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We need immigration reform because it will add to the government-dependent, underclass, ethnic-minority voting block democrats depend on for political survival. That’s right! Too many white people here in the USA!

Actually, we don’t need immigration reform. We can leave it the way it is, seal off the Mexican border, and deport the illegal aliens. But you can’t do that! Families must be together! OK, if it’s that important, families can be together in Mexico!

If it’s not that important, the illegal aliens can go back to Mexico. But where is your compassion? Can’t love trump all problems that might arise from arbitrary enforcement of the law, making the burglar the heir to the homeowner’s estate!

For all you female readers, over 1 million white female United States citizens have been brutally raped by illegal Mexican immigrants who actually want to get caught, because US prisons are considerably cleaner and less dangerous than most Mexican villages!

I know I’d sleep better if we didn’t allow 10 million more of them into the US. So far, no one has voiced a compelling argument for immigration reform. WHY? The reason for it coming up at all is manipulation to extract votes from desperate people!

Immigