great thing about it is, it places no moral restriction on use of human reproductive facilities.

For only $300.00, you can buy a device that soaks up sunlight and converts it to electricity. You just plug it in. Whatever power you put back into the electrical system makes your electric meter run backwards for the kilowatt/hours you generated yourself.

So, you’re happy, because the world will be saved after all, and you’re generating income, so those you love can have a brighter future!

Could anything else make people feel so warm and fuzzy all over? Probably only if government controlled everything, because, after all, government is the source of all good.

Utopia is just around the bend, except reason is mean, and rational people are evil, because they destroy the happiness-potential offered by things that make us feel good; things that are also, incorrect.

More energy is required to manufacture such devices than will ever be reclaimed by them, alerting us to the unalterable nature of the three-dimensional reality: energy is neither created nor destroyed. So, the device puts more pollution into the environment, before it’s ever used, than it can prevent from being put there in the future.

The physical laws of nature apply to absolutely everything in the Universe. The sunlight-converting device has a ten-year useful life, at which point it becomes hazardous waste. During it’s life, it doesn’t even break even from an economic perspective. On the longest day of the year, if it’s perfectly sunny, all day, the device can produce 2.0 kilowatt/hours of energy, or about 25 cents worth of power!

But ‘green-energy technology’ manufacturers maximize their influence over the mathematically challenged robots produced by the government-run educational system. Since those my age make decisions purely on their emotional responses, quantity and magnitude bear no influence.

Adoption of minimum legal requirements as the ideal standard of moral conduct, and the consequent moral bankruptcy, have freed mankind from restrictions placed by The Almighty upon his children. But think of the good that could come from utter annihilation at the hands of nature.

We’ve seen a glimpse of real power. Hurricane Sandra did not obey those who commanded it to turn back out to sea. It obeyed The One Who made it; The One Who maintains complete control over everyone and everything, always.

The people affected by the damage done were not chosen on an individual basis, because of some unspecified evil attributed to them. Rather, all men are indicted as unworthy.

Pain and suffering are tragic, but, “All things work for good for those who turn from evil, and embrace The Truth of their Almighty Father.”

Don’t vote for wicked candidates. Wake up! Face reality! Turn your faces toward your Loving Father. Turn away from evil, and receive your Inheritance. Place good leaders over you. End homosexual marriage.

Act properly, and don’t fool yourselves. The world is steeped in falsehood. There exists only One hope. Let His Loving Hand Embrace you, or perish into the darkness reserved for those who persist in their error.

If someone doesn’t like what I have written, it’s ok, because no one is required to like it. It’s perfectly acceptable not to like something. Nevertheless, Truth remains correct, while those who don’t like Truth are ‘w-r-o-n-g’.

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I’m FragileSwan. And this is WordPress.

Before I go on, The Lord Willing, my next post is going to be:Girl Scouts Gone Bad

I have to do a little more research.

Today we have :

I was surprised by the lack of understanding of science, intentional or not. Global- warming appears to be a faith-based belief system that provides salvation through government policy; policy that must be instituted regardless of whether or not there is actual proof of a problem to solve.

At the same time, it provides a diabolical nemesis that must be vanquished at any cost, lest mankind, and every other form of life, be wiped from existence.

Wealthy capitalists finance research, or less directly, finance research institutions, to generate a preponderance of evidence that their own products are hazardous! But they conceal the data.

It is secretly leaked to whichever radical group will take up the cause, and the corporation(s) become Satan! Not only do they know millions will die, they tried to cover it up!

The salvation of man becomes a battle against evil. The stakes are life and death. However, the faithful are composed of those select chosen whose desperate plea was repeated each class period, “I’ll never use algebra in real life!”

And they were true to their word. But it’s difficult to do science when armed only with buzzwords and statistics. You actually need algebra, and calculus.

But the whole idea is not to solve anything, but only to divert one’s self from Truth! The greenhouse effect is theoretically legitimate, and mankind has added what most people view as large amounts of greenhouse gases to the atmosphere, and this has caused alteration to the atmosphere and ecosphere,

so the only possible conclusion is:

Drive electric cars.

Until then, add ethanol to motor fuel.

Use solar and wind and water power, but don’t kill even one mosquito in the process.

Ban charcoal briquets.

Convert homes to use solar-generated electricity.


Driving electric cars is idiotic. Electricity adds 3x the greenhouse gas as just burning the fuel in a car engine. WHY? During power generation and distribution, vast amounts of energy are lost, mostly as heat into the atmosphere. That is energy wasted.

Electricity is not magic. During construction, hydroelectric dams pour more pollution into the environment than they will prevent during the first fifty years of operation. And if you investigate further, you’ll see that filling up with gasoline takes 5-10 minutes, but recharging an electric car takes 8 hours.

The added economy of NO HEAT and NO AIR CONDITIONING appeals to few. The 60-mile range of affordable electric cars dooms drivers to an 8 hour stop for every hour driving on the freeway.

Ethanol must be manufactured. Elementary physics teaches: energy is neither created nor destroyed. Petroleum, or crude oil, contains energy stored from the pressure of the earth upon organic matter.

One step further and you’ve got diamonds. Diamonds are pure carbon, so: carbon is a girl’s best friend! Petroleum mining, refinement and distribution requires far less energy input than the energy stored in crude oil, so you have a net energy gain!

Ethanol cannot be mined, because no stores of it exist. During the manufacture and distribution of ethanol, significantly more energy is used than is stored in the ethanol. That’s a net energy loss.

From a holistic perspective, adding ethanol to motor fuel pollutes more than just drinking it.

Let’s not forget all lead and acid from billions of batteries required for solar electrical-power systems. And electric cars have huge, poisonous batteries. Hmmm, looks like a larger problem is brewing.

But the oil companies will just shift a little and produce ‘green’ products. No matter that green products require more energy input to manufacture than they will ever produce, giving us another net energy loss!

From God’s Perspective, green products add more pollution to the environment than power plants that use discarded tires and asphalt roofing shingles for fuel.

But what about Las Angeles, California? Conservation measures got rid of the smog! NO! there’s still smog in L.A.. An invention from like the 1860s, the catalytic converter, may have had some lessening effect on photochemical smog, but more likely it was computer technology that enabled automotive engineering at a pace theretofore impossible.

Today, a 6-cylinder engine can blow away the muscle-cars of the seventies. There’s no magic in it! Data-processing capabilities rise parallel to automotive performance and technology. But cars cost twice as much, adjusted for inflation, as they did in the 1970s.

So, when big business desires a big change, with big costs to consumers, but big dividends for capitalists, they ally to their enemies: radical environmentalists, and create a faith-based belief system, complete with the illusion of the ancient battle: good vs evil.

The faithful desire only license to violate the absolute and immutable morality imprinted upon human genetic code, and translated into words by The Roman Catholic Church. But the math-crippled legions are also reproductive-crippled, so they require a religion based on science.

Environmentalism in tempered form is rational. But in its radical state it is at best a means to rob God’s economic reward given to those who practice Christian marriage and acceptable standards of decency.

At worst, it is a distinct denomination of intentional ignorance, which, like all false religions, is a one-way ticket to Hell

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I’m FragileSwan. And this is WordPress. <img src=”” style=”border:none;” alt=”Rating for”/>

A month or so ago I published a story about Tom and Christine, and their two children. Well, Tom offered me an exclusive interview, so I said, “Can I ask any question I want?”

He said, “Sure.”

I said, “No holds barred?”

He said, “Agreed.”

I said, “Then let’s get to it! What does your ex-wife get out of antagonizing you?”

It’s a tactic used by divorced women seeking to justify the conflicting notion that their ex-husbands are still in love but display no interest.”

I said, “Why is that important to ex-wives?”

Females suffer sensual guilt. Therefore, they require masculine love and forgiveness. A woman’s greatest fear is to be forgotten, because no male will mourn her death! The masculine grief of surviving loved ones ransoms a woman’s soul from Purgatory!

In the past, virgins were mated only when fertile, in a single marital act after which the virgin conceived (an) offspring. The mammalian male does not naturally mate the same female until after she gives birth, nurses her offspring, regenerates her hymen, reacquires her attractive body—with larger breasts and fuller hips—and she becomes fertile once more.”

I said, “The, ‘past,’ you’re talking about must have been a lo-o-o-o-o-o-n-g time ago!”

He extrapolated, “If the virgin is mated according to Nature, she will suffer only her share in the Pain of Atonement of God The Son. She shall remain ignorant to the man’s share in the Pleasure of Creation of God The Father. Therefore, she commits no sin. Her Heavenly Father imputes no guilt to the woman who knows only suffering. But no father will hear his own daughter confess sensual pleasure!

The matron cannot approach the Throne of her Heavenly Father on her own behalf. She can offer prayers of petition and intercession on behalf of her loved ones, but for her own sins God devised an infinitely inventive and creative atonement ritual.

We live in a modern age, but there has existed no age that wasn’t considered at the time the most advanced in history!

We can’t judge right and wrong, nor truth and falsehood, based on popular notion. Popular notion during the middle ages dictated long life and good health were gotten by drinking blood. Physicians observed that sufficient blood loss causes death, so life was thought to be in the blood. Intravenous injection was not yet devised, so drinking it was the sole means to get blood into the body.

The Roman Catholic Church opposed blood drinking. After a 400-year campaign, Mother Church prevailed, and doctors stopped prescribing blood. But they began blood-letting, which is removal of blood from the body, under the assumption that illness drained out with the blood. The Church opposed this also and eventually prevailed.

However, when intravenous infusion later became possible, doctors first attempted to treat illness by injecting blood, and at a later time by pulling it out, using modern equipment and instruments.

That’s just an example, but the blood fixation continued for 1,000 years! Doctors of today are the finest of the finest, but in the present era there exists crisis of female identity and purpose; not something medicine can solve!

There is no magic pill. But we have a reliable reference that always holds true: What was Truth is Truth now, and it always will be Truth. There is One Truth. Everything else is wrong.”

I said, “What if I flip a coin 10 times and it lands on heads every time? Before I picked up the coin there was probably like almost even chances of heads or tails, but now there’s a really good chance of it landing on tails.”

He said, “Why?”

B E C A U S E ! If something happens or doesn’t happen 10 times, then the opposite is more likely to happen because it hasn’t happened as much.”

He said, “Let’s say a guy breaks up with a girl. What are the chances he broke up with the girl?”

I said, “Like, 100%.”

Ok, what if the guy broke up with 10 girls. What are the chances that he broke up with 10 girls?”

I said, “For sure! If he broke up with them, then it’s 100% positive that he broke up with them.”

Ok, if you flip a coin 10 times and it lands the same way each time, what are the chances that the coin landed the same way each time?”

I said, “100% … I see what you’re doing. You’re tricking me! But explain how.”

The probability of anything happening in the past is 100% or zero. The probability of two things occurring is the product of each occurring separately. A coin toss has very close to 1:2 odds of landing a certain way. 10 previous tosses have 1:1 probability of landing the way they landed. ((1:1) x (1:2)) = (1:2)). The probability of something happening in the future bears no regard to the past. The past and future are statistically unrelated.

Many spend countless hours to develop formulas that predict future outcomes, based on past performance. Mathematics proves that such a feat is impossible for chance occurrences. But we do know that women suffer sensual guilt, and men do not!

This has been concealed by a false premise upon which male-female equality is theoretically based: equality in masculinity. Females cannot have masculinity equal to a male’s. That’s not the key to liberation from sensual guilt.

We must gravitate back to Truth. God said to the woman, ‘Your heart shall be for the man, and he shall be your master’. It’s not popular, but popular is not correct. I suggest a simple atonement ritual that frees the female from her sensual guilt.

There’s no shame or disgrace in it! It’s emotionally healthy for both man and woman. The woman shall confess her sins to her husband. Depending on the individual couple and the degree of sensual guilt involved, the wife may optionally request a firm masculine hand.

Upon hearing his wife confess sensual pleasure, the man is highly motivated to sow the masculine seed forgiveness inside the woman’s contrite fertility. The woman’s sin bathed in masculine forgiveness brings forth new life.

What greater manifestation of God’s Forgiveness could there be than new life in the image of married lovers, and in the image of God Almighty; new life the woman can call her own. It doesn’t get any better than that!”

I said, “You are s o o o romantic!”

He said, “Christine requires reconciliation of her emotional needs to the conflicting facts. It’s obvious she has been forgotten, so she conceals herself in the darkness of deceit, manipulates her pawns into provocative positions, and awaits the predictable response.

Any man who has been divorced for many years does not want his ex-wife meddling in his life. He wants to be free of her. It takes a lot to antagonize me, but in ferreting her out she inevitably gains advantage and protection.

Knee-jerk reactions to feigned feminist fear of authentic masculine expression weakens the underpinnings of perceived legitimacy necessary to avoid a morally bankrupt civil court system.

I do not fear my own death, and I forgive my enemies, but my Father Owns The Universe! I am willing to lay down my life in a gesture of forgiveness toward the wicked, that my blood become proof of their wickedness, and they turn from sin and be redeemed by Christ Jesus. But thus far, my Father has not allowed me to do that. Consequently, many people have been injured or killed while trying to do me harm.

I have nothing to do with their demise or predicament. It may be coincidental! But I’ve given up issuing warnings, because my enemies use my kindness against me. My Dad gave me permission to let the wicked silently perish without warning!”

I said, “She tried to kill you? How awful!”

No. I think it was a slight miscalculation. She intended to evoke an aggressive response, so that I might suffer at the hands of criminal justice, or be deemed insane and condemned to a sanitarium. I pity her. She’ll learn after it’s too late. She has always been at liberty to accept my forgiveness. I have always offered to her forgiveness. And she has always thrown it back in my face and returned to stalking me.”

I said, “Do you think you’ll die because of her!?”

Death is appointed to each man. If someone says to me, ‘You’re going to die!’ I say, ‘Thanks for reminding me. I haven’t confessed my sins yet today.’”

I said, “Wow! You wouldn’t be afraid?”

I’ve faced death so many times; life is but a breath. Death comes quickly, like a thief in the night.”

I said, “You have an attitude toward death that may frighten others. It scares me a bit to have some guy walking around who shrugs off death as if it’s belly button lint.”

I’m sorry. People become carried away with preserving their own lives. When they meet a man like me, they realize God is in control of life and death. It isn’t my ex-wife who presents a problem. It’s Satan’s grasp on her. Her sensual guilt has turned to feminism, because vengeance is never enough to quench the thirst of bitterness!

On a lighter note, if death frightens anyone, he/she should repent from sin and live righteously. To fear death is bondage. True freedom is only through freedom from fear, and freedom from fear is only through The Perfect Living Sacrifice of Jesus Christ!”

I said, “Are you Catholic?”

He said, “I am. And you?”

Catholic …”

Do you have any more questions for me?”

I said, “What drives a man like you?”

All I do, I do for love of God’s Love and Mercy. I too am a sinner, but I have known Almighty God, and I have been given His Holy Name! I did not ask. It was given to me as He has given Himself to all men: through the Sacred Heart of Jesus Christ. I simply agreed.

One need only seek God to become like God! In the case of a fallen woman, she shall know masculine love and forgiveness through the masculine seed of forgiveness sown by her husband, inside her guilt-laden but chaste fertility.”

I said, “But what does that do to women’s rights?”

I really have no control over women’s rights. Each woman must choose the life she sees best fit for herself, based on her inmost desires, her resources, her beauty and her unique talents. I have heard a woman say from time to time, after she’s been married for several years, ‘It seems like such a waste of my potential!’

She fails to account for the lives she brought into the world. Everyone has a mother. The most famous female historical figures are known for the greatness of the man-children they bore, or for their chaste devotion to our Lord Jesus Christ. Mary is the Eternal Blessed Virgin Mother. Joan of Arc died a virgin.

A woman’s contribution to the world is most significant if it is new life in the image of married lovers. Dissatisfaction is wrought of deceit. There are many ways to say the same thing: Those who are happy are those who know the truth!

Every person is unique. Yet there are collective human traits, and there a marked differences in what brings satisfaction to a female vs what satisfies a male. Essentially, females of today are seeking liberation from sensual guilt and to reclaim female identity.

And it’s not because I’m telling you that! Five-hundred years from now the Truth will still be! No one is required to believe what I say. Each individual is at liberty to reject it. But for the sake of those who can find happiness through revelation of Truth, let it be said and let us be at peace, each with his brethren, wherever they are, whomever they are.

I heard one of your friends cured same-sex attraction. That information should be public. If anyone wants to remain homosexual, he/she is free to do so. But let the cure remain freely available, so that those who choose it are able.”

I said, “What is your greatest fear?”

The inevitable heartbreak of offending God’s Merciful Heart …”

I said, “Do you find glamorous models attractive?”

Of course!”

Why do nude models turn guys on?”

Sensual beauty is God’s unspoken Promise to the man. It moves man’s heart toward God, because it speaks of a Divine gift: a child. But Modern man views God’s gift of beauty with designs to possess, control and dominate. Beauty held in clenched fist becomes lust that kills the soul. Beauty beheld with love for her freedom prompts her creativity, which is her share in creation of new life.

But a man must use reason! He wouldn’t trust a diamond to the streets of Manhattan. Nor ought he trust who is infinitely more valuable, his beloved, to a cruel world that desires to seduce her, use her, chew her up and spit her out! It’s a delicate balancing act.”

I said, “You’ve been smeared. What are you going to do about it?”

I’m naive. I was unaware of the influence words carry, and of the social-responsibility imperative that governs proper use of well-honed skills. Some ideas are best left off the playing field.

I drew inspiration through memory of tumult in my own childhood; the pagan rules my biological father observed. As a tool of emotional healing through understanding, I wrote streams of thought woven together to reveal the diabolical evil I have battled these long years.

Lo, Satan twisted reality and made me appear the evil one! I was naive and innocent, trying desperately against all odds to once again become a man of means, so that I could win back the heart of my beloved Christine, and be reunited to my beautiful children!

But Satan robbed me again. Still, perhaps I have not learned too late; for I exercised great restraint, knowing Truth was yet to be found. And if those against me knew what lengths I traveled to spare them, they would think quite differently!”

I said, “Thank you, Tom. I’d marry you, but I’ve heard you’re a chaste mystic, consecrated to God; that no woman’s heart can hold you.”

It’s true. But thanks for the compliment.”

I’m FragileSwan. And this has been WordPress.

I’m FragileSwan! And this is WordPress!

I did all the research and wrote this whole post all by myself, and I’m just a girl! Mitsubishi is releasing a 100% battery-powered passenger automobile called simply, The Mitsubishi i. Mitsubishi representatives were asked what, i, stands for, but no one in the company seems to know.

There aren’t many purely battery-powered cars, at least not in the thirty-thousand Dollar (read: affordable) price range. So, we get a rare glimpse of just how advantageous electric cars are.

First, the car runs on electricity, so it has no involvement or dependency upon the diabolical evil perpetrated by Western-capitalist petroleum miner/refiners. The great thing about environmentalism is the opportunity to battle the architect of evil itself, thereby saving the world and all its inhabitants from everything but deadly diseases caused by sodomy, and feminists dying under the curse of childlessness; OH, and lest I forget THE BASTION OF GODLESSNESS, OREGON!

The owner’s manual is printed on brown paper made from recycled toilet tissue, each sheet having been used seven times before being turned over for redemption. Inside is a certificate for free sushi made from waste polyethylene beverage containers, and a petition giving grass the right to file federal lawsuits to recover damages for dismemberment due to mowing!

It was only a matter of time before the Japanese figured out how to make sushi from an organic polymer. About the car, picture a world filled with autos that can travel 62 miles between twenty-two-hour-long battery recharging.

But see, gasoline puts dangerous hydrocarbon emissions into the atmosphere. The fuel used to generate the electrical power to recharge the electric car only results in triple the the hydrocarbon emissions of fossil-fuel burning cars.

This is because power plants must convert raw fuel to steam to drive a turbine that drives an electrical generator, and then distribute the power over vast distances, for use by consumers and industry.

In that entire process, two-thirds of the energy stored in the fossil fuel is lost, and one-third is delivered as electrical power. I can just hear all the lesbians and sodomites, “I swore to my high-school algebra teacher that I would never use any of the white-male-superiority rhetoric spouted in math class.

“If it weren’t for white male children who learn too much too quickly, we could have racial equality in public-school classrooms.”  So, electric-car fuel costs three-times what gasoline does. But here’s the greatest part: NO HEATER AND NO AIR CONDITIONING!!

This bad boy does 0-60 mph in 13 seconds. It’s easy to get it up on two wheels by turning too sharply. But it’s goodness for all mankind. And electric cars emit only ozone!

Regardless of how low environmentalists rank on the intellect index; without giving a thought to how much MORE pollution will be added to the environment, electric cars are what Barack Obama and the green left want for you!

But why? Because you’re too stupid to know what’s best for you, so leftist politicians and their godless-pervert allies are going to decide for you what you really want and what’s really good for you. If you don’t like it, too bad; unless you guys get out there crack open some good ol’ American whoop-ass!

But don’t urinate standing, because that’s a dangerous expression of masculine superiority and domination! If Obama has his way, masculine males will be legally required to drive electric cars, and to sit like little girls when they pee.

I’m FragileSwan! And this has been WordPress!

I’m FragileSwan! And this is WordPress!

I wasn’t born yet, but apparently there was once an evil communist empire known as The Soviet Union, OR, U.S.S.R. (Union of Soviet Socialist Republics). If you look on a really old world map, there it is! I didn’t believe it myself. Then, if you look at a regular world map, it’s gone!

I heard my Dad playing, The Beetles. He has an MP3 of, Back In The USSR, an old Soviet propaganda attempt to indoctrinate the free world! I guess the Beetles were really famous before compact discs were invented. My dad told me about record players. If you even touched the arm a little bit, the record was wrecked! It would skip or make a loud crackle in the spot that got scratched.

It was really stupid, because the records were made of plastic, but the needle on the arm that played the records was diamond! Of course a diamond, the hardest material in the world, is going to scratch plastic! They could have made the records from diamond, and the needles from plastic. Then, if you bumped the arm, all you’d have to do is replace the needle. The record would be unscathed!

I’m just a sponge for history. Plastic records (albums) had to spin in order to play, and the rotational velocity was 33 1/3 RPM. Coincidentally, 33 1/3 is the exact number of years between The Birth of Christ and His Resurrection from the dead! Seth told me the rest of the story.

Because of the holy significance of the number 33 1/3, Satan had hoped to eventually take control of it. During the mid 1900s, Universities became secular humanist indoctrination centers that trained, among others, mechanical, electrical and industrial engineers.

Devoid of spiritual guidance available through Roman Catholicism, engineers that designed specifications for audio disk playback were easily compromised by the kingdom of darkness! During meetings regarding a rotational speed at which to spin a record album, Satan disguised himself as a fly and buzzed around the room.

But he beat his wings in a precise rhythm that produced a high pitched series of sounds: thirty-three and a third, but backwards! The subliminal suggestion induced the engineers to choose 33 1/3 RPM as a rotation velocity for turntables, which would later be used as the playback speed for recordings of Hell’s tormented souls’, as they resonated through roots of ancient doom, into rock musicians, and were then electronically amplified and sent through 100-foot-high speaker towers from which many innocent youth, jacked up on LSD, plunged to a bloody death, because they thought they could fly!

But then CD’s were invented, and 33 1/3 no longer had a satanic use! The advent of compact discs historically parallels the efforts of The Blessed Pope John Paul II to end the evil empire: The USSR! However, The Pope was making no progress, because he had no cards. He was honest when he claimed that the Soviet Union was bad, but no one paid attention, because the Pope could only talk about what should be.

As is typically the case, Mother Church spoke in mild and cryptic opposition to a serious global problem, but offered no solution! This is likened to a Catholic layman saying, “God bless you; may the peace of Christ go with you,” while he allows another to starve! There’s no shortage of free advice!

But a third parallel existed in the 1980s: the President of The United States of America claimed, “There’s no limit to what a man can achieve, if he doesn’t care who gets the credit.” Then President Ronald Reagan, also of a mind to end the Soviet reign of terror (My Grandpa lived during a time when everyone feared global nuclear holocaust at the hands of the USSR! He remembers 1961, when Soviet Premiere, Nikita Khrushchev, was readying to launch a worldwide nuclear attack.)

The world watched as the words of The Blessed Virgin Mother to the children in Fatima Portugal (The Third Secret of Fatima) came to pass. The children witnessed the Angel of God’s wrath holding a flame in His hand, preparing to set the world on fire! In the same vision appeared Mother Mary, The Mother of God!

The Virgin Mother held out her hand, and the Angel of God’s wrath was unable to touch the world with His flaming torch! Sister Lucia, the only one among the children at Fatima to survived until adulthood, insisted from her childhood that she was forbidden by The Blessed Mother to reveal the last part of the apparitions she had witnessed (The Third Secret)!

Eventually, upon the command of The Vatican, under threat of excommunication, Sister Lucia, by that time a consecrated Sister, gave 1960 A.D. as the time she could reveal the third and final secret of Fatima. But it’s intuitively obvious to even the most casual observer evaluating the vision of the Angel and The Eternal Blessed Virgin, and especially with the year, 1960 A.D., specified;

that the third secret of Fatima IS:

The hand of the Angel of God’s wrath was Soviet Premiere, Nikita Khrushchev, and the flaming torch was the Soviet nuclear arsenal. The hand of The Eternal Virgin Mother was United States President, and devout Roman Catholic, John Fitzgerald Kennedy!

The restraint Mother Mary used against the Angel was the discipline and superior fighting force, born of the will of a free nation, to offer Truth, Justice and The American Way to all men! What Mary held concealed in Her hand, that which the children could not see, was The United States Military: Army, Air Force, Navy, Marines!

During The Cuban Missile Crisis, the end of the world, President Kennedy undoubtedly sought counsel from his Holy Catholic Mother, Mary, The Most Blessed and Eternal Virgin, Mirror of Innocence, and Sanctity and Refuge of Penitent Sinners; as soon-to-be Roman Catholic Saint John F. Kennedy, former commander of a US Navy destroyer vessel, ordered a Military Blockade to prevent the evil empire stockpiling nuclear-armed ballistic missiles on the isle of Cuba, only 90 miles off the US coast!

The Cuban Missile Crisis, during which for one week the end of civilization loomed over the innocent, America’s comfort was drawn from their confidence in the only Roman Catholic President to ever be elected, because he indeed was the hand of The Blessed Virgin! President Kennedy proved that no one can love The Son but not love His Mother; no man will save the world in a practical sense, save that such a man loves both God The Son AND His Blessed Mother!

The Bible speaks of Simeon the Prophet who told The Blessed Virgin, “Your own heart shall be pierced by seven swords, that the souls of many may be revealed!” Those who claim to love The Son, but who do not love His Mother, have been exposed as corrupt; For one cannot love The Son but not His Mother! Their corrupt souls have been laid bare, just as Simeon, the man of God, had long ago prophesied to Mary!

Back a ways in the post, Seth got a little distracted and sidetracked, but he said to write everything, anyway! So, add together (the end of Satan’s reign over 33 1/3) + (The Blessed Pope John Paul II speaking rationally regarding just how evil was the evil empire) + (US President Ronald Reagan and his iron-nerve poker-playing skills) = (the collapse of the Soviet economy) = (the end of the cold war) = (an end to free childrens’ fears of instantaneous incineration, which would fill their imaginations just before bedtime each night)

Ronald Reagan met with then Pope John Paul II, to discuss moral issues involved in ending the Soviet reign of terror. The President and The Pope were of one mind that to do nothing at all, because the alternative would be confrontation, would necessarily condemn both of them to Hell for the final impenitent sin of allowing intolerable evil for the good that may come of it!

Reagan met with then Soviet General Secretary, Mikhail Gorbachev, in several weapons-control summits. Reagan did not fear offending the Soviet Leader, and at one such summit, simply walked out of the talks and flew back to the US.

But Reagan had an idea, ‘A space-based guardian-grid that protected the US against nuclear attack, would essentially render worthless and wasted, all Soviet economic investment in nuclear stockpiles. The United States rapidly developed technology for satellite-based proton-laser that concentrated and focused subatomic particles into a coherent, invisible beam that could precisely acquire a target, and fire a pulsed particle beam one thousand times a second, each pulse piercing a large hole in an enemy missile guidance system!

Only a few people knew the overall concept of the project, because the government used several military contractors, each to build only a discrete component of the system! With full deployment only two years hence, The Soviets were soon-to-be defenseless against the USA! The reality was that the United States Government would very shortly gain power to set up a Constitutional Republic in the USSR!

That would mean loss of power and wealth for a handful of people who ruled the Soviet Union, and prosperity for the rest of the population! The evil empire did not allow citizens to cross the border out of the empire. Those caught teaching Christianity to children were imprisoned in concentration camps for up to 20 years! There once existed a Soviet law that stipulated 20 years as the maximum sentence that could be imposed, unless a crime was committed!

At one point there was a threat that the proletariat (working class) had become too large, and the rulers were no longer able to control such a massive populous! To make things safer and more manageable for the oppressive rulers, the military force simply destroyed the food supply belonging to 60 million people, and they starved to death!

Soviet spies attempted to secure the classified technology being used by The United States, and the US was kind enough to leak it to them. The Soviets diverted 80% of their economy to development of a similar satellite-based proton-laser defense system! It became a race to deploy the system before the US gained military superiority, and the consequent demand under the threat of nuclear annihilation, that The Soviet Union cease oppressing its citizens, allow the conquered republics to nationalize, and the US would then destroy the Soviet nuclear arsenal!

During this time, President Reagan gave a speech on the West side of the Berlin Wall! That’s what I said, “What Berlin wall?” There was once an impenetrable wall that divided Berlin, Germany! The people on the West side of the wall were free people. The ones living East of it were prisoners! They lived under communist rule. If they tried to cross over the wall, they’d be shot to death! I know! It seems impossible until you think about Barack Obama being President!

Reagan boldly spoke these words during his speech, “MR. GORBACHEV, TEAR DOWN THIS WALL!” The citizens living on either side of the wall grabbed railroad picks, sledge hammers, chisels, and anything else that could help them destroy the wall. It was over 87 miles long and 12 feet tall, made of steel-reinforced concrete. The Soviet leadership didn’t interfere, because they were busy developing a defense grid!

After the Soviet economy started to buckle, Reagan easily plowed Gorbachev into a landmark arms-reduction treaty, but compliance was questionable on either side. The Soviet economy collapsed due to astronomical defense spending. Soviet currency had always been soft, meaning it was not negotiable for international trade. The large banking institutions offered to lend funds for the restoration of the collapsed economies, but only on the condition of complicity to certain human-rights treaties, which were conditional to all nations that desired hard currency!

