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Addiction is a cyclical pattern of intentional sin. Intentional sin is sin that a person plans ahead of time to commit. 12-step programs ultimately fail for most addicts, because sin is confessed, but there is no forthcoming forgiveness. Therefore, the guilt that drives ongoing addiction remains intact.

The Roman Catholic Sacrament of Penance actually reverses addiction, by restoring proper neurochemical balance. But why do some people fall into addiction but others do not. Addiction is genetically determined.

Mutations on the DRD dopamine receptor genes cause most addiction, suicide, mood disorders, anxiety disorders, schizoid disorders, affective disorders, psychopathy, serial violence, detachment disorders; but most are aggravated by substance abuse! Other sins may aggravate the problem also.

Genetic mutations that cause addiction are in turn caused by ancestral guilt that passes through generations. This is by Divine Edict found in The Holy Bible.

Book of Exodus, Chapter 20:1-6

I, Behold I, Yes I, the LORD God Almighty speaks! “I AM The LORD your God, Who brought you from the land of Egypt, out of that house of bondage! You shall have no other gods beside Me. You shall not make an image of anything in the skies above, or on the earth, or in the sea; you shall not bow down and worship them; for I, Behold, Yes I, the LORD God Almighty AM a jealous God, visiting the iniquities of the fathers upon the children in the third and fourth generations of those who hate Me, but bestowing lovingkindness for a thousand generations upon those who love Me and keep My Commandments.”

** The Word of the LORD **

** Thanks be to God **

So, that indicates fathers who sin beget children who sin. After hundreds of generations of sin, people living today bear a crushing burden of ancestral guilt. This has caused certain genetic mutations that lead children to commit sin.

If they are lovingly and patiently taught right from wrong, most children develop correctly. It is the love a child receives from his parents that will determine whether or not (s)he goes wrong. Sin is easy in its infancy, which makes the road to vice attractive to the innocent.

People who have mutation on the DRD receptors produce a surplus of neuropeptidase enzymes called MonoAmine Oxydases (MAOs). These enzymes recycle the neurotransmitter, dopamine, before it has been in the reward-trigger nerve synapse for the fraction of a second required to complete the reward cascade.

Therefore, mutants do not naturally feel reward sensations when they behave appropriately. The reward sensations are caused by the neurotransmitter, dopamine. They are:

love, peace, joy, a sense of well-being, and a sense of accomplishment; the proper measure of which equal happiness.

Consequently, mutants deviate to sinful acts at a young age, because sin causes a spike in dopamine release. This produces convincing counterfeits of the reward sensations, here listed after the authentic reward sensation:

Love: physical attraction and gratification of lust

Peace: intentional ignorance, chemical anesthesia, unconsciousness, intentional overdose

Joy: fool’s mirth, limerance

A sense of well-being: euphoria, ecstasy

A sense of accomplishment: getting away with sin

As we adopt a life of prayer, alms-giving and mortification, the authentic reward sensations become more pronounced, because dopamine levels are proportional to knowledge of Truth. The dopamine spike addicts find so gratifying is soon followed by a cataclysmic plunge that causes the sensation of guilt!

Guilt is a genetically programmed sensation designed to keep the organism alive. It is meant to create aversion to that which kills the organism or species slowly (violation of nature). Sin would work, except for one thing. With each repetition of the sin the dopamine spike is lower, and the ensuing plunge (guilt) is deeper. The dopamine roller coaster slowly sinks until the sin is required to break even on the amount of dopamine that existed before the sin began.

To stop the sin cold turkey would drop dopamine levels to a point that the organism would pursue suicide without restraint. So, the addict is trying to save his own life; a life that is threatened by the end result of many poor decisions.

An individual in abject emotional agony might not be held guilty of suicide, but suicide is preceded by many decisions to commit sin for which the victim can be held accountable. Medical help is sometimes employed, because the rotting condition of the sinner is left without moral judgment, and the physical decline that would normally be checked is allowed to reach an abysmal state from which the only deliverance is heroic medical intervention.

Doctors treating ailments caused by sin should always make a referral to a Catholic Priest, so that the cause of the ailment can be addressed. When an addict receives the Sacrament of Penance, the spiritual interface of DNA opens.

Subsequently receiving Holy Communion restores neurochemical balance, by the flawless DNA of Jesus Christ, present in the Holy Eucharist. The spiritual element in Christ’s DNA is received by the spiritual interface of the faithful’s DNA, and neurochemical balance is restored.

If one confession can deliver the penitent from any amount of sin, then one sin can bring back guilt for all sins! That’s why people need to repent from sin. If not, the latter condition is worse than the first place!

Hitting rock bottom is when an addict’s life is so bad that his natural inability to experience authentic reward sensations seems good by comparison! The individual resigns himself to a marginal life, because it’s better than a horrible life, and it’s better than facing death. Truth is then masked by the disease concept.

Most sinners today begin with illicit use of the reproductive system and/or consuming inappropriate media content. I can count on 50 hands the number of girls I know who rejected traditional morality and gender roles, fornicated, did not repent but rather justified their sins, and went stark-raving mad; delving headlong into darkness where Angels fear to tread!

So, what do we do about it? The unfortunate Truth dictates that many victims are God’s intended gifts to His beloved children. ((The Gift of Prophesy) + (Secular-Humanistic Indoctrination) – (Bipolar Disorder, Addiction, Mood Disorder, ADHD, Chronic Anxiety, Psychopathy)) = 0.

Those so afflicted have produced the greatest art, literature, music, and all beauty wrought at the hand of man. Without them there would be only darkness. The mentally ill of today are the visionaries of tomorrow.

Heaven and earth shall pass away! But Truth shall never pass away!

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