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I would list the victims of the Newtown, CT massacre, but 300 million names won’t fit on my blog, much less 8 billion. We grieve the unspeakably tragic loss of our own children, and I was moved to tears during the news broadcasts that just kept getting worse and worse. I was compelled to recite The Chaplet of The Divine Mercy, here: , for the souls of those killed, and for our doomed world.


The most recent massacre is but a tiny symptom of a much bigger infection: Homegaciditis! Etymology: from Latin—homo: human, man; from Greek—Omega: final, end; from Latin—cide (caedere): killer; from Latin—itis: disease;


Definition, literally: human end killer disease, OR, the collective illness causing the human race to commit genocide against itself!






Secular humanism



International terrorism

No-fault divorce


Gay marriage

Grade-school massacre

Birth control




Crucifixion of Christians

Ethnic cleansing

Gun control

President Barack Obama

Insane pedophile mass-murder

Abortion: ritual human-sacrifice

Abject oppression




Drug addiction





Morally bankrupt youth

Occult practice

Demonic possession




Attacks on Mother Church


Misery, Agony, Despair

Incorrect gender roles


Loss of Christian prayer in schools

Infiltration by foreign religions

Women’s rights?

Racial equality?

Government health-care

Rash decision-making

Trading freedom for safety

The Mexican invasion

The voter-registration-fraud machine

Emperor Obama The Great

World war

Global nuclear holocaust

Summation: The End


The screams we do not hear belong to children forever silenced. Imagine if it were not just 20 innocent, adorable children but 50 million, because it is!


You see a madman killing at random. He was deaf to their pleas for mercy. I see the safety and love of the grade-school classroom nestled in a peaceful community, as a mother’s womb, where children know they are safe.


The rifle is a cold steel phallus Satan thrust into that womb, transforming it into a sacrificial altar, with full consent of the federal government.


The government gives millions of Dollars to support state-licensed sorcerers, who make death to the aborteress, with a cold, surgical-steel phallus inserted into her intimate area–her child’s safe haven–to dismember her child and crush its brain.


The Newtown massacre is the image of abortion not to be ignored. The silent screams resonate from beyond the grave, into the children who learned first-hand the terror experienced by 50 million aborted babies.


Doctors believe they hold authority over who lives and who dies, kind of like God. I’ve got news for them. God is bullet-proof! All doctors who would administer harmful treatment have a choice: comply to the Will of God, as written by the Roman Catholic Church, or find a different planet. Otherwise, Satan is just waiting to gun them down too.


America is the land the godless perverts and the home of institutionalized homicide. You can thank President Obama for mandating mortal sin—forcing people to provide Insurance coverage for abortion, sterilization and birth control!


President Obama might as well have pulled the trigger that slaughtered the innocent. But he’s not finished! Child-massacre is only a means to rob the public of their right to self-defense.


When the people are helpless and unarmed, the President will make himself Emperor. Barack Obama is motivated only by lust to force the pollution of a godless agenda down the throats of white Christians and their children, and then steal their wealth.


Let me get this straight. A guy kills 26 people, so the solution is pass a law with stiffer penalties for gun crimes, ban the sale of assault-style weapons, limit the size of civilian ammunition magazines, or just ban the possession of firearms.


WOW, that’s going to make a huge difference to a guy resigned to face 26 life sentences. OH NO, I COULD GET TEN MORE YEARS ADDED TO THE SIXTEEN-HUNDRED I’M ALREADY PREPARED TO FACE!! So, I guess I’ll just forget the whole thing and have a nice cup of cocoa.


Criminals have no regard for the law. A gun ban has zero effect on the number of armed thugs and psychopaths, but with the innocent disarmed, the cruel and mighty can break into any house at random without fear of reprisal.


There is a code among criminals. They don’t harm each other. So, even if a thug breaks into the home of another thug, the second thug will know the perpetrator is a comrade, so he’ll just say, “Honor among thieves,” and they’ll party for a while and go out victimizing the innocent together.


The point is: no one will be safe to sleep in their beds at night. A second point is that America’s greatest defense is its decentralized armed populace that outnumbers the combined US military 8 to 1.


And, remember, in 1776 A.D., England was the premiere world superpower, like the United States is now. Our armed populace are descendants of a bunch of poorly trained farmers that took that world superpower and kicked its ass.


That is the equivalent of someplace like Zimbabwe defeating the entire US military in a war. The British army alone outnumbered the entire population of the United States, and we still kicked their butts!


When the will of a free nation’s people is opposed, every red-blooded male knows how to really crack open a can o’ good ol’ American whoop-ass! That’s not to condone the Newtown killings, but the public has had enough of evil leaders and the natural reprisal against written law in conflict to natural law.


The adage holds true: there is no defense against those willing to die to get their point across. The Newtown killer made his point: until Americans sincerely turns their hearts, minds and souls toward their loving Creator, through The Perfect Living Sacrifice of Jesus Christ, parents might as well resign themselves to the reality that no amount of money, security, surveillance equipment, legal restrictions, mental-health counseling, or physical barriers will atone for sin.


Psychopathic killers are a nature’s indirect defense against her enemies. If every parent is made aware that without compliance to Roman Catholic doctrine, by both leaders and citizens, it doesn’t matter whether or not their children are gunned down in cold blood, because the alternative is to live in a world unspeakable in its evil.


The Almighty God has this to say, “You refuse to heed the words of your Mother Church. You pursue an erroneous course. But when My enemy speaks, you listen! Woe to you, America!”


That’s all God said. I advocate God’s Sacred Word. Each individual must choose the way that is best for him/herself. But once committed, the task must be done with all thy might.


The world isn’t over yet! Planned Parenthood told Adam Lanza it’s permissible to massacre children! What do we expect? We exist only to please our Creator. Failing that, life is without purpose, and the human race will commit genocide against itself. All things that fail to do God’s Will cease to exist.


The staff of Planned Parenthood must be given an ultimatum: either comply to the Owner’s Immutable Will, or vacate the planet’s surface. Likewise, Barack Obama.


There is one hope: Turn to face your Heavenly Father and accept His Loving embrace through The Sacred Heart of Jesus Christ!


Who was Truth is Truth now, and He always will be Truth. There is One Truth! Everything else is wrong! That leaves room for exactly ONE correct religion: Roman Catholicism! That’s just the way it is!


We choose NOW—LIVE OR DIE!

God’s Word to the People:

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The Word of The Lord God Almighty to the people:

Thus says the LORD your God, the One True God: Reform your ways and your deeds so that I may dwell among you. Put not your trust in deceptive words! The wicked witches and warlocks among you hone their tongues like daggers to slay the innocent!

Only if you thoroughly reform your ways and your deeds; if each of you deals rationally and honestly with your neighbor; if you cease to oppress the innocent,the poor, and the weak; if you no longer shed innocent blood or follow after hysterical nonsense; if you stop idolizing as gods My gifts of security and prosperity, to your own harm; only then will I continue to dwell among you, in the land I gave your founding fathers long ago and forever.

But you put your trust in deceptive words of the wicked, to the loss of your own lives! Are you quite sure that you can steal and murder, commit adultery and perjury, make the mother’s womb into a sacrificial altar to gods you do not know,and then come into My House and stand in my presence; a House which bears My Name, and say: “We are safe! We can commit all these abominations again!”? Has this House which bears My Name become in your eyes a haven for murderers, liars, sorcerers and thieves? I have seen for Myself!

Go to the East Coast, where I made My Name dwell at the beginning of your holy nation. See what I did to it recently because of the wickedness of my children. And now, because you have committed all these deeds, because you did not listen, though I spoke to you untiringly, and because you did not answer, though I called you, I will do to this people, who bear My Name in which they trust, and to the patrimony which I gave you as My children, and to your ancestors, exactly what I did to the East Coast!

I will cast you out of My sight! No one shall intercede for you! You did not turn to repent, though I cast you down. Your pride was not humbled. You did not even blush; you of the harlot’s brow! What you do you do in secret. What I do I do in plain sight!

The Prophets must not intercede for this people! You holy ones, do not raise a cry or prayer on their behalf! Do you not see what they are doing in the cities of the Eastern States, in the streets and in homes and in government? And throughout the entire Nation Under God, even in the churches!?

The children go to school at government-run child-molestation mills! Every man and woman lies to his/her neighbor’s ruin! They are cemented in their wickedness! The women are witches, without proper masculine restraint, and your elected leaders subsidize the rebellion and wickedness!

Are they really offending Me, or rather themselves, to their own disgrace? Therefore, thus says the Lord GOD: My anger and My wrath will pour out upon you, upon human being and beast, upon the trees of the field and the fruits of the earth; Nature shall slay her rapists.

Thus says the LORD God, the One True God, you pay Me lip service but your hearts are far from Me! Do you not see the famine, violence, disaster, poverty and pestilence waiting to consume you? In speaking to your founding fathers, I commanded them: Listen to My voice; then I will be your God and you shall be My people. Walk exactly in the way I command you, so that you may prosper.

They listened to me. They walked in the humble servitude to The Almighty. But now the stubbornness of evil hearts consumes their descendants! They have turned their backs, not their faces, to Me. From the day that your ancestors left the land of religious persecution even to this day, I sent My servants the Roman Catholic Priests and Bishops to you.

Yet the people will not listen to Me nor have they paid attention; they have stiffened their necks and done worse than all before them.They still will not listen to Me. They will not answer Me. This is the nation which does not listen to the voice of the LORD, its God, or take correction. Faithfulness has disappeared; The Word itself is banished from their speech!

Cut off your hair and throw it away!

On the heights raise a lament;

The LORD God has rejected the generation that mocks His Holy Name!

The people have done what is evil in My eyes. They have set up institutionalized murder rackets—detestable things—placing burdens on the innocent they cannot bear! They sacrifice their unborn sons and daughters, something I did not command.

Be assured! They will no longer say, “The Nation Under God,” but rather, “The Nation Under Siege!” I spared your lives, so that you might turn toward your Loving Father and receive the treasures I have stored up for you.

But I tell you, the corpses of the people will be food for the birds of the sky and beasts of the earth, which no one will drive away. I will silence the cry of joy, the cry of gladness, the voice of the bridegroom and the voice of the bride, in the cities of the wicked; for nature will turn the land to desolation.

But if My people repent and turn from evil, I will restore them, and Mitt Romney will be My Right Hand to raise My great nation from utter disgrace to wholesome purity, from abject poverty to untold wealth. Place the reigns of masculine rule upon your women. Give them children, and a name for their children. For The Almighty God is Masculine!

No one comes to The Heavenly Father but through the Sacred Heart of Jesus Christ, My Dearly Beloved Son, through the Immaculate Heart of The Eternal Blessed Virgin Mother—Mary Most Holy. Confess your sins with contrition, and repent, for I AM a jealous God, passing guilt for the iniquities of the fathers to the third and fourth generations on the children of those who hate Me, but bestowing lovingkindness for a thousand generations upon those who love Me and keep My Commandments.

I’m FragileSwan. And this is WordPress.

I’m FragileSwan. And this is WordPress.


MasonCide sent me an email with the instructions to copy-edit and publish. I wish he would call me!


The Parable of the Girl and the Kitten:


A loving father gave his daughter a kitten. He said, “My sweet daughter, this is my gift to you. Whenever you need something for your kitten or for yourself, just ask your father, and it shall be given to you.”


The daughter thought, “I don’t want to take care of it!” She took the kitten before a panel of mathematically challenged lesbians and sodomites, each member of which had done hard-time at some worthless liberal-arts college.


The panel was in unanimous agreement that the kitten was actually a lump of flesh, clearing the way for the girl to give it to a doctor for mutilation. The doctor tore the kitten’s head off and dismembered it.


The girl returned to her father and said, “I didn’t want to take care of it, so I had it mutilated. You can have it back now.”


The father looked in horror at the bloody remains! His heart was broken because of the daughter he had made.


The father longed to get help for his daughter; to give her the healing love she so obviously needed. But she fervently took up the cause of kitten mutilation. She would not acknowledge her father’s existence, because he was opposed to choice.



The father in the parable felt as Almighty God feels each time he receives the mutilated remains of an aborted child returned to Him by the mother: His daughter!


In The United States, abortion is now considered health-care! Suddenly, Roman Catholic clergy and Bishops speak out with passion and fury against government-funded social-welfare programs that infringe upon rights of conscience and religious freedom.


If the clergy and Bishops looked with vision, they would perceive Truth: they did it! Unfortunately for The Church and for the whole human race, Satan doesn’t reveal Their wickedness until the death-blow is nigh! When sin matures it brings with it death!


Until victory is assured, the forces of darkness remain concealed behind a thin veil of legitimacy found convincing to the blind, but revealed as fundamentally corrupt to those who love God.


Proponents of government-run social-welfare programs and those who use such programs to perpetuate enslavement of an underprivileged voting block that views government as the ultimate source of all goodness and supreme authority defining the acceptable moral standard, advocate the threat of imprisonment to compel charitable giving.


But government is a thing. It can’t act out of charity, because it has no emotions. It can’t love or pity. God’s faithful show their love for Him, by free-will offerings from their hearts to the poor! But one cannot give out of love for God and from fear of imprisonment. Good deeds done under compulsion are as the eunuch’s lust for a maiden!


Clergy and Bishops have expounded for decades the virtues of government-funded social-welfare programs, while the just expound Saint Thomas Aquinas’ postulate: justice is when every man knows the fruits of his labor are his own.


Then, to say it another way, clergy and Bishops expounded the virtues of institutionalized injustice thinly veiled as compulsory charitable giving! Many were seduced by Mother Church and Her false teaching glorifying government social-welfare programs. Almighty God grew weary waiting for the love of His people to return to Him.


Mother Church advanced a leftist (Latin: sinister=left) political agenda, against the Will of God Almighty; against reason itself! Jesus said, “Care for the poor, and widows and orphans.” He did not teach his followers to use government to force charitable giving on behalf of those intentionally impoverished by realization of leftist political ideology.


This isn’t interplanetary navigation. It’s common sense; self-evident to even the most casual observer! However, our Heavenly Father is Omniscient, Eternal, All-Powerful, Holy; I AM: Creator of All!


Through The Perfect Living Sacrifice of Jesus Christ—The Infinite Justice, Mercy, Wisdom, Love and Humility of Almighty God—He has provided the means to defeat evil; an alternative to genocide of the human race, by the human race!


Extrication from Satan’s stranglehold requires Truth: the Light to illuminate the cesspool of evil that consumes us!


If each person will pray for peace, perhaps recite The Chaplet of Divine Mercy three times per week, or every day, (or The Holy Rosary), as they are broadcast each day on the EWTN Global Catholic Television Network beginning at 3:00pm United States Eastern Time—UTC -5:00—our once-great nation shall be spared and return to her former righteousness!


Satan must defeat us quickly. The Bible says, “He knows His time is short!” That means the kingdom of darkness must destroy all mankind in only two generations. Otherwise, the gene pool will cleanse itself, and righteousness will return among men.


To deal such a crushing blow, Satan requires that there exist great distraction, disturbance, violence, division, ignorance, contempt, injustice and nihilism—a culture of death! Mother Church has been struck a heavy blow. If She will not rise to deliver a crushing blow in return, she is finished!


Without the United States on Her side, the Vatican will be blown to smithereens in a matter of weeks! The Church has been evicted from US soil; sin is the law of the land! It’s obvious what must occur if Satan’s plans for destruction are to succeed.


Barack Obama must NOT declare martial law, thus NOT making him Emperor of The United States and imparting to him absolute power! But when must he NOT do that? Satan’s High Holy Day:




Halloween is the night that those chaste virgins betrothed to Satan are married to The Prince of Darkness! Black feasts are performed the world over. Each coven of satanists kidnaps a boy, maybe your son.


During these ceremonies, the sacrifice is placed on an altar specially designed so that the boy’s blood is channeled into the chalice; a chalice that was at least once used during Consecration of The Holy Eucharist—to hold The Blood of Christ; a chalice now desecrated!


The chaste virgin bride of Satan must drink from the cup of innocent blood shed in testimony to the bonds of black marriage between Diablo and the new priestesses of Satan; wives of Satan!


Each Halloween night, during the black masses, there is an accompanying orgy during which many children are conceived in the presence of diabolical evil. These children are born with severe genetic abnormalities manifest as monstrous features:


  • Spiked bony protrusions through the skin from each vertebrae of the spine
  • Tails
  • Glowing yellow eyes with horizontal slit pupils
  • One or two horns on top of the skull
  • One or three eyes
  • A sharpened double-hook in place of one or both hands
  • Stubby black wings
  • Retractable fangs!


The children thus conceived are used for worship pleasing to the father of lies and murder: the enemy! Halloween, 2012 is special. The Mayan calendar ends not because of planetary disturbances.


We must alert everyone that Barack Obama will NOT declare martial law Halloween night! Notify especially any relatives in the military and/or working in law-enforcement, and the transportation, communication and/or demolition industries!


For Her part, The Church must simply admit the following:


In 1884, Pope Leo XIII overheard Satan Challenge Almighty God!


Satan: I can destroy The Church!


God The Father: Then do it.


Satan: I make a request.


God The Father: What is it?


Satan: More time and more power …


God The Father: How much time and how much power …


Satan: 75 to 100 years and power to sway to Myself those I shall enlist to assist Me, including a man of the assumed name, Barack Obama!


God The Father: Your request is granted.



Pope Leo quickly composed The Prayer to Saint Michael, to be recited after every Catholic Mass, everywhere in the world, forever.


St. Michael, The Archangel, come defend us in battle.
Be our protector against the wickedness and snares of the Devil.
May God rebuke Him, we humbly pray;
and do Thou, O Prince of the Heavenly Hosts,
by the Power of God, thrust into Hell Satan,
and all the wicked spirits who prowl throughout the world
seeking the ruin of souls.



1959 A.D. was Satan’s 75-year mark (1959 – 1884 = 75); one of Their specific requests. That was the year Mother Church decided we didn’t need to recite The Prayer to Saint Michael anymore. So, the practice ceased. Coincidentally, that same year The Church decided, after 1,700 years, that female sensual pleasure is not sinful after all.


Within two years the world’s population stood at the brink of nuclear-annihilation. Birth control in pill form soon followed, then rampant rebellion against established order, clergy sex-abuse and legalized abortion; rock music, cohabitation, fornication, divorce, and children murdering their own parents and siblings.


Up until 1962, New York City public-school boys carried rifles to school for shooting class! In the 1920s, grade-school children played undisturbed in Central Park, Manhattan, New York, after dark, without adult supervision! None was harmed.


If The Church looks back to Her original error: mistakenly proclaiming that the woman’s marital pleasure is NOT sinful, and then proclaims female sensual pleasure is sinful, it will pave the way to freedom for women.


Feminism is an enemy to Truth, Love and Justice. It’s Organized Penis-Envy. Feminists issue a disguised plea to the masculine collective. A rabid urinal-banning cry is code for, “My sensual guilt is so severe I can’t even stand the thought of a man standing during urination!


Give me your most intimate masculine gift, that my guilt-laden womb might be bathed in masculine forgiveness, and new life might rise from my contrition for sin (fertility is The Sign of Contrition).


What greater manifestation of God’s Forgiveness could there be than new life in the image of married lovers, and in the image of God Almighty Himself; new life the woman can call her own.”


That’s the end of his email. I don’t really know much about that stuff, because I recite The Holy Rosary each night with Mother Angelica on EWTN television network. I implore the Intercession of The Eternal Blessed Virgin Mother: Mary Most Holy, on behalf of the chastity, obedience and fertility of all women, everywhere!


In moments of temptation I’ve been able to resist exploration forbidden to the woman. I’ve never been within ten feet of a wash machine on spin cycle. It doesn’t seem possible, but a laundry appliance on spin becomes the front door to Hell for cherished virgin youth!


Our nation’s security is ultimately built on the strength of our men and the chastity of our women. A nation’s currency is as valuable as it’s people are virtuous. The United States is perceived by foreigners as the land in which a man can still find a beautiful, chaste, obedient virgin bride whose womb is blessed by a fertile bounty!


The chastity and beauty of our women preserves the value of our Dollar! A return to modesty will return our A1 credit rating and increase by a factor of twelve the competitive value of the USDollar!


But that last part is only what I think.


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Signs in the Heavens

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The image was made using the computer program written by Fabien Chéreau, called: Stellarium. There are signs in the heavens. The image is the Eastern sky August 15, 2012, The Feast of The Assumption of The Immaculate Virgin.
Here’s the first reading: The Holy Bible Book of Revelation, Chapter Twelve, Verses: 1-9 and part of Verse 10:

1 A great sign appeared in the sky, a woman clothed with the sun, with the moon under her feet, and on her head a crown of twelve stars.

2 She was with child and wailed aloud in pain as she labored to give birth.

3 Then another sign appeared in the sky; it was a huge red dragon, with seven heads and ten horns, and on its heads were seven diadems.

4 Its tail swept away a third of the stars in the sky and hurled them down to the earth. Then the dragon stood before the woman about to give birth, to devour her child when she gave birth.

5 She gave birth to a son, a male child, destined to rule all the nations with an iron rod. Her child was caught up to God and His Throne.

6 The woman herself fled into the desert where she had a place prepared by God, that there she might be taken care of for twelve hundred and sixty days.
7  Then war broke out in Heaven; Michael and his Angels battled against the dragon. The dragon and its angels fought back,

8 but they did not prevail and there was no longer any place for them in heaven.

9 The huge dragon, the ancient serpent, who is called the Devil and Satan, who deceived the whole world, was thrown down to earth, and its angels were thrown down with it.

10 Then I heard a loud voice in Heaven say:  
“Now have Salvation and Power come,
and the Kingdom of our God
and the Authority of His Anointed . . .

The Word of The Lord,

Thanks be to God.

Let us not forget Divine Mercy Sunday! It’s the Sunday following Easter Sunday. It the day The Lord God Almighty bestows His Mercy upon His Beloved Children. It’s the day the disciplined fighting force of a free nation—a thing beautiful in God’s Sight—The Nation Under God, under Authority of The One True God, shot to death Osama bin Laden!

The signs in the heavens tell all. The readings at Holy Catholic Mass unwittingly reveal what must happen. Evil has been defeated.

By God’s Infinite Mercy, Mitt Romney IS the next President of The United States of America! A new dawn has come, and with it a tough, strong, smart man backed by the ardent virtue of a devoted and holy wife—a gift to the man God calls friend.

God has given the world a new beginning! Nothing can resist God’s Immutable Will! Who was Truth is Truth now, and He always will be Truth. There is One Truth. Everything else is wrong!

I’m FragileSwan. And this has been WordPress.

I’m FragileSwan. And this is WordPress.

I got an anonymous email a while back. It’s about the coming election. I’ve posted it below.


Men reap the fruits of righteousness, by standing up for the principles set forth by Almighty God:


  1. liberty: freedom from unwanted intrusions by government
  2. free enterprise: merit-based reward
  3. market economy: supply and demand; economic value based on merit and scarcity
  4. prosperity: financial security, private property, freedom
  5. hard work: a system that rewards those who assume risk, and that encourages investment of time and effort into building an estate and a lasting legacy
  6. Love: courtship, marriage, family and children
  7. justice: that each man knows the fruits of his labor are his own
  8. peace: unity of language, culture, law, customs and worship
  9. Truth: a road lit by happiness in this world, leading to ultimate reward in the next
  10. Joy: love in one’s heart
  11. happiness: the correct balance of: Peace, Love, Joy, A sense of well-being, and a sense of accomplishment
  12. Masculine strength and moral straightness: the basis of a nation’s security
  13. Feminine chastity and purity: so that men can find chaste, obedient, fertile virgin brides
  14. Written law aligned to natural law: governing law that mirrors genetic engravings written on every human heart
  15. government by the people
  16. Christian education for children


Those who for various reasons oppose God, stand up for principles that enrich themselves at the cost of others:


  1. Chaos and disunity: a public awash in contention, strife, deceit and confusion yields great power to those who create the problem.
  2. Warm fuzzy feelings: bliss resulting from ignorance disguised as tolerance and charity, but which is in reality moral disorder
  3. Acceptance and inclusion: two more distinct denominations of ignorance
  4. relative morals: adoption of the minimum legal requirement as the ideal standard of moral conduct
  5. Sensual license: belief that government defines right and wrong
  6. Justification of sin
  7. Occult: legal industry thrives on sin, making it the primary competitor to Almighty God. The medical industry thrives on illness, trauma, genetic mutation, and ignorance; making it the primary competitor to righteous living.
  8. Government-run social-welfare programs: subsidy on single-motherhood, fornication, drug abuse, and violent crime. Charity is compelled under penalty of imprisonment, thereby robbing God of the love of his people, because charity requires a loving decision of the heart, toward those in need.
  9. Sodomy
  10. organized penis-envy (feminism)
  11. war on authentic masculinity
  12. relative truth



The above two lists reduce to good versus evil. The designs of wickedness are concealed in its infancy, only to be revealed after it’s too late! Those who would trade safety for freedom are sacrificing a known good for an uncertain promise, and therefore they will have neither.


Niccolo Machiavelli wrote of the lengths the populous would go, and the hardships they would willingly endure, in preservation of liberty and certainty they would not be deprived of the fruits of their labors, their children, their wives, or their patrimony.


But, says Machiavelli, the extremes endured and the violence inflicted in and by those seeking to preserve their own liberty are nothing compared to the savage brutality thrust upon leaders as vengeance in retribution for liberty lost to power-hungry advocates of principality.


So, what does that mean? It means the people will toss aside property and livelihood, preferring arms to plowshares, slaughter their oppressors without mercy, and reclaim the land, rather than submit to servitude.


But, if they happen to come under the control of a savvy but ruthless principality, the people will go directly to foreign leaders and request their allegiance and assistance, in exchange for wealth and property belonging to those the people wish themselves to be rid of!


Surprisingly little need be promised in exchange for overwhelming military intervention and public displays of torture administered to those who offend the sensibilities of the common people. In the end, the people own the government, and everything belongs to them.


Where liberty presently exists, objectionable power-structures ought not be sought by the ambitious, for such liberty can be eliminated only by eliminating the population. In negotiating with foreign allies, representatives of the people may legitimately claim ownership of everything; and they being the vast majority, cannot be successfully contradicted, because the existing leadership is devoid of credibility.


Of course, Machiavelli cites historical instances to support his theses. But each situation differs in particulars, so the principles remain theoretical, not necessarily applicable to every conceivable set of circumstances fitting the criteria.


Be that as it may, the people have four boxes to used in defense of liberty:


  1. Soap
  2. Ballot
  3. Jury
  4. Ammo


Preferably in that order. Now we see ourselves at a crossroad. Moral inclusiveness and progressive tolerance seduce even the righteous, because it’s nice to be nice to the nice. It makes people feel all warm and fuzzy all over, because no one will ever offend anyone ever again, ever.


Television can broadcast a blank screen 24/7, accompanied by a 3,000 Hz. Tone (dial tone), so no one is offended. Children can be genetically engineered such as to omit senses of vision and hearing, thus making positively sure they will never be offended.