Hard currency is legitimate in world banking markets. Before China had been accepted into The World Trade Organization, its government was required to hold 3 trillion US Dollars to back China’s currency in international trade markets. The former nation states that formed the Soviet Union rebelled and formed their own governments. Communism was over.

The Roman Catholic Magisterium officially credits The Blessed Pope John Paul II with toppling world communism. Am I missing something? Oh, yes, Saint President Ronald Wilson Reagan! The cause for beatification should begin for both President Kennedy and President Reagan, who can both acted as The Right Hand of God!

John F. Kennedy has two miracles attributable to him: being simultaneously a Democrat AND a good President, and saving the world from nuclear annihilation! Ronald W. Reagan also has two miracles that can be attributed to him: tripling the size of the US economy, and defeating the evil empire! Modern civilization owes its present existence to these two US Presidents!

Ok, that’s the whole post! So I asked Seth, “Do you think I’m attractive?”

He said, “If I say yes, you’ll want more. If I say no, you’ll be hurt. So, maybe.”

I said, “You have to say yes, or no!

Then my Mom shouted from the kitchen, “SETH IS BEING POLITE! HE’S A HOLY MAN! YOU LEAVE HIM ALONE, DO YOU HEAR ME?”

I said, “YES MOTHER,” and to Seth, “How did she hear me?”

He said, “When you get married, have a few children, and your daughter begins testing her attractiveness, your hearing will improve.”

My Mom shouted, “THANK YOU, SETH.”

I said, “That’s almost scary!”

He said, “Do you recite your Rosary each night?”

I said, “Yes.”

He said, “Do you pray to The Blessed Virgin Mother’s intercession on behalf of your chastity, including the spiritual strength to avoid touching yourself even in a moment of temptation?”

I said, “Of course! That would be filthy! Boys do that, the filthy pigs! I can’t stand it! I’d feel dirty and used if I touched myself impurely! How could I ever tell my husband?, I mean, after I get married.”

Seth said, “A husband has a special way to forgive his wife. She kneels at his feet and confesses her sin of sensual pleasure. Her head is veiled in reverence to her husband’s masculinity. Then, she can say, ‘I’ve been a naughty girl. I need a firm masculine hand on my small, round bottom!’

“Through punishment for her sensual pleasure, sensual guilt is expiated, and closeness returns to her heart. After hearing his wife confess sensual pleasure, and then spanking her, her husband is strongly motivated to sow his masculine forgiveness deep inside the woman’s contrite fertility.

“The woman’s guilt-laden but repentant intimate domain bathed in masculine forgiveness calls forth God’s Forgiveness from Heaven, and the woman conceives new life in the image of married lovers, and in the image of God! What greater expression of Forgiveness could there be?!”

I said, “I’m having sensations I’m not familiar to. I feel warm and tingly, like I want you to touch me.”

He said, “I was only explaining the dynamic in God’s plan for the female. You don’t have to get excited about it. I’m a chaste mystic. I can’t give you children. I’ve never joined to a woman.”

I said, “You called a woman! I’m a woman! And you’re a man! Doesn’t that mean something?!”

“God has set me apart for Himself. I didn’t intend to arouse your female need for security and commitment. I was only stating facts that you’ll find one day are Truth. You’ll begin, of maybe have already begun to experience feelings you don’t understand. You’d be best off speaking to one of the consecrated Sisters at your high school. I don’t feel comfortable discussing it further while we’re alone in your bedroom in your father’s house. It’s not prudent or proper.”

“I don’t care! Every part of my body wants to trust you! I would do anything for you; absolutely anything!”

“All right, I want to stop talking about this.”

“Did you notice how perky my nipples are? Could you brush your hand over my sweater, just as a friend?”

“Then I guess you were lying.”

“They are perky! I can feel them!”

“You said you’d do anything for me; absolutely anything. I said I wanted to talk about something else. But you won’t do that for me.”

My Mom shouted, “SETH, DO YOU NEED MY HELP?”



I said, “I heard that!”

He said, “You probably did. What of it?”

“First tell me what inveigle and supine mean.”

“Inveigle means to lure using flattery or guise. Supine means face up.”

I said, “So, if a guy tells me I’m really beautiful and smart and graceful, and he’d like his babies to nurse on my breasts; and then I lay on my back for him?”

“Your hormones are already interfering with your proper use of language.”

“I feel like an air-head, especially when you look into my eyes! I love your masculine smell! Would you lay on top of me, just as a friend?”

“No! Your must recite ten decades or more, tonight! Temptation is crouching at your door, but you can be its master! If you remain chaste, you shall think well of yourself. But if in a moment of wanton harlotry you touch yourself impurely, you’ll lose your soul! Many a girl has yielded, only to become a chemically sterilized flesh receptacle for fruitless acts of masculine biological release.”

“I didn’t need to hear that!”

“Yes you did! Your mature enough that you must heed the wisdom of your elders! Else, you’ll end up like this:

Hot young Susie never swore,

Nor with the boys played truth or dare.

She always sought her elders’ voice,

Before she settled on one choice.

In meadows lurked the opium,

The devil lies in anxious wait.

By sinister opprobrium,

The curious meet their lurid fate.

She took a shortcut through the trees,

Beyond dwelt unknown enemies.

A boy so beautiful to behold;

Sensations mother had not told;

Lustful passion gripped her heart,

Stood she slain by cupids dart.

Darkness only mimics the light;

From fools, Satan won’t take flight.

The devil’s fiercest sentiment;

The virgin’s choicest ornament,

Rage in a battle to survive,

One shall live and one shall die!

Hypnotic were his vulgar calls,

To stretch her virgin sugar walls.

Her fickle heart his charm embraced,

She was naked to the waist.

Her wraparound he deftly shed.

On her back lay curious Susie.

The prairie grass her marriage bed;

The poppies made of her a floosie.

For violation begged her cherry,

From his love cove mercenary.

Her evil deed, in time was etched;

Out of wedlock she was stretched.

The demons masquerade as light,

Molest, possess, and win the fight.

Her progeny had eyes bright yellow;

Two-spiked skull and pointed tail.

Silent screams her shamed heart uttered,

In the attic her mother shuddered.

Hot young Susie’s morning after,

Found her hung on mourning rafter.

Sometimes, when the wind is still,

The Townsfolk gather at the well.

They teach of long-dead virgin’s thrill;

Young girl’s hear her cries from Hell!

I said, “You m a d e u p that whole thing! I hate it!”

Seth said, “It’s easy to hate reflections unveiled within the heart that plots evil. If you were to soil yourself, you’d lose your talent! If you remain chaste, you’ll become a professional writer!”

“No I won’t! I write a feeble blog!”

“Let’s not forget Wayne’s World, the feeble public access television program. You have a lot more to say than Wayne and Garth did.”

I said, “What are you talking about?!”

“Do you recognize the sarcastic response, “Yeah, and monkeys might fly outta my butt!” It expresses the perceived improbability of a specific occurrence.”

I cracked up laughing! “Where did you hear that?”

“Forget it. I forget sometimes my age. It’s from a movie called: Wayne’s World.

“That is hilarious! I’ve got to get the DVD! What other good movies do you know about?”

“I’m happy to see your mind is back out of the gutter. I have to go. Hurry, you have a lot to write!” Seth slipped out.

I heard him say to my Mom, “She’ll be fine. She learned a lot about herself tonight.”

My Mom said, “I’d kiss you, but I’m married!”

Seth said, “A kiss from a woman of your exquisite beauty would be too much temptation to bear!”

She yelled up the stairs, “ISN’T HE ADORABLE!”

My Dad said, “Hey Seth, did you ever see MasonCide’s fiancee?”

Seth said, “I have, and though she be immortal, she is yet no match for the women in your family. Ta Ta!” And off he went. He thinks I’m more attractive than MasonCide’s virgin warrior priestess goddess fiancee!

Ok, I have to be up early. Good night. Oh, you’re probably wondering about that whole defense grid thing. It was called, The Strategic Defense Initiative, and it was a bluff, but a pretty gutsy one!

I’m FragileSwan! And this has been WordPress!

I’m FragileSwan! And this is WordPress!

Girls, what would you do if you found the perfect guy; the kind of guy that after five minutes you want to nurse his babies while he watches you; the kind of guy who lifts you up—a high status male—he never gets upset, because he’s confident.

He doesn’t yell at wait staff when they get an order wrong. When he has to swerve sharply to avoid an oncoming car, the suspension on his Mercedes-Benz handles the job with precision German automotive engineering, but his first concern is NOT bitching about the other driver, it’s for your safety and comfort!

He says, “That was quite a close call. I hope you weren’t frightened. Are you all right?”

“It did scare me, but you reacted so fast, you saved my life!”

“Let’s not carry on like that. You’ll give me a big head! Angels were watching out for us both!”

And you feel so safe and protected, and affirmed and cherished. You spend most free nights together. You know this is the right guy, so you know you CAN’T give in to him under pressure. If you do, he’ll dump you like cold pizza and warm beer!

You think about him every minute of the day, and you’re sure he’s thinking about you too! You hold out your left hand and imagine a diamond on your ring finger! It just has to be true, because it just does! It’s been six weeks, and he hasn’t proposed yet. He’s willing to pay your rent, tuition and book fees, but he hasn’t come on to you yet!

He just wants to spend time with you, and spoil you rotten. You know you can’t press the issue, or it will drive him away and make you look desperate and common.

There’s a bit of an age difference between the two of you: He’s forty-two, and you’re twenty. But your father was fifty when you were born, so you’ve always been attracted to men who know experience is superior to the ignorant vigor of youth. And he doesn’t need to prove anything, because he knows himself, and he’s proved his mettle!

He always gets what he wants, without really trying. And then you find out that he’s sleeping with another girl! He’s not yours anymore! Your dreams together are gone. Your heart is crushed, but he says, “You’re a virgin. You don’t belong to me, because I didn’t release your blood sacrifice of innocence.

“You’ll find another man to marry you, I promise! What keeps girls single is impurity! You’re still pure. Just remain chaste until you are safely within the bonds of sacramental matrimony, and you’ll find a great guy, move to the suburbs, have five children, three cars and a pool.”

You don’t feel so bad after he said that! And you can find another guy, because you haven’t had another guy inside you! That’s what men look for in a bride. I’ll prove it to you:

A couple is on their first date, and she says: “I’ve never had a man inside me! You would have to teach me everything, including the virgin’s pain of atonement. You’d have to rupture my hymen and release my blood sacrifice of innocence, and then send your invading army—an army by which I shall conceive—in conquest of my unexplored intimate territory.”

Next to that couple, but at a different table, there is another couple on a first date, and the woman says, “I know how to please a man! I’ve been doing it since I was thirteen. I used to be a real church girl, and then I discovered boys! Don’t you worry about me! I’m no virgin! You can’t even imagine how much pleasure I know how to give a man!”

Compare the two females. Which one will receive security and commitment? Which one will lose her looks while still single, grow old alone, and when death is near, darkness will unfold, because no one cares. She’s been utterly forgotten. History has eliminated her genetic legacy, because she wasn’t fit to reproduce. Her DNA was weeded out of the human gene pool.

That’s part of the beauty of God’s Creation! The godless reproduce at a rate near zero, while Christians procreate prolifically. The DNA model of life is self cleansing. The unrighteous are consumed back into the earth, while the descendants of the righteous shine like lights unto the world!

Now, picture you met this guy who is so good-looking you can’t imagine why he even goes out with you. But your self-esteem gets a boost because you’re dating a guy who is the most attractive guy no matter where you two go. He’d leave if he wasn’t getting anything, so one night you got drunk and lost your virginity. You knew you truly love him, and he truly loves you.

You kept going out, but he didn’t seem the same. He kind of treated you like dirt, and you liked it for some reason! Here’s why an intelligent, educated, economically successful, beautiful woman dates bad boys: the woman wants to be punished for her sins.

She keeps going back for more, and when she finally swears she won’t take it anymore, she finds the same guy but with a different face! She continues to experience sensual pleasure, so her need for liberation from sensual guilt remains. She craves masculine domination—a man who will disregard her person-hood.

She gets the pleasure without guilt, because it isn’t her fault! She was forced, so could just enjoy it! That’s the thing about sensual guilt; it drives females to seek punishment for their sins! What they really want is masculine forgiveness and love, but they settle for punishment. Either method alleviates emotional distress caused by female guilt for consensual sensual pleasure, but neither is effective if the woman fails to produce fruit of her womb.

She loses her feminine identity, which is her natural purpose—to bear and nurse a man’s offspring, preferably man-child! A sensual woman receives the masculine seed of forgiveness inside her chaste, contrite and fertile womb. When she conceives, she receives God’s Forgiveness! She experiences ultimate fulfillment, because she’s using her body in a way pleasing to God.

From the woman’s sin bathed in the man’s masculine seed of forgiveness rises new life. What greater manifestation of God’s Forgiveness could there be than new life in the image of married lovers, and in the image of God Almighty?  She can order maternity tops with the caption, “I’ m using m y body in a way pleasing to God!” The most beautiful female is a pregnant female, because she is the fulfillment of sensual beauty’s promise: children created in the image of married lovers, and in the image of God!

You ever notice the male surveys the entire female body (looks her up and down). In doing so, he observes her outward traits as a line item blueprint of chastity and genetic potential for childbearing, infant-feeding and motherhood. The male continually surveys his environment in search of prospective brides. In two seconds, he can determine:

Is she white? Yes.

Is she of prime childbearing age: age 16-24? Yes.

Does her face glow: is she innocent? Yes.

Do her eyes twinkle: is she a virgin? Is she an addict or drunk? Yes and no.

Is she attractive: does the male want his children to look like her? Yes.

Does she exhibit outward signs of female fertility: Long, thick hair; and hard, strong nails? Yes.

Does she exhibit genetically superior infant feeding potential: ample, firm, well-formed breasts? Yes.

Is her abdomen flat: free of bloating from constipation caused by a sluggish bowel, caused by guilt for sensual pleasure? Yes.

Does she appear healthy and strong enough to bear many hearty offspring? Yes.

Does she have clear, fine, unblemished skin with an even tone: is she free of mood disorders? Yes.

Are her cheekbones full and beautiful: does she have proper sleep habits? Yes.

Does she have a small, firm, round bottom: does she maintain an activity level conducive to fertility? Yes.

Are her hips proportional to her breasts: will her offspring fully benefit from her ample supply of breast milk? Yes.

Are her hands and feet delicate and artistic: is she creative (implies the absence of sloth)? Yes.

What size is her handbag/purse: what size is her sensual guilt? Small.

Does she wear a skirt or jeans: is she feminine or masculine? Skirt.

What length skirt: how desperate is she? Below the knee.

Is her hair natural? Yes.

Does she wear a wedding ring? No.

Does she wear dangling earrings: is she rebellious? No.

Does she have haughty eyes: is she a manipulator? No.

MasonCide wrote that using myself as a model for a prospective bride. So, I passed the basic visual test!

When a girl is approached by a man, she receives the unspoken message, “You have genetically superior reproductive and infant-feeding potential, AND, your DNA is worthy to become part of my children!” The girl is affirmed, boosting her self-esteem!

The girl has to decide, ‘Would I allow this guy’s to deposit his genetic material inside my chaste innocence, to become a permanent part of the children I will bear for him?’ Translated, ‘Should I invest one more moment of my precious season of fertility?’ Translated, ‘Is there potential for a lifelong commitment, security and children with this guy?’ Translated, ‘Does he make my emotions flow and send dizzying tingles of anticipation through me?’

If she says, “Why don’t we try being friends and see what happens,” it means, “You aren’t man enough to handle me, but I’ll let you pick up my dry cleaning.”

If she says, “You seem like a really nice guy. I’m just so busy lately. Maybe we’ll meet again,” it means, “You DON’T turn me on, but I don’t want to give a little puppy a rejection complex. You’ll find your way home. When you’re hangin’ with the big dogs, come look for me.”

If she says, “Ok! But my Father doesn’t allow me to be in private with males I’m not related to. My parents will want to meet you. My curfew is 11:00 pm, and I don’t want to commit any sins of impurity. I’ve never even touched myself,” she’s the girl every masculine male seeks.

Needless to say, male nor female are consciously aware of the nearly instantaneous conclusions they draw about each other! Some men have made me ovulate when they approached me.

If a girl and a guy get along, which couples do during the first few weeks, and the girl really likes the guy, she’s going to trust him. Trust in a man drives oxytocin release in the female, which brings with it uplifting sensations, and hope for lifelong happiness!

But oxytocin also dulls caution, causing females to make decisions based on what feels right for the moment, which is what will release more oxytocin, which is to give herself over to the man, fully expecting to receive goodness through her trust, and good seed inside her womb.

She naturally assumes the position of surrender, and opens like a flower blossom to accept the conquering invaders—invaders by whom she shall conceive. Genetic engravings by the hand of God upon the hearts of married lovers bring the natural expectation of a divine gift from every truly erotic experience.

Without the promise of new life, sensual beauty is a mirage for emptiness and evil. The wise man finds this convincing while the merely clever remain merely clever, unable to attain to understanding. The absence of Truth from the marital act renders it dissimulation, dissolution, pseudoactualization, and finally death.

Ok, back to what I want to write about! The girl’s release of blood and water is the temporal reflection of which Jesus’ release of Blood and Water is the Eternal Reality. The virgin belongs to her bridegroom, and Jesus belongs to Rome!

So, marriage is not a religious ritual, it’s a biological function. The water from the virgin consecrates her marriage bed for creation of new blessed life in her holy and chaste womb.

The blood from the virgin seals the blood covenant of marriage between God, Who gave the virgin her sacred release and sealed it safely behind her hymen; The virgin’s bridegroom, who dominates the surrendered virgin, teaching the virgin’s share in The Pain of Atonement of God The Son—showing the female her place in relation to the male; And the virgin, whose blood sacrifice of innocence atones for accursedness in the man’s seed!

The virgin’s genetic construction compels her to remain joined exclusively to one male for life. Male genetic encoding says the same thing! Dishonesty and selfishness make hurt. The male pierces the virgin, and she releases her blood sacrifice of innocence. Implicit within the initial nuptial act is belonging to the man’s family, taking the man’s name, and the man’s exclusive lifelong access to the virgin.

At the basis of human existence, the virgin-once-pierced has genetically engraved expectations. She expects children from the man. She expects he will use her body in a way pleasing to God—to bear and nurse the man’s offspring, preferably man-child!

Emotional devastation is wrought of expectations unmet. The cheating wife is the image of Satan enticing fools into deadly sin! The husband who forgives such an act lays a trap for his life. His rage will not rest until his wife is made a dirt-poor bitter adulteress. If she allows another man inside her reproductive tract, she’s reprobate—of no use to the man. Forgiveness is the cowards way out of his wife’s adultery.

To a wife, marriage is about trust. I advise every married man who can’t control himself, to be honest to his wife. When a man has relations with a fresh virgin, it is the expectation of his wife that the mistress be beautiful, chaste, and that she please the man by bearing him offspring and nursing his babies on her ample breasts while he watches her lovingly care for his little one.

The principle of a man cheating on a woman does not lie in the marital act between the man and the other woman, but rather in this:

A woman wants her husband to be happy. Men must maintain trust with their wives. Depending on the wife, if her husband is honest, it frees her from having to please the man all the time.

Lawyers have worked long and hard to indoctrinate women into believing that the loss of trust, pain and anger they feel are the natural result of a mistress! This drives a good portion of the $500 billion Dollar divorce industry.

Women must learn Truth!

A woman can tell her husband, “If you ever want to be with another woman, please ask me first. I’ll understand. I just want you to be honest to me. I want you to be happy, and I know people are happiest when they fulfill their natural function.

“But I want you to promise me: You will mate only virgins, you will have children by them, you will bring them to the house and introduce me, and I have the final say whether or not a girl is right for you. You have to realize, she’d be like a daughter to me. I could NOT get better insight if I paid for it! And, if a man’s lovers aren’t treated well, they can usually get away with murdering him!”

When a husband sneaks around and doesn’t share his joy, his wife knows that he thinks he’s doing something wrong! That’s the hurtful part. He was dishonest! Loss of trust from the female heart causes her grief. So, here’s the key for all you big dumb jerks: be gentle. If you make love to a virgin, give her children.

Don’t break implicit promises: the marital act performed on the virgin brings with it the promises of bearing and nursing a man’s children, preferably man-child; AND belonging to the man! The price of a loose woman may be scarcely that of a good meal, but the man shall be held accountable for his virgins, save they have relations with another man.

Girls, remain chaste! The chaste virgin shall be the legal wife, and her children the legal heirs. If a married man approaches you, and you’re willing to bear his children, make sure he’s got the money to support you, and tell him to introduce you to his wife BEFORE the two of you date!

Wives, it isn’t the other woman who causes feelings of anger, vengeance and heartache! It’s the lies and consequent loss of trust. There is an emerging industry that preys upon public misconceptions regarding marital fidelity!

The Internet has made possible secret communication between any two or more people. It is wrong and sinful for a married man to have relations with anyone other than his legal wife, or a virgin. This is intuitively obvious from a public health standpoint alone. But if a man has relations with females who belong to him—females who are exclusively faithful to him, health issues are moot.

Lawyers develop skill at exploiting weaknesses in Western culture, one of which is the misguided drive in females to acquire physical evidence proving a man is having relations with another female. It’s not much of a stretch to calculate that happy marriages are worth zero to the legal industry.

A group of lawyers invest in web hosting, and when they don’t have paid work, they contrive schemes to generate demand for legal counsel. There are many variations, but the newest are online agencies that track online activities of men suspected of dishonesty and insincerity.

Who is going to pay more money: the happy wife who’s relieved, or the heartbroken and seething wife who wants more definite proof? The suspicious woman can hire a web spy anonymously, give a man’s name, brand of laptop or cell phone, and an email address; and the agency will use highly sophisticated (read: expensive) methods to track and monitor the man’s communication on the internet.

They guarantee that they don’t get paid unless they produce results! So, the woman thinks, ‘At least they can’t rip me off!’ She’s finally found a way to get proof. She even wrote, ‘What if he outsmarts you?’ And the agency responds, “The technology we use is legally restricted to law enforcement and military use only. Our position within the criminal justice system entitles us to access restricted technology.”

The woman raises her fists in the air and exclaims, “YES!” As the first few days pass, her confidence builds, because she is in control! But the anticipation is killing her! Finally she gets a response, but it took two and a half days! It says, ‘We’ve found items of interest. Please follow the link below.’

The link leads to a secret site. She’s smart! She right clicked the link and clicked “Properties,” so she could see the actual URL. She did a search on, and nothing returned. It really is a secret sight! The box says, ‘Enter Your ID Number.’ She doesn’t have an ID number, wait, yes she does!, in one of her emails. That’s what keeps her anonymous! She gets inside, and there is a warning: DO NOT REVEAL THE LOCATION OF THIS WEB ADDRESS TO ANYONE! Click “Agree.”

“This is your personal, anonymous, information vault. Please select the evidence you desire to examine:



Chat transcripts

Physical location analysis

She clicks, “Photographs.” A credit card page appears. “There is a $2.50 charge to access this evidence.” So she pays, and looks through the photographs. But they don’t prove anything, because they’re either too blurry or too small. But there’s a button, “Digitally Enhance and Enlarge.” But there’s a $5.00 charge for that. So she pays $5.00 for each photograph, but she can’t tell if it’s him!

Well, they tried. But a few days later she receives another email, ‘We have intercepted sexually suggestive emails to and from the laptop belonging to Mr. Drak Par Neaux. Would you like to read them?’ ‘YES!’ There’s a button, ‘Download Suspect Emails.’ Then a credit card page appears. There’s a one time $25.00 charge for unlimited downloads.

Ok, that’s a good deal! I spend more than that on dog grooming! The emails download and open in her mail client.

They’re awful. He is such a snake! How could I have trusted him?! I am such an idiot! But now I’ve got him! I’m in control! But what if I would have given this agency information describing a fictitious male?

Good question! The answer is: the agency would return similar evidence on any male, real or fictitious. There are a number of true confessions websites, of assorted names, at which people can either make public the wrongdoing of others, or confess their own wrongdoing. They just need to supply an email address and contact information. Most of it will be fabricated, but he email address will have to actually work.

These are lawyers’ dirt gathering sites. Lawyers have a Souped-Up search engine called: Lexus Nexus! Among other things, Lexus receives classified advertisements regarding legal name changes, obituaries, and other information that requires public disclosure in newspaper classified ads.

Lexus is also loaded with information from State governments, such as vehicle titles, plate numbers, Title Deeds, rental property occupants, criminal records, civil court records, and marriage and divorce records, birth records, driving records, medical records if made public in a court of law, i.e. medical conditions used as a defense in criminal trials.

There’s a section for digging Internet IP addresses, email addresses, Internet user traffic analysis—all linkable to personally identifying information. Lawyers are not legally permitted to indiscriminately troll Lexus, but if it pertains to a client’s best interests, they can dig deep!

For instance, if a divorcee calls her lawyer and asks him to help her get vengeance on her ex-husband, the lawyer can almost immediately acquire information on the husband’s vehicle and home values, employment and earnings, loans and credit, marital status and children. It’s easy to deduce if a guy has more money than he did during the divorce. If so, the lawyer needs to gather legitimate evidence to present in court. Then, she can screw him out of $10,000.00 per month instead of only $8,000.00!

Lexus is not a source of admissible evidence. It just tells what to look for, and where. Now that divorce forums, confession sites, and infidelity specialists are combing the web, Lexus has a whole new type of data and processing.

These combine to do one thing: swindle sensual-guilt-laden wives into seeking liberation from guilt for consensual sensual pleasure, using the human misery and suicide racket—the divorce industry! Sensual guilt blocks a wife’s heart from receiving masculine love and forgiveness from the heart of the father of her children.

That creates the illusion that her husband doesn’t love her; that she is stuck in a loveless marriage for life, and it will never get better! She will only get old! Contriving and manufacturing evidence of marital infidelity is child’s play, because disgruntled females lack rational decision-making!

They are driven by the fear that trust—the thing that releases oxytocin in the female brain—will be lost! In modern America, citizens are indoctrinated from birth that a man having relations with girls besides his wife is legitimate grounds for divorce!

That’s part of woman’s liberation, OR, organized penis-envy! A woman on birth control believes she is pleasing herself and her man, by keeping children to a preselected number. But, women have been robbed of feminine identity, because both male and female define themselves in terms of having or lacking masculine endowment!

Wives who have learned the man’s pleasure—pleasure forbidden to the female—require masculine love and forgiveness. The male demonstrates his love for his wife, by disciplining her when she acts up! After she confesses her sins, the male will deposit his seed of masculine forgiveness into her guilt-laden but contrite and repentant (read: fertile) womb.

Feminine identity is the compliment to masculinity—the image of God! So, people must rebel against masculine authority, because God is Masculine. Individuals view themselves as existing unto themselves; as ultimate authority on everything important, which is anything that returns links on a search.

All other information is unnecessary, irrelevant, stupid, unimportant, silly, not worth knowing, inapplicable to important things, is quantified and/or scientific, and/or deals with technological details beyond: “Where can I find a free talking parrot program for Windows,” and/or “Ok, there’s a thing on the big bright square thing on the desktop that says, ‘Click Here.’ What should I do?”

The standard procedure dictates that lawyers encourage guilt-laden wives to try working on their marriages, like getting marriage counseling! But lawyers know that marriage counseling leaves sensual guilt intact, making divorce inevitable!

But that way psychologists can take their gouge out of the desperation of emotional bankruptcy, before the lawyers create two more cash cows that spit out legal fees every time a divorced couple has an argument!

Civil divorce has no effect on marriage, other than to turn married lovers into bitter enemies, to give bartending-school dropouts absolute dominion over divorced spouses, and to make children into next generation’s victims!

MasonCide says, “The corrupt underpinnings which support the family court systems will swiftly crumble when exposed to The Light of Truth! And there will come a transformation of Western culture to its roots of Roman Catholicism and our Lord Jesus Christ! But when you need lawyers, they’re good!”

I’m FragileSwan! And this has been WordPress!

I’m FragileSwan! And this is WordPress!

I was trying to find some products to help my parents be more ecologically responsible regarding our carbon footprint. I found a few very useful items, but only if you’re one of the people who never uses algebra in real life! Other people—people capable of rational sequential thought—immediately see the Truth:

For the tidy sum of $380.00USD, we could purchase a clever device that converts sunlight into direct electrical current, inverts the DC into power utility style 120 Volt alternating current—AC—at 60 cycles per second—60 Hz. The unit produces 120 Watts, which is one kilowatt-hour every 8 1/3 hours. The great part is that all this extra power is put back on the power grid, through a power outlet, and is sold back to the power utility. This is all true!

8 1/3 hours is about a day’s worth of sunlight, so we can say we’re generating roughly 1.0 KWhr per day. This amounts to about 10 cents of compensation per day. But it isn’t sunny every day, so we can save an average of 5 cents per day. At this rate the unit will pay for itself after 21 yeas of continuous use, during which time it would have furnished 3,800 kilowatt hours of green electrical power.

However, if we take into consideration the manufacturing and transportation of this device:

Mine raw materials

Refine raw materials

Ship refined materials to factory

Manufacture the product

Transport to distributors

Ship to retail  stores and individual users.

WE see that the carbon footprint of manufacturing is larger than the finished product could prevent! So, the whole idea is stupid!!

I looked around and found self-sufficient power systems—wind, stream, dam, fuel powered—but who would care about electricity after a nuclear war. Like, your career is RUINED!! Surviving nuclear war isn’t my idea of survival.

So, I conclude that the Green energy movement is an oxymoron, because it creates more environmental pollution than it prevents, and the financial payoff is roughly equivalent to putting your pennies in a 5 gallon water cooler bottle for the next 20 years. The biggest problem with the world is that people want the feeling of making a difference, without expenditure of time, effort, or money.

Work is the only thing that makes a difference. People want to use their oversexed and zero-creativity minds to make something beautiful, but the people are not themselves beautiful. They worship ugliness. They’ve become ugly. We don’t need Green power. The world’s volcanoes have a greenhouse gas footprint 300,000 times that of the United States—more than the global man-made footprint.

If humans disappeared tomorrow, it wouldn’t make the slightest difference in atmospheric concentrations of greenhouse gases.

I’m FragileSwan! And this has been WordPress!!

I’m FragileSwan. And this is WordPress.