New humans can be cloned from master-template genomes and grown in industrial complexes. This is both economically and socially sound, because cloned humans can be kept unconscious and programmed during the growth stage, which could be reduced to four years, versus the present 18-year time frame, eliminating the need for schools, bathing facilities, homes, beds and clothing.


The replacement humans can be surgically fitted with USDA-approved nutritional-sludge ports directly on the stomach, allowing a plant-wide nutritional-sludge feeding system precisely adjusted to deliver the bare minimum nutrients needed for survival.


Homosexuals wouldn’t feel left out, so i-n-c-l-u-s-i-v-e-n-e-s-s, the most important thing in the world, is bolstered.


The USDA-approved nutritional sludge has to be good, because it’s USDA-approved. It’s made from the clones that reached the end of their 27-year continuous duty-cycle.


The need for sleep and the compulsion to commit suicide have now been engineered out of the master-template genomes, reducing IQ to an average of 30, which is more than offset by continuous, 24/7 work output.


A financial analysis revealed that reproductive and infant-feeding parts had become unnecessary, and were now only compromising efficiency—idle use of nutritional sludge. So, they were classified as legacy components and genetically engineered out of the master-template genomes.


Since replacement humans were produced by industrial conglomerates, these multinational corporations owned the earth’s population. The labor drones were not sold but only licensed to other industries. The master-template DNA is patented, so derivative works are not legally allowed.


But why? Because machines have no will to live! That’s what’s so fun about people. They’ll do anything, no matter how painful, to get another breath of air! And they are the most efficient users of fuel, alleviating earth of the greenhouse effect.


This world is not yet perfect, but crime is severely discouraged. Each replacement human is fitted with an agonizer around the neck. Should the law-enforcement satellite-system detect a violation, statistical calculations are instantaneously performed by earth stations, and punishment duration is determined by that precise duration of agony corresponding to the least likelihood of recidivism, within the parameters of 10 minutes to 27 years.


The agonizer is triggered by satellite. A unique code assures the proper agonizer is activated. The convict receives the tactile and visual illusion of third degree burns over the entire body, rubbed with salt, and concentrated hydrochloric acid applied on top, plus every bone shattered into minuscule pieces. No real damage is done, but 27 years of that?


The agonizer is equipped with a mega-potency central-nervous-system stimulant that prevents the body from manufacturing natural opiates and from going into shock. Every last ounce (1 oz. = 27 gm.) of pain is experienced by the offender! It’s really an advance in technology!


If the above offends someone, you must speak now, because the whole idea is that no one be offended, and everyone be included. Unless that offends someone, in which case the offenders will be killed. Unless that offends someone, in which case the killing will continue until there is only one person left! Then the world will be perfect, because no one will be offended!


I just feel so warm and fuzzy all over! Utopia is just around the corner!


The basis of temporal existence is to pass on one’s genetic legacy to future generations. This only makes good sense, because those who have survived and mated in past generations were those driven by genetic encoding to send their DNA into the future. That’s why their genetic code is here now.


In the case of those who fail to reproduce but do contribute enduring beauty through consecrated religious orders, art, literature, music, prophesy, poesy, political rule, and/or exquisite and outstanding virtue; their genetic legacy reached its natural end:


the degree of ultimate perfection, and therefore it could not be made better. So, the stem of generations past burst forth into a blossom that leaves its enduring reflection of Almighty God upon the living, long after its co-creator has been perfected by passing through death into Full Communion with The Eternal Father, through Jesus Christ The Son, by The Holy Spirit.


The Sword of Truth slays the Wicked and Perfects the Just.


Veni Vidi Vici,


The Sons of God


PS Use your ballots wisely. Your survival depends on it. Failure shall be met by vaporization.



That’ all it said. I didn’t know whether I should notify the authorities or copy and paste it to a blog post. They didn’t really didn’t even say what it is They want. It could just be a prank, or someone just pretending to be The Sons of God.


But what if it’s true? I have to go. I have to recite my daily Rosary and do my homework.


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