Faith in God has always been. There have always been some who deny God’s existence based on scientific evidence. Before The Worldwide Flood (~5,000 B.C.)  scientists taught that the world was flat. There were no radio communications, so when ships were mysteriously lost a sea it was assumed they fell of the edge of the world. During this time it was cutting edge science that the sky was a large, transparent dome, above which was water making the sky look blue. Heavenly bodies such as stars, the moon and the sun were affixed somehow to this dome, using an unknown but divine adhesive. Stars were perceived to be very small, and the sun was thought to be considerably smaller than the earth.

The learned men of the age taught that the sea remained in its basin rather than flooding the land and drowning men and animals, because the lesser gods of the air were more powerful than the demons under the sea. The earth was thought to be the center of existence, which all else surrounded. Under the earth were pillars anchored into the base firmament, extending up to the bottom of world, supporting the world so it wouldn’t fall. Between the base firmament and the bottom of the world was the abode of the dead. If a ship fell off the edge of the world, it would fall past the abode of the dead, and continue falling forever. The souls on board would never rest.

World maps used by ancient man pictured overgrown jungles filled with monstrous beasts existing beyond the known world; on the fringe of the world. The people of the time did think to question the validity of ships falling off the world. The answer was, “Were else would they go? If a ship never returns to port, it had to have fallen off edge of the world!” There were no witnesses, because they fell off too.”

Here is the big bone of contention between atheists of the time and religious people: the people with faith claimed that God opened doors in the dome of the sky to make rain fall. The atheists argued that, “Yes, doors in the dome of the sky exist, and it is true that rain falls through these doors, but they open by themselves. God has nothing to do with it. The atheists agreed with every other part of what I’ve covered thus far. They simply could not accept the fact that God was involved in opening the doors in the dome of the sky. But ships sailing off the edge of the world was perceived by the atheists as legitimate scientific fact, as was the theory that stars are tiny lights glued on the dome of the sky.

Only religious doctrines have survived the test of time. Atheist diatribe is lost to the sands of time, because it’s bull shit, so no one bothers paying any serious attention, much less tries to preserve it. Atheists of today use the technological ignorance of ancient sages, to discredit religious beliefs in general, and ultimately to deny the existence of God. Five thousand years from now atheists will look back on scientific achievements in the beginning of the Third Millennium and claim that due technologically primitive beliefs held at the dawn of the Twenty-First Century, religious beliefs of that time are flawed, and they will deny the existence of God.

So, why do atheists deny God’s existence? What do they get out of it? Because of their sins, atheists are ugly and corrupt on the inside. Where normal people confess sins to God and seek forgiveness, atheists attempt to paint reality as ugly as they are, so they’ll blend in and appear not quite as repulsive. Atheists hate beauty. All people who advance non-Christian agendas hate beauty. Atheists and feminists share utter contempt for the beauty of the virgin’s hymen and blood sacrifice of innocence, because these prove God’s existence.  Proof of God’s existence reveals that atheist are damned to eternity in everlasting fire.

The hymen is the seal God placed over the virgin’s fertile innocence. The blood and water released from the Caucasian as she is pierced by her bridegroom, prove she belongs to the man, because blood and water released from pierced innocence is proof of belonging to the one who pierced innocence. Using historical data we can verify this. Common knowledge known by practically every Caucasian is that when pierced by the man’s endowment, the Caucasian virgin suffers her God-given share in The Pain of Atonement of God The Son, while the virgin’s bridegroom enjoys his God-given share in The Pleasure of Creation of God The Father.

The virgin also releases her blood sacrifice of innocence (blood and water). This is the temporal reflection of which the Blood and Water released from the Heart of Jesus, pierced by the Roman soldiers lance, is the Eternal Reality. The theory of evolution has no method to account for the evolution of an atonement sacrifice inside the Caucasian virgin, nor can atheists explain biological marriage.

The water from the virgin consecrates her marriage bed, for creation of new blessed life in her holy and chaste womb. The blood from the virgin seals the blood covenant of marriage between God The Father, Who gave the virgin her sacred release, and sealed it safely behind her hymen; The virgin’s bridegroom, who assumes the position of conquest over the surrendered virgin, and sends his invading army inside her fertile innocence; an army by which she shall conceive; And the virgin, whose blood sacrifice of innocence atones for sin held as genetic mutation in the man’s reproductive chromosomes.

Genetic mutation is atoned for by the virgin’s atonement sacrifice, and the man’s reproductive DNA is transformed into the flawless DNA of God The Father, making God the biological Father of the virgin’s child, yielding for the unborn child full communion with God, giving the child understanding of all, and the derivative: absolute power over the physical reality. This technology only works with the original hymen and the original blood sacrifice of innocence. Hymen restoration and artificial hymens result in children being born with tails and glowing yellow eyes with feline pupils: demons. But if the virgin commits godless abomination: unnatural mating: original sin, she learns the pleasure inside the man’s endowment, mutating the fetal DNA in her unborn immortal child, rendering him an ordinary mortal.

So, if the virgin’s child was conceived immortal, and her sensual pleasure made her child mortal, then her sensual pleasure killed her child, just not immediately. We know from scientific studies that the mammalian male mates the female of like species, one male and one female in a solitary pair, only when the female is fertile, in a single mating act. Flawed studies done on animals in captivity show sexual perversions similar to humans in prison. Go figure!

Humans are mammals. The human male naturally mates the human female only when the woman is fertile, in a single mating act after which she conceives the man’s offspring. According to nature, the man will not perform the marital act on the female until after she gives birth, regenerates her hymen, her virgin body is restored, and she becomes fertile once more. In the intervening time the male either hunts for, or mates fresh virgins, or mates with fertile females that already belong to him. The male has exclusive rights to the reproductive tracts of all the virgins he pops, but none of the virgins have exclusive rights to the masculine endowment.

The male is free to mate virgins who then belong to him and cannot mate other males. The human female must not experience sensual pleasure and must mate only with the male to whom she belongs: the male who popped her hymen and released her blood sacrifice of innocence: her bridegroom.

From here down is MasonCide material:

Feminists hate masculinity because it illuminates female sensual guilt. Since the woman’s sensual pleasure is the reason people grow old and die rather than living forever, females suffer guilt for consensual sensual pleasure. Normal females use their bodies in a way pleasing to God: to bear and nurse a man’s offspring, and are subjugated to their husbands’ God Ordained Masculine Authority. When a normal female feels rebellion against masculine authority, she calls her husband and says, “I’ve been a naughty girl. I think I need a spanking.”

Her husband will expose the woman’s small round bare bottom and give her a firm masculine hand. After this he will pin her fragile feminine body under his hard masculine physique, force his pulsating endowment inside her unwilling but responsive reproductive tract, disregard her person-hood in favor of using her as flesh to sate his primal masculine urge as he plows her fertile plain, After surrender,  she gives her mind, body and soul over to masculine domination that promises the seed of forgiveness sown in her guilt-laden womb. From the woman’s sin and the man’s forgiveness springs new life: God’s Forgiveness. When she tells her husband that she bears fruit of her womb, fruit from the man’s seed, her husband will forgive her.

The man’s seed of forgiveness sown in the guilty woman’s contrite womb, contrition demonstrated by fertility, is the sole means to expiate female guilt for consensual sensual pleasure. The urinal-banning feminist says that male urination while standing is a dangerous expression of masculine superiority and domination, and that it encourages males to sexually assault females. For the safety of women, urinals must be banned.

Cameras must be installed in all public mens rooms to verify men are sitting while they urinate, rather than standing in front of the toilet. If any male is caught standing while he urinates, he shall be imprisoned for not less than ten years. Standing urination is 309th and a half degree sexual assault, along with a man pulling on his groin or zipping up his pants in the hallway outside the mens room.

This is a feminist cry for help to all masculine males: “Pin me down and get me pregnant before my brain blows up from sensual guilt!” It’s a critical condition that requires immediate impregnation, or the feminist could die.  If she reports the guy as a rapist, he can just tell the cops, “She wanted urinals banned!” The cops will make a report that the man forced the feminist because she needed it.

Ok, MasonCide went somewhere. He’s very private, except about his involvement in the open source community. I was rereading his input to the post. He has so much testosterone, just his presence sends sensual female tingles down my spine. He’s perfectly natural. He oozes testosterone and pheromones. He’s pure masculinity: a rugged individualist who could break girl’s hearts if he wasn’t in love with that virgin-warrior-priestess-goddess. He spoke in more than two-word phrases to me. I said, “Why are you in love with that virgin warrior?!”

He said, “She’s immortal. A mortal woman would grow old and die. I’d have to watch my wives and children die again and again. Eventually love would bring with it fear of loss, and I could never love again. But I will always have her.”

I said, “I understand. I wish it weren’t true. When I do get married I’m afraid my husband will make love to me and I’ll be thinking about you.”

He said, “No. You’re a virgin. You will biophysically, psychologically and spiritually conform to the exact compliment of your husband. You will fit him perfectly. You will be the perfect mate for only him. You will never be truly satisfied by any other male. And when you experience the pain of atonement, you will forget about me and your husband will be forged into your being.”

I said, “You’re a great guy! You know everything!”

He said, “I have to go.”

I said, “Will you kiss me?”

He said, “No.”

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How to Find a Literary Agent

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I was talking to a famous author, and asked him how I could find a competent literary agent. The query letter is the initial piece of information an agent will view. It should be on top of everything else. Make sure you list what type entity you channeled the book through: extraterrestrial aliens, Satan, your spirit guides, Jupiter upon it’s ascension into a higher reality, etc.

The literary agent primarily seeks authors specially chosen to save the world from being consumed by a horrible vortex of pure evil. Anyone can write. It takes a very special person, one especially chosen above other people, to record using human language the echoes from sophisticated, ten dimensional  civilizations that exist beyond this level.

You should begin the query letter with your contact information, in a difficult to read old English script font. This helps separate your creativity from people who use boring fonts. You should use multicoloured paper sprayed with heavy perfume. After your contact information, address the agent with a salutation that uses a common variation of his/her first name.

For instance: if the agents name is “Charles Weatherby,” use “Dear Chuck”. If her name is “Margaret Casey,” use “Dear Peggy”. This lets the agent know you’re friendly, and that you get along with other people. You have to list everything that confirms your superiority and divine gifts. You want to make sure the agent understands how much money he/she will make by selling your book.

Also, don’t be afraid to promote yourself. Go to a book store and read dust cover flaps . Use that style in your query letter, but longer and more detailed. Include any special awards or accomplishments: bronze medal in YMCA gymnastics, top seller of girl scout cookies, first one in your class to menstruate, a really really good prize you found in Cracker Jack, or any obscure coincidences that could possibly be interpreted as confirmation your work will become the literary standard by which all future works are judged.

I know this seems like a lot of extra work. I mean, you spent twenty-five years writing the greatest book in the history of creation. Tell the agent how long it took. It builds value. Mention how many times you edited the copy. Or, if you have self confidence, tell the agent you didn’t do a final read, because you knew it was perfect.

If you’ve included cryptic and difficult to understand meanings in the book, explain your reasoning. If you have a scene where microscopic aliens shoot disintegration rays at football helmets, mention that this is an allegory of a superior, but unseen intelligence telling earth’s surface dwellers they must end violence. If you feel extra confident, and you want to impress the agent, explain your secret gambling system.

Tell the agent your book is really really good, and people will love reading it, after it gets some help from a editor. Tell him/her you can promote the book, by stapling magic-marker advertisements to telephone poles in your neighborhood. Cite content of some flattering signatures in your senior high school year book, and explain the context and special significance.

Enclose a sharp, properly exposed color picture of yourself, your family and any pets you have. If you conceived any parts of the book under the influence of mescaline, psylosibin, LSD or morning glory; especially if you’ve tripped more than five hundred times, give a detailed explanation from an existentialist perspective, that you may, or may not exist, and the why the letter the agent is reading could be an illusion.

List the number of words in the book, and why you used certain words but not others. Use similes comparing your book to nuclear explosions and global cataclysm. List similar books, even if the similarity is that they’re also books. List similar authors, if you know their names. Otherwise just say “the guy who wrote that book about people and stuff,” OR “the girl who writes fiction about stuff.”

Use a lot of humor. This makes agents like you, because you’re offering comic relief to a person who normally has to read boring fonts on plain white paper. The query letter should be less than 10% of the book. If the book is 200 pages, the query must be less than 20 pages, if you can condense your biographical data that small.

Write in a concise, organized, methodical manner, placing yourself in the agent’s position. Your book is the greatest book he/she will ever read, and he will be wealthy beyond his wildest dreams. You’re doing the agent a favor; a big favor. So act like it. Don’t let him forget it. People treat others according to how much they tout themselves.

Send the entire manuscript with the query letter on top. If the agent states: “Do not send unsolicited manuscripts”, he wrote that before he read your manuscript, so it doesn’t apply to you, because there’s zero chance of rejection. You’re just saving everyone’s time. Call the agent three days after you ship the manuscript, so you can start talking dollars. Be open minded, but assertive. You might only get a $5 million advance.

Stress to the agent during the phone conversation that the future of the human race is at stake, so time is of the essence, and that this can confirmed on the Internet. If you’re a Venusian in a human body, you secretly work for the government, or the government controls your mind, mention this. It adds credibility if you share about the grounded copper sheeting lining your interior walls and the aluminum foil helmet you have to wear. Oops, you’ve got some hair exposed. Keep that foil tight.

If you’re synthetic, created as a subject for experiments to make genetically superior humans, but they erased your memory, so you can only guess what happened, but you know it happened even though there is no proof, because it’s the only thing that can explain why everyone watches and follows you, and why you hear voices of the dead; this is a big selling point.

If you can see things others cannot, you have greater vision than mortals. If “they” are always near you, like inside vehicles, and you notice things aren’t right, like someone broke into your house without your knowledge, disassembled the kitchen appliances, and reassembled them so no one could tell, you can mention this during your phone conversation.

Put a copyright notice at the top and bottom of every page. Otherwise the agent might turn the manuscript over to top-secret government intelligence who will classify the information and erase all traces of your existence. That would mean the end of the human race.

If you have a color inkjet printer, make each line in the manuscript a different color than the previous five, and give each page a fresh font. Check the book’s title page for spelling errors. If it’s correct, the rest should be also. Print the entire manuscript in bold italics, so it isn’t so hard to read. Capitalize every other word, and leave six empty lines between paragraphs. Chapter headings should be no larger than 64 point font.

You’ll stand out from the rest. Drive five miles an hour dressed in aluminum foil, so you won’t attract attention. If government agents are around, act ignorant. When you go inside the Post Office, try not to think about what’s at stake. Tell the person assisting you that your package DOES NOT contain anything the government, or any foreign government wants suppressed. That way you won’t look suspicious.

If your medication causes shaking, tics and sweating, get drunk beforehand. If anyone asks you what’s in the package, don’t tell him. If he reaches for it, start screaming, “There’s an antenna coming out of the moon!”

That’s a secret code for, “1094AXSquigley”, which is 70% secret code for something else. But there’s only a 50% chance of that. Good luck.

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I looked online to find out about a hymen, virginity, and why men place such importance on virgin brides who have an intact hymen. I searched, but it returned links only to wrong (incorrect) information regarding the “hymen.” So, I decided to post the right (correct) information, that girls know the Truth.

This post (and others on my blog) contain the ONLY accurate English language information written on the subject, during the last three centuries. Seth explained everything to me, but I still don’t get it. It sounds right, but I’ve never even touched myself impurely, so I wouldn’t know.

True or false: The hymen has no bodily function.


The correct answer is: The hymen is the seal God has placed over the virgin’s blood sacrifice of innocence.

True or false: Marriage is sanctioned by government and Mother Church.


The correct answer is: Marriage is a biological function of the human female!

Marriage is the bodily function of the hymen. All religious and legal contexts placed aside, the blood and water released from the virgin prove she belongs to the man; that he has exclusive rights to her fertile intimacy! The sincere desire of the masculine heart is to join intimately with a girl he can call his own, for creation of new life in the image of married lovers, and in the image of God Almighty!

Natural law is not defined by written law. Don’t be afraid, that just means natural science and the physical laws of nature are inflexibly defined by Almighty God, and are not subject to judicial and legislative fiat.

That’s right! Statutory law that conflicts to the physical laws of nature has absolutely no effect on reality. The same holds true of law in conflict to mathematics and marriage. Pi = 3.14159, roughly. The Indiana State Legislature attempted to pass legislation in conflict to the value of pi.

Pi is a mathematical constant. Like marriage, it cannot be altered by government authority. Marriage and Pi are fundamental bases for industrialized civilization. If they’re changed, a conflict to reality occurs, and car tires become oval. The Great Pyramid at Giza changes shape. Electrical power ceases, as does industrial manufacturing, happiness, security, and purpose for living.

Scientists and engineers gently counseled the lawmakers. “It does not matter what the law states, pi cannot be altered by force of human will.”

The lawmakers said, “If we could make pi an even 3.0, math would be so much easier! Look how much effort was saved when random-number series were defined as any quantity of the numeral ‘7’.” It wasn’t so hard to read then. We were all on the same page.”

The scientists said, “Are you the same guys who printed and filed the Internet, to make it easier to find stuff?”

The virgin’s biological release of blood and water prove she belongs to her bridegroom. If a judge at some later time enters a judgment for divorce against an unwilling husband, it’s essentially the same as entering a judgment that the force of gravity be altered, or that cloudy days be banned!

The virgin belongs to the one who released her blood sacrifice of innocence. This has the unfortunate consequence of certain girls belonging to soccer balls, tampons, boy’s-style bicycles, and horse saddles.

It is the sincere desire of the female heart to assume the position of surrender under the male in conquest. She longs to receive the intimate gift of masculine love and forgiveness inside her fertile innocence, because she learns Truth: her feminine identity is based on her being the origin of life: to produce fruit of the womb; and her feminine purpose is bear and nurse a man’s offspring, preferably man-child!

The godless retreat into the fortress of modernity, but modern is just another word for bad, ugly, dark, the opacity of evil shading the stark ugliness peddled as desirable. Modern art, poetry, music, theater and literature have common threads running through them:

  1. They are devoid of worth.
  2. They are reflections of bad discipline and training.
  3. They substitute shock-value in the place of beauty.
  4. They’re meaningless and ugly, and they lead admirers into sin.

The esteemed value of modernity exists only to justify the opacity of evil that numbs the conscience of all but the most ardent lovers of Truth, and purveys as beautiful that which conflicts with the desires of a pure heart. Those intent to defile the beauty of innocence blend seamlessly into the sterile realm of baseless objectivity; the promise of utopia through intentional ignorance!

The illusion of intellectual domination is pushed like a drug, by those who esteem themselves as wise, so their minds have been made reprobate. Recipients of worthless liberal arts degrees position themselves as authorities, and utter grandiloquent bombast glorifying wickedness, painting a picture of nothing at all, with the claim that only those of sophistication, refined elegance and properly formed intellect are capable of grasping insight so deep as to be unfathomable by the common mind.

Once there was a kitten and a mouse. The kitten told the mouse about the cat, but the mouse denied the existence of the cat!

The kitten tried to convince the mouse, but the mouse had never seen the cat, so he didn’t believe.

The kitten said, “The cat is my Father! I know He exists, because He Loves me. I came from Him!”

The mouse said, “Do you have a picture of the cat?”

“No,” said the kitten.

“Well, next time you see Him, take a picture, and then show me.”

The kitten went home and told his Father, “The mouse doesn’t believe You exist. I need a picture of You. Then he’ll believe!”

The cat said, “If the mouse truly knew My son, he would know Me, and he would believe. The mouse learns of the cat after it’s too late. The illusion of possible survival persists for a short time, but death is certain. You don’t belong to mousekind. I don’t want you between the mouse and your Father, because you cannot save the mouse.”

So, the mouse learned of the cat! A modern artist was looking for raw materials, and he came across cat dung that was once the mouse! The artist picked it up and took it back to his studio. He polished it, formed it, put a little spray-paint on it, and titled it, “Atheist’s Legacy!”

The critics were stunned. The applause rang ‘round the world! And this is history’s monument to all that is modern!

The beauty of innocence is Truth. The water from the virgin consecrates her marriage bed for creation of blessed life in her holy and chaste womb.

The blood from the virgin seals the blood covenant of marriage between God, Who gave the virgin her sacred release, and sealed it behind the virgin’s hymen; The virgin’s bridegroom, who assumes the position of conquest over the surrendered virgin, and sends his invading army into her unexplored intimate territory; And the virgin, whose blood sacrifice of innocence atones for sin held as genetic mutation in the man’s reproductive chromosomes (DNA).

The release of blood and water corrects genetic mutation, rendering the man’s seed the flawless Seed of Almighty God. The Eternal Reality of the flawless DNA molecule is The Holy Spirit; The Soul of God!

The offspring of the virgin are conceived of her natural share in the Pain of Atonement of God The Son, and of the man’s natural share in the Pleasure of Creation of God The Father! All things are created by The Father, through The Son! Heaven and earth testify to Truth!

Both Jesus Christ and the virgin release Blood and Water when pierced. The Blood and Water from the Heart of Jesus, as He was pierced by the Roman soldier, is the Eternal Reality of which the blood and water from the virgin, as she is pierced by her bridegroom, is the temporal reflection.

Therefore, the virgin belongs to her bridegroom, and Christ belongs to Rome! Both God and Nature testify to the Truth. So, female-filed civil divorce is quickly reduced to a woman’s right to prevent use of her body in a way pleasing to God: for the man’s pleasure and to reproduce his image!

The marriage remains intact, because marriage is a biological function of the virgin! A divorced female cannot remarry without her husband’s consent! If she attempts such a thing, Nature Herself becomes an obstacle, because She whispered onto the heart of the young virgin, ‘Until death you shall not part,’ as she lay supine beneath her husband and learned her place as a female!

Every female learns her place in reference to God-Ordained Masculine Authority, when she suffers the virgin’s pain of atonement, and releases her blood sacrifice of innocence! It is to the glory of God that the virgin once pierced is submissive, and zealous to do housework!

For God says, “Like a gold ring in pig’s snout is an intact hymen inside a virgin with a rebellious disposition!” And again, “The woman folly is fickle; she is inane and knows nothing. All evil enters the world through the woman. Better a firm masculine hand than the indulgence of other women.”

I’m just quoting God!

According to the Roman Catholic ideal, adultery is defined as either the wife or the husband having relations with another! Mother Church dictates this as the natural inclination, as Ordained by our Creator! Doctrine stipulates that the first man and woman were of equal dignity in the eyes of God. Further, it was due to the sin that intimate relations were tainted with domination and lust!

That is to imply that natural human reproduction is devoid of domination and lust. A stretch of the imagination makes this concept understandable: lust and domination are interpreted together as: the primal male reproductive drive, warped through deceit into a passion to imprison sensual beauty for the purpose of physical satiation, slaying the beauty of God’s image, condemning them to death!

But that’s not accurate, and we can prove it! The first man was akin to nature, blending seamlessly, not the least bit ashamed of his body. Likewise, the woman was not ashamed. The biblical book of Genesis employs a literary device well understood by ancient people, that of projecting into the future what occurred in the past. The text reads,

Therefore, a man shall leave his father and mother, and cleave to his wife, and the two shall become one flesh. The man and woman were both naked, but they were not ashamed.”

Modern man would properly interpret that as,

Therefore, the man left his father and mother, and cleaved to his wife, and the two became one flesh. They were both naked, but they were not ashamed.”

That is, humans naturally mate. There is nothing shameful about natural human reproduction! But what is natural human reproduction? Certain atheist doctrines purvey the behavior of animals in captivity as natural behavior. But, predictably, captive animals behave like prison inmates. Mammals naturally mate in solitary pairs of one male and one female of like species, during the fertile time of the female, in a single mating act after which the female conceives offspring.

If we use the correct model and apply it to the human female, she will not learn the man’s pleasure! If the virgin conceives of her pain of atonement and her blood sacrifice of innocence, she acts according to nature, because natural mammalian mating makes use of the reproductive facility to procreate! A male mammal will not naturally mate a pregnant female, and this includes Homo Sapiens: Human beings!

Common sense dictates that the first woman was created with the sexual maturity of a fourteen to fifteen-year-old. Up until 100 years ago, that’s the age all females began reproducing. The world was perfect, so the first female had long, thick, shiny, bouncy, curly blond hair draping over her large, firm, well-formed, pointed-up breasts, and cascading down her elegant back to her small, round bottom!

Her deep blue eyes were set as gemstones atop her perfect Roman nose, punctuated by pouty red lips contrasting with bright white teeth and a silent little pink tongue, all framed within magnificent cheekbones and a delicate feminine jaw line!

Her breasts were covered with tiny droplets of strawberry-flavored perspiration. Her legs were long, sleek and athletic, and her skin was pure, fine and smooth. Her complexion was without flaw, and she appeared to have cosmetics applied, but of course that would have been impossible!

Her fingers were long and artistic; her hands, graceful. I don’t know what her feet looked like, because I haven’t figured out what kind of feet turn guys on. She was completely nude, and laying next to the man when he awoke!

She was created during her fertile time, so her breasts and hips were full and puffy. Her sensual beauty moved the man’s heart toward his Creator; to become like his Creator; to create life in his own image; to create God in the man’s image!

The virgin’s sensual beauty promised a Divine Gift: the expectation of eros. The virgin’s childless form spoke of her fertile plain not yet sown; the first fruit yet to be reaped. He was driven to secure her spectacular breasts for his children to nurse on. He desired in his heart to share with her the most intimate part of himself! Sensual beauty is God’s Promise spoken in a silent language understood only by he who is masculine!

The woman beheld the image of God; that he had an endowment she lacked, and she admired his masculine strength and beauty as the source of Truth of who she is and the reference defining her intrinsic worth! The woman’s unexplored intimate territory beckoned conquest!

Also, a man’s first virgin becomes his legal wife, whose children are the man’s legal heirs. When a man reaches the overcast shadows of life, and having sons by multiple mothers, he may NOT choose the sons of the youngest, most attractive wife to be heirs, but rather the sons of his first virgin, because they are first fruit of the man’s seed.

When the earth was young, rival half brothers would form clans and fight blood feuds for hundreds of years. The contention was born of a father arbitrarily choosing his favorite wife, and making her children his heirs.

As a remedy, God told Noah that his first virgin is his legitimate wife, her sons are the legitimate heirs, and the son of his concubine was an intruder in his house; his descendants destined to serve the sons of the legitimate wife.

We can prove this. Noah’s three sons were born when Noah was 500 years old. Either his wife had triplets, or he had sons by more than one woman. Noah partook of the wine from his vineyard. His youngest son, Ham, who became the father of Canaan, looked inside his father’s tent and witnessed his father’s nakedness!

This sounds like meaningless folklore, but wait!

World English Bible: Genesis Chapter 9

Noah drank of the wine of his vineyard and got drunk. He lay naked in his tent. Ham, the father of Canaan, saw his father’s nakedness and told his two brothers. Shem and Japheth slung a garment on their backs, walked in backwards, and covered their father’s nakedness. They did not witness their father’s nakedness.

Noah woke from the wine, and he knew what his youngest son had done to him. Noah said, “Cursed be Canaan. He and his kin shall serve his brothers.

Blessed be The Lord God, the God of Shem. Let Canaan be his servant. May God enlarge Japheth. Let him dwell in the tents of Shem. Let Canaan serve him.”

The youngest brother, the son of the concubine, is an intruder is his father’s house (estate); a shame to his father. The older sons, sons of the legitimate wife, neither witness nor become evidence of their father’s shame! This solidifies the man’s first virgin as his legitimate wife, and her sons as the legitimate heirs.

Though this law was known only in verbal form, it was adopted throughout the world as the beginning of woman’s rights! No longer would her old age and barrenness deprive a woman’s sons of their birthright. This is common sense! The first fruit of the man’s seed is rightful heir.

Abraham observed this law as well. Isaac, the son of, Sarah, the legitimate wife, received God’s Blessing. The slave girl, Hagar, and her son, Ishmael, were cast out; for the son of the slave girl has no inheritance with the son of the legitimate wife.

Next …

The biological function of the virgin’s hymen is to seal within her an atonement sacrifice of blood and water. The virgin’s hymen does not wear out with age, although the optimal age at which girls begin reproducing is sixteen years.

Females don’t require much education to fulfill their God-Ordained purpose: to bear and nurse a man’s offspring, preferably man-child! If girls are married by age sixteen, they won’t bring sin into the world, because the wantonness of the experienced female will be constrained by a firm masculine hand.

Government interference in the lives of citizens stands unrivaled as the greatest threat to civilization. 95% of child molesters were educated by the government, are paid by the government, or both! Government schools and the remainder of the useless half of the government can easily be turned over to The Roman Catholic Church, and taxpayers would see a 80% saving!

The Church would then be responsible for:

  1. Preservation of woman’s rights
  2. Administration of social welfare
  3. Curtailing the epidemic of single-motherhood
  4. Public-health education and disease prevention
  5. Education of children
  6. Resolution of nonviolent conflict
  7. Governance of marriage
  8. Promotion and subsidy of art and literature
  9. Directing citizens toward meaningful existence
  10. Defining right and wrong
  11. Setting the proper moral reference
  12. Care of the disabled, sick and elderly
  13. Funding for abortion clinics
  14. The content of public-television media
  15. Administering programs to discourage sodomy, fornication, adultery, trafficking in human flesh, child-molestation, use of birth-control; and excessive female climax, especially during the Lenten season
  16. Securing equal rights for ethnic minorities
  17. Administration and sanction of the seven Sacraments
  18. Authoritative dictum of Truth
  19. Setting the global standard of human decency
  20. Advancement of culture
  21. Economic stimulation
  22. The final say in all civil court cases
  23. Absolution from sin
  24. Administering the cure for same-sex attraction
  25. Setting minimum standards of modesty for females
  26. Public health regulations
  27. Determination of the correct religion
  28. Sovereign judgment over the leicity of dueling and divorce, cohabitation, population control, abortion, slavery, remarriage, gender identity, use of tampons and the participation of virgins in contact sports

A virgin should avoid playing rough sports, riding a boys style bicycle, using tampons, or anything else that might rupture her hymen: the choicest bridal adornment! If it were ruptured prior to her wedding night, she would have no wedding gift for her bridegroom. On their wedding day, which should be scheduled to coincide to the brides monthly fertile time, bride and bridegroom bring their most valuable possessions as wedding gifts for the other.

The bridegroom gives his name to his bride! The bride gives to her bridegroom her intact hymen and her blood sacrifice of innocence, that the child she bears for the man be blessed of her holy and chaste womb!

The bridegroom is inspired by manifold generosity etched within his genetic programming, and presents his bride with the most intimate part of himself: the gift of masculine love and forgiveness! Out of sincere gratitude his bride becomes a sacred vessel for the man’s masculine release; her fertile innocence is transformed into a fertile bounty of God’s Blessings!

The chaste, submissive and obedient female receives is Blessed with a fertile bounty. The rebellious woman stands for nothing, and in opposition to everything, including herself!

Her identity is the rejection of masculine authority. Her longing for liberation from sensual guilt masquerades as a crusade for male-female equality, but she chases the wind; the illusion that equality is equity in masculinity!

Her core motivation is the quest for immunity to guilt for sensual pleasure! The masculine male is genetically programmed to conquer multiple virgins. The male is motivated by the primal urge to sow his seed as liberally as the supply of willing virgins allows. He suffers no guilt or shame, because he remains within the boundaries set by nature.

Female genetic programming conforms the virgin biophysically, biochemically, psychologically, and spiritually to the man who teaches her the virgin’s pain of atonement. As a function of female genetic programming, the virgin body once pierced undergoes biologically based attachment functions, to become a mate specifically for her male. She cannot be satisfied by any other!

Caucasians practice Sacramental Matrimony—Marriage. Caucasians invented monogamous marriage, which has recently been adopted by other cultures.

The union of a virgin to her bridegroom constitutes a blood covenant, sealed with blood released from the virgin. There is one way to break a blood covenant: death. It doesn’t matter who dies, Nature will claim one human life for each judgment for divorce entered against an unwilling husband.

The man will often commit suicide to avoid complicit financial subsidy of a rebellious feminist’s wanton harlotry, and the full force of the feminist court wielded by a vengeful witch to cast her spell cursing a father’s love for his children to become her implement of torture, as the souls of a thousand damned divorcees inject their shrill chant straight into the divorcees soul, “Why be subservient in Heaven when you can rule in Hell!”

But my friend Seth presented evidence that the divorce industry is an institutionalized occult works that creates the illusion of control over the physical law of marriage! In exchange for a small amount of money and thinly veiled justification for their continued consumption of perfectly good oxygen, divorce lawyers and judges power the Suicide Induction Eugenics Engine that murders the Sons of God by the only means available: S-U-I-C-I-D-E!

Almighty God upheld Seth’s findings of law, and armed men with legal muscle backed by Absolute Power of The Lord God Almighty! The unwilling husband is required to inform the court,

Judge, I still want my wife. I want her to bear and nurse more of my offspring. Marriage is a biological function of the virgin, and is therefore not subject to conflicting judicial or legislative fiat.”

Courts of law justify civil divorce against unwilling husbands, by the legal theory that states: a husband who has relations with his wife but fails to keep her pregnant or nursing, implicitly grants his permission that his wife can seek a new mate who is willing to get her pregnant.

A wife’s threat of divorce is the cry of her guilt-laden womb for masculine love and forgiveness. If her husband gets her pregnant, she’ll forget about divorce, because her sensual guilt is expiated through her contrition bathed in the man’s love and forgiveness. If the man compels her, she also gets the pleasure without the guilt, because it isn’t her fault.

The chaste and holy virgin is fertile on her wedding night. She conceives of her pain of atonement and blood sacrifice of innocence. Her atonement sacrifice transforms the man’s seed into the flawless DNA of God The Father, making God the biological Father of the virgin’s child!

Such a child will share Souls—The Holy Spirit—with God, giving him full communion with God The Father, resulting in understanding of all Truth; and the derivative: Absolute Power over the physical reality!

However, if the woman is mated against Nature—when conception does not occur—she will learn pleasure forbidden to the woman! The flawless genetic code of her unborn child shall be mutated, and he will become mortal. This is original sin. It is passed to her unborn child in the form of genetic mutation, which makes the child mortal.

Matrons suffer sensual guilt—guilt for sensual pleasure—because it kills their children, eventually! So, each female bears guilt for the eventual death of her own children, and bears the blame for destroying God’s Beautiful Race of Immortal Children!

Humans are the biological class: mammalia, meaning: humans are mammals. Mammals are warm-blooded animals, with body hair or fur coats. The mammalian male pursues the female of like species—assuming the position of masculine conquest over the surrendered female—only when the female is fertile, in a single mating act after which the female conceives offspring!

According to Nature, the mammalian male will not mate the same female again, until after she gives birth, nurses her offspring,  regenerates her hymen (in the case of the human female), and she becomes fertile once more!

If the virgin is mated once per pregnancy, she will never learn the pleasure inside the man’s endowment, and her child will be a genetically flawless immortal natural-born Son of God, who has absolute power over the physical reality. If a mother’s children eventually grow old and die, it is in testimony to her sin of godless abomination—mating when conception does not occur, and the consequent sensual guilt—female guilt for sensual pleasure! To deny a woman’s sensual guilt is to label her a psychopath who experiences no guilt for passing the death penalty on her children!

If a virgin mates her bridegroom, during the virgin’s fertile time, she will conceive a genetically flawless immortal offspring. If she has no further intimate relations with the man, until after she gives birth, regenerates her hymen, and becomes fertile once more; her child will be born a genetic twin to Jesus Christ—The Son of God!

The Second Coming of Christ is the human race bred into a Race of Jesus Christ. The above describes the conception of The Christ Child in the womb of Mary Most Holy. Mary had relations on her wedding night, but her zeal for housework was more compelling than her desire to learn forbidden pleasure.

She suffered her God-given share in the pain of atonement of God The Son, and released her blood sacrifice of innocence to atone for accursedness in Joseph’s seed (see The Holy Bible, Book of Luke). Rather than remain in her honeymoon suite, making love to her new husband, Mary made haste, through bandit-ridden foothills, to visit her cousin, Elizabeth, to do her cousin’s housework for three months!

Mary is the ideal woman, because she was willing to suffer the woman’s natural share in the Pain of Atonement of God The Son, but preferred doing housework to learning sensual pleasure, and consequently did not learn the man’s pleasure! Therefore, though she conceived by the man, she conceived without subsequent stain. She remained pure, because the virgin does not sin knowing only suffering!

A virgin can give birth to an immortal child, who will never die. However, Satan (the devil) is filling cyberspace with misinformation, through satanists, atheists, godless perverts and feminists posting misinformation regarding human sexuality. This post is the definitive post on virginity and it’s purpose!

Virgins are able to conceive genetically flawless immortal God-man offspring! A woman doesn’t want her children to grow old and die! She can can follow the instructions in this post, and her children will be live forever! This post was Satan’s worst nightmare! WAS!! Now they must contend with the Immortal God-men!!

I heard that this post is a danger to modern civilization. Thanks for the compliment, but flattery won’t win my heart. Not that my body would excite a male homosexual! I’ve revised the content.

Males afflicted with same-sex attraction find my blog terrifying, because the sanctity of the virgin reveals godless perversion for what it is. I posted a cure for same-sex attraction here. Seth made me add this part. It’s from him, not me! “WHO CAN PROVE ME WRONG!”

I’m FragileSwan. And this has been WordPress.

I’m FragileSwan. And this is WordPress.

There are some myths circulating about vampires. Currently, all published information on vampires is fictional, except this post, and this post . I recommend reading the linked post before reading this post, because it explains vampire theory.

In the days before The Roman Catholic Clergy hunted down and killed vampires and witches, doctors recommended blood drinking to their patients as a means to good health. For Centuries the wealthy class drank human blood. They paid peasant blood donors to supply them with blood. Real soulless walking undead embodiments of evil: The sons of the damned, lived for five to ten Centuries, before being discovered and killed. They were essentially Immortal.

The movie and television series, Highlander, portrayed an unrealistic form of Immortality. True Immortals, like anyone else who has a human body, can be killed, but they won’t die of natural causes. Living in Mexico, and Central and South America is the vampire bat. This bat has a raspy tongue, and uses it to literally saw through the hide of cattle, deriving its nutrients from cow’s blood. Vampires were named after this bat. However, drinking blood does not make one an immortal undead vampire.

There are two distinct types of human vampires: Wealthy mortal humans who drank blood as a means to good health, and wealthy immortal soulless undead embodiments of evil who drank blood for the same reason. We will use the term vampire for the soulless undead. No true vampire living in modern times would drink blood, because the medical community long ago discovered that blood drinking is not health promoting, and causes sensitivity to bright light.

Vampires got a bad reputation from mortal blood drinkers, because the wealthy would come out at dusk, and there were no laws at that time protecting peasants from arbitrary slaughter by the mighty. To save paying a peasant blood donor, many times a wealthy person would have a peasant killed, and drain out a few cups of blood.

But there was no refrigeration at that time, so the blood had to be drank fairly quickly. Most of the blood in a human body would go to waste. Vampires lived for Centuries, and refined blood drinking to an art form. The filed their eye teeth to a sharp point, because fresh blood drank directly from the carotid artery was much more palatable that blood drawn and placed into vessels.

Vampires preferred female donors, because Centuries past, a guy sucking on a guy’s neck could get both burned at the stake. Faggots are actually bundled sticks stacked below a homosexual tied to a stake, and then ignited. Vampires wanted to fit in, and avoid being mistaken for sodomites.

As the human male prefers a female who hasn’t had some other guy inside her reproductive tract, a vampire preferred a female who hadn’t had some other vampire’s teeth in her carotid artery. Movies exploited this because of the implicit relation to loss of innocence through bleeding. The virgin bleeds when pierced by her bridegroom. The vampire’s mistress bleeds when pierced by the vampire’s teeth.

One cannot become a vampire by being bitten by a vampire. Vampires practiced the occult, making them also warlocks. They can use their eyes, combined with certain sounds, to hypnotize victims. The hypnotized victims will continue being blood donors. Vampires desire control over the wills of others much more than to kill. They’re not killers, unless threatened or otherwise provoked.

Through their vastly extended lifetimes, vampires acquired great wealth and power. They were frequently politically connected, rulers, wealthy socialites and noblemen. But the soulless embodiments of evil would not be referred to as vampires in the Second Millennium, because vampires are intelligent, and intelligent people have no reason to drink blood in the modern era.

Briefly, because this is covered , I will explain how one would know if he is a true vampire. A soulless undead vampire’s father would be dead before the vampire was conceived in his mother’s womb. A man with knowledge indicating his father was living after the man was conceived cannot be a vampire. If you want more information, see here

Vampires are conceived of the virgin’s atonement sacrifice, and are therefore exclusively male. There has never been a female vampire, and there never will be. It’s impossible. See this link for more info: .

Myth: Vampires have no reflection in a mirror.
: Vampires have a faint reflection in a mirror.

Myth: Vampires can transform themselves into other animals.
Truth: Vampires cannot change into other animals. Common sense says that would be impossible. Vampires when threatened can make their physical bodies nearly transparent, and transfer their essences into other mammals. When danger has passed, the vampire can lead the animal back to his physical body, transfer his essence, and make his body opaque again.

Myth: Vampires become ravenously hungry after a time without drinking blood.
Truth: Vampires can eat food, like everyone else. They drank blood only because of primitive medical advice at that time.

Myth: Vampires are repelled by garlic.
Truth: Vampires are repelled by garlic worn around the neck.

Myth: Roman Catholic Sacramentals weaken vampires and burn their skin.
Truth: Yes! The Power of Christ renders vampires helpless.

Myth: A vampire cannot enter a Roman Catholic Church.
Truth: Vampires will never voluntarily enter a Catholic Church.

Myth: Vampires have chronic halitosis.
Truth: Yes! Vampires have bad breath.

Myth: Vampires have the strength of ten mortal men.
Truth: Yes! A vampire is animated by spirits of darkness, giving him incredible physical strength.

Myth: A vampire must sleep in coffin, on a thin layer of topsoil from his ancestral homeland, or he’ll die.
Truth: No! Vampires prefer to sleep in coffins with a thin layer of topsoil in the bottom.

Myth: Sunlight weakens vampires.
Truth: Blood drinking makes anyone sensitive to bright light. Vampires are averse to sunlight, but it doesn’t weaken them.

Myth: There is one way to kill a vampire: Driving a wooden stake through his heart.
Truth: This myth requires understanding. Vampires can be killed by other means. However, the myth is a warning: Unless a vampire is sufficiently weakened by the presence of Roman Catholic Sacramentals, such as Holy Water, a crucifix and/or certain Saint medallions; that a mortal man could drive a stake through the vampire’s heart, attempts on the vampire’s life will be met with the hunter’s fate.

Myth: When The Roman Catholic Church revealed the existence, dynamics and diabolical evil of vampires: The soulless undead, conceived in the wombs of witches, through a godless perversion of the same genetic technology God The Father used to Conceive The Christ Child in the blessed and holy womb of Mary; the townspeople took up arms and hunted down the immortal minions of evil.
Truth: The townspeople were frightened. Witch and vampire hunting was done by Roman Catholic Clergy given the same authority as law enforcement personnel. Witches of the time were also very dangerous. They were experts in preparing systemic poisons, many of which were used in lower dosages as medicines. The plant alkaloid and deadly poison, strychnine, was used as a medicine into the Twentieth Century.

In ancient Rome the use of systemic toxins to commit murder was widespread. Antony’s Egyptian wife, Cleopatra, was essentially a witch. She was practiced in her art. Antony refused to dine with her, unless his taster was with him. A taster functioned to eat a small amount of someone else’s food, to demonstrate whether or not the food was poisoned. The mere fact that a man employed a taster discouraged attempts on his life, because anyone attempting to poison the man would kill only the innocent taster (Sometimes called a ‘cup bearer’).

Myth: Vampires do not cast a shadow.
Truth: Vampires do cast faint shadows.

Myth: Vampires cannot walk on sacred ground.
Truth: Yes! If a cemetery is part of a church, or Catholic Parish, a vampire could be killed by simply walking over it.

Myth: Vampires are the dead come back to life: The undead.
Truth: Vampires are not renevants. They are born soulless. If left alone, they remain animated forever.

Myth: Vampires drank blood because they were crazed.
Truth: Vampires drank blood because doctors of that era recommended blood drinking for good health.

Myth: Vampires live off of the life essences of the living, which is present in the blood of the living .
Truth: The life essence is present in DNA. Blood cells are the only body cells that have no nucleus, and therefore no DNA, and therefore no life essence. Vampires are animated by evil spirits.

Myth: Blood drinking makes males more potent.
Truth: No. Vampires have no drive to reproduce, because they’re immortal. So what would be the point. Immortals don’t need to reproduce, and it would only cause them heartache to watch their loved ones grow old and die. For this reason, vampires are emotionally unavailable.

Myth: Vampires stalk their victims.
Truth: No! Vampires are opportunists. They place lures, and victimize people who come to them.

Myth: Drinking blood makes a person a vampire.
Truth: No! Medieval vampires drank blood because the medical community of that era touted blood drinking to preserve and/or restore good health. If there were any animated vampires in the Twenty-First Century, they wouldn’t drink blood, because everyone is aware that there is no health benefit associated with blood drinking. Ancient Roman physicians documented a shortened life span among blood drinkers. Most medieval blood drinkers were mortal. It was a fairly common practice among the wealthy, both mortal and immortal.

Myth: The vampire material available on the Internet is legitimate.
Truth: The only legitimate online vampire information available is in this post, and this post: .

Myth: Vampires are the sons of witches.
Truth: Yes! The passage of the apprentice witch into the craft involved conceiving in her womb a vampire. The genetic technology involved is explained in this post: .

Ok, I’m tired of writing this post. I’ll post more information about vampires a few posts from now. I’m sick of vampires. Just a little footnote:

A psychiatric forensic nurse working on a suspected suicide of an adolescent male had privy to his “Book of Shadows”. That’s a blank, hard cover journal filled out like a diary. The victim had been addicted to online “Dungeons and Dragons”. He was on medication for clinical depression and attention deficit disorder. He wrote about drinking blood donated by his fellow high school students. In one of the last entries he claimed he had become an immortal vampire via blood drinking. Shortly thereafter he was proved wrong.

The autopsy revealed he had taken a massive overdose of amphetamine (Adderall, for ADD), Zoloft and Prozac. It also revealed 24 ounces of blood in his stomach and duodenum, but no cause for bleeding. His parents had taken away his Internet privileges as a punishment, and he killed himself.

There are hundreds if not thousands of mentally ill social outcasts deriving a sense of belonging through drinking the blood of others.

Myth: When one person drinks another person’s blood, two separate souls of the individuals unite in a sick sort of intercourse, forever.
Truth: There is nothing mystical about blood. Ancient superstitious medical practice held that the life force was in the blood. Now we know this isn’t true. So only mentally ill idiots have any reason to still drink blood. Blood drinking has no supernatural benefit above other forms of cannibalism, which have no benefit to the cannibal other than nutrition. Blood drinking doesn’t make delusional psychotics vampires. Vampires are vampires regardless of whether or not they drink blood.

People who refer to themselves as vampires, because they drink blood, are almost universally below average intelligence, above average psychotic, below average socially, above average in stalking celebrities, below average achievers, above average drug abusers, below average mood, above average persecution complex, below average looks, above average antisocial behavior; and they’re delusional.

In closing, blood drinkers who think they’re vampires, are idiots. Vampires are vampires whether or not they drink blood. Get a life, you wannabes. There are no real vampires in modern times, because authentic witchcraft died with the Roman Catholic slaughter of witches, and consequent loss of the knowledge witches possessed. Without witchcraft, vampires cannot be conceived, because the conception of a vampire is a witchcraft sex ritual.

This post here explains in plain language exactly how vampires were conceived, and why . What was Truth IS Truth NOW, and it always will be Truth. There is One Truth. Everything else is wrong.

Truth …

I’m FragileSwan. And this is WordPress.

Human females are legally allowed to believe any way they wish. In this vein, here is what I believe:

I believe this great nation is as strong as the strength of its men and the chastity of its women. I believe when a nation loses the virginity of its females to fornication, that nation is over. No civilization in which men cannot find chaste wives, can survive. Each female must be subjugated to The God Ordained Masculine Authority of her father or husband. It is the natural function of the human female to bear and nurse a man’s offspring.

Females do not require education to fulfill their God Ordained purpose of reproducing God’s image, preferably man-child. Every female who has an abortion will either repent of her sin, and confess her sin to A Catholic Priest; OR she will burn in Hell for all eternity. Black females are committing genocide against the black race, by advocating black females have abortions rather than live births.

Females must avoid intimate contact outside the bonds of Sacramental Matrimony. No female fornicator will be respected by her future husband. Every self respecting young masculine male wants a wife with an intact hymen. No man wants a girl who has had some other guy inside of her reproductive tract. And no man wants a wife who has some other guy’s kids. That leaves divorcees out in the cold, because no man wants to marry a divorcee.

Let’s face facts. No matter what the circumstances surrounding a divorce, it’s the wife’s fault. Either she couldn’t please a man or she divorced her own husband, both of which indicate female rebellion against masculine authority. There is one exception: In the case a wife was abandoned for more than four years by her husband, she is no longer bound by marriage, and divorce is only a formality.

How To Stop Abortion

I’m FragileSwan. And this is WordPress.

I’ve been doing some research on abortion and other types of violence against females, such as spousal battery and rape. They all have the same causes. Below is a list of things a female can to to prevent violence against against herself.

Practice Roman Catholicism as prescribed according to Roman Catholic Doctrine. Females who properly practice The Roman Catholic Sacraments have zero incidence of becoming victims of violence.

Remain a virgin until safely within the bonds of Sacramental Matrimony. This only makes good sense. If a girl has intimate contact outside marriage, it’s not only sinful, but the children she will bear as a result will be the accursed progeny of the unwed mother. According to the law, children born to unwed mothers can have this held against them in courts of law.

Get married by age twenty one years. If a girl wants protection, there’s no one who will protect her better than a husband willing to die for her. Rapists know this. When a rapist sees a girl with a diamond on her finger, driving a minivan in the suburbs during daylight hours, and who is home before dark each night; he knows she has a husband who will bash a rapist’s brains in for raping the man’s wife.

Have a child by age twenty two years. Minivans and diamonds are enough to run off a rapist. But a woman with young children repulses a rapist.

Do not perform godless perversions of the female act, intentionally sterilize yourself for use as a barren receptacle, so your husband can sate his primal urge inside you soft pink wet feminine flesh, without allowing you to fulfill the natural function of the female: To reproduce God’s image, preferably man-child; and ask your husband to discipline you when you disobey.

Performing godless perversions of the female act causes female sexual guilt, because it is violation of nature, which is sin. Sin is supposed to cause guilt. And it does. Intentionally sterilizing one’s self for use as a barren receptacle also cause female guilt. Female guilt for consensual sensual pleasure is practically unavoidable in a modern marriage, because females naturally experience guilt for consensual sensual pleasure.

There are several ways to deal with female guilt:

A husband can use a firm masculine hand on his wife’s firm round bare bottom when she misbehaves, purging her heart of guilt. It’s really a big relief for a wife laden with guilt for consensual sensual pleasure to get a good spanking. It also motivates both the husband and the wife to make a baby together. Spanking a wife brings closeness and children into a marriage.

Number Two

A husband can pin his wife’s vulnerable female body helplessly under his under his hard masculine physique, and physically force his stiff swollen masculine endowment inside her tight pink warm wet fertile obedient submissive chaste and holy womb. The male must utterly disregard her person-hood in favor of using her as warm flesh to fill with his animal lust; his primal urge, finally sowing his accursed seed deep inside her unwilling, yet supple pink guilt ridden reproductive tract. If a wife is forced to have relations, her pleasure isn’t sinful, because it’s not consensual. She gets the pleasure without the guilt. It’s freeing for a woman to get forced. But for it to work with an excessively climactic female, her husband has to be pretty rough, because the wife bears excessive guilt for female consensual sensual pleasure.

So when a wife says she doesn’t have the desire, it’s really her way of saying that her guilt is causing emotional distance, and she needs to get forced, to bring closeness back into the marriage Females are secretly turned on by a man forcing them. It’s a common female fantasy. After she gets used to it, it will really turn her on, because her pleasure is without guilt.

Number three

If the two previous options are too difficult, a wife can kneel before her husband, with her head veiled and bowed, and confess her sins of disobedience to her husband, to her husband. She should be fertile when she confesses, because the way her husband will show his forgiveness is to make special and considerable effort to sow his seed of forgiveness in her tight pink warm wet contrite repentant fertile obedient submissive guilt ridden reproductive tract. When she conceives new life in her holy and chaste womb, she will know God has Forgiven her for her rebellion against The God Ordained Masculine Authority of her husband over her. In nine months, she can present her husband with his offspring; fruit of his forgiveness.

Pregnant and nursing wives don’t rebel. It’s only a wife who is not given sufficient housework and has gone too long without being pregnant, who will rebel. Her rebellion is actually a cry for a firm masculine hand to discipline her, and a firm masculine endowment from God inside of her soft supple reproductive tract, so she can get her pregnant.

Females get out of joint when their bodies aren’t being used in a way pleasing to God. During a woman’s season of fertility, it is the man’s responsibility to insure his wife’s body is being used according to the natural female function: To bear and nurse a man’s offspring. If his wife wife hasn’t been pregnant for two years or longer, a husband must say to her, “Get off birth control. I want your womb fertile, so I can use your body for my pleasure, and to reproduce my image, preferably a masculine child. You’re useless as a wife to any man when you’re sterile.” She will obey. But men must make known to their wives what the husbands want. If a husband won’t tell his wife what he wants, how is she going to know how to behave? Wives want most of all to please their husbands, and to serve them. The woman was Created from the man, for the man, to serve the man. I started a club at school aimed to attract the young female who wants to serve, love, and bear and nurse a masculine man’s offspring.

Whatever you do …

Do not get divorced. The natural male response to a wife who commits godless abomination is to abuse her, because she’s making herself dirty and defiled. The incidence of battery to females is high in the African American community, because African American males prefer sodomy to natural relations. When a girl allows herself to be sodomized, she becomes filthy and perverted in the eyes of the male. The male wants to correct her godless behavior, so he creates adversity for her by beating her. This is to help her learn, so when she dies her soul can go to Heaven.

A female who performs godless perversions of the female act actually craves abuse, because it’s the only way she can get relief from her guilt. Females who like abuse always wind up with another batterer. If the battered woman becomes Roman Catholic, she will become chaste. If she becomes chaste, having intimate relations performed on her only within the sacred bonds of marriage, she will not crave abuse.

A survey done in battered woman’s shelters showed that all battered participants had fornicated before the battery began. All of them also reported using birth control at some point. And none of them reported practicing Roman Catholicism as prescribed according to Roman Catholic Doctrine.

Abortion is the same way as the other two: If a girl remains a virgin until safely within the bonds of Sacramental Matrimony; and after she is married has relations for the purpose of procreating children, on her back: The position of surrender; with her husband mounted in the position of conquest, she will never want an abortion. Abortion is the product of fornication and godless perversion.

A nation’s security lies in the strength of its men and the chastity of its women. I know I would not consider allowing myself to be in privacy with a man I’m not related to. My Dad would be so hurt if he found out. A girl can tell if a man truly loves her when he tries to lure her into privacy. If the girl says that she isn’t allowed in private with men to whom she is not related, and the guy continues to date her, he’s a great guy. If the male says, “Well, I just remembered something I need to do. I’ll take you home early”, and she doesn’t hear from him again, he was not a good guy. She can safely throw him out, and let the pagan savage girls fornicate with him.

He isn’t concerned with her innate needs for security and commitment, but only with using her as a piece of meat to sate his base male drive, grunting and sweating on top of her, until he finally sows his accursed seed inside her fertile virgin reproductive tract; rather than waiting until marriage to use her body for a noble purpose: Reproduction.

Wow! After writing that, I can’t wait to have my own masculine husband. But I’m not quite old enough yet. I feel dizzy. I’m going to lay down now. I’m FragileSwan. And this has been WordPress.

The Man/Gods

Hi, I’m FragileSwan. And this is WordPress. My friend and I found this in her brother’s room. She asked her Mom if it was permissible to put it on a blog. She said yes. So here it is. This is the work of a 16 year old.

Jesus Christ spoke in parables. He did this because only those who were given Understanding by God, because they were willing to repent from sin, would be able to understand the parables.

I dispense Truth straight up, in plain language. That means anyone is able to understand. But not everyone is entitled to the information. You have to realize, this is the formula for Immortality and Absolute Power. God doesn’t want just anyone becoming Immortal, or gaining Absolute Power.

Information that will give certain people insurmountable advantage over everyone else cannot be dispensed to everyone, because the world is imperfect. Some people would use the information to do evil.

I’ll give you an example: Not everyone knows the virgin’s blood sacrifice of innocence atones for accursedness, hidden in the man’s chromosomes as genetic mutation. Atonement makes the man’s DNA perfect, just like The Flawless DNA of God The Father.

This allows Immortal Man/Gods to be Conceived in the womb of a mortal woman, with a mortal man as father. But, the virgin must know only The Pain of Atonement of God The Son, and remain ignorant to The Pleasure of Creation of God The Father. The virgin knowing only The Pain of Atonement, knows not sin.

The Child Conceived of the virgin’s blood sacrifice of innocence is Conceived without stain, because the virgin knows only suffering, but not the man’s pleasure.

This is what set The Virgin Mary apart from all other women. On the day following Her marriage to Joseph, she went to visit Her Cousin Elizabeth. Thus, she only knew The Pain of Atonement, as every chaste virgin learns on her wedding night.

Since Joseph didn’t have access to his wife, Mary, she remained pure and sacred, knowing only the pain of atonement. And thus, she committed no sin. The woman only sins when she learns the man’s pleasure, because to do this, the couple must perform the marital act when comception is impossible. The virgin that conceives on her wedding night, and does not know man again, until after she gives birth, will regenerate her hymen, creating a new blood sacrifice of innocence to offer for her next child; making all of children holy and blessed.

Mammals mate when the female is fertile, in a single act. Flawed studies, done using animals in captivity, have shown that animals in captivity act like humans in prison: Against Nature. There is no doubt that humans were Created to mate according to Nature: when the female is fertile, and with a single mating act per conception.

After all, humans are animals: Kingdom:Animalia; Phylum:Chordata; Subphylum:Vertebrae; Class:Mammalia; Genus:Primate; Species:Homo Sapien. So humans natural mating patterns would resemble those of other mammals.

So, now we have all the information we need to Create A Race of Man/Gods, natural born Immortal Sons of God. I’ve already written to Pope Benedict XVI, and ArchBishop Timothy Dolan, explaining the concept. The virgin’s blood sacrifice of innocence represents the key to man’s next evolutionary stage: Immortality and Absolute Power.

The Flawless DNA of God The Father, as each human father’s DNA is rendered, by the virgin’s atonement sacrifice, has a Flawless Spiritual Component: The Holy Spirit. The Natural Born Man/Gods have The Holy Spirit as Their Souls. This allows Full Communion with God The Father, yielding All Truth, and Complete Understanding.

With Knowledge From God The Father, The Man/Gods, or Supermen of Nietzche fame, will have complete dominion over physical reality. They will essentially control The Physical Laws of Nature.

It’s important that Rome currently has some of these Sons of God, because a single Man/God IS able to surgically extract terror cells, from among the masses of innocent people, and telekinetically transport the terrorists, through the air, to an active volcanoe, and drop them inside.

In fact, this is where the concept of Hell comes from. There were once many of The Man/Gods living on earth. They enforced God’s Justice, by dumping entire city states into Mount Ararat.

The Catholic Church sits on this knowledge, because witches were luring young men into taking the virginity of a young apprentice witch, and before the child was conceived, the young witch would knick the man’s neck with a sharpened neurotoxin laced fingernail.

This created children, conceived after their fathers were dead. These children grew into superhuman beings, having the advantage of the virgin’s blood sacrifice of innocence offered for them, yielding Flawless DNA, making them Immortal. But rather than The Holy Spirit for souls, the witches’ children were the embodiment of evil: Vampires, Werewolves, Warlocks.

Dracula is a true story, but not a personal story. The basis is true, but not the exact person. There were once many people who lived past the age of 300 years. They were not alive, but undead, and extremely wealthy.

If you do the math, after 2 lifespans, great economic advantage is gained over people who live only 1 lifespan. One of the things The Roman Catholic Church did for humanity, was hunt down and kill the undead pure evil Immortals; spawn of the dead father; conceived after their biological fathers had died from neurotoxin.

It’s important that everyone not have access to this information, because, as you can see, the fate of the world lies with it.

Does anyone else find this kid a little creepy. I’m absolutely sure this is not correct, and I’m already in my twenties. If it were true, I would know about it. I’m trying to get more Prophesy from Seth. So hold tight, and check back.

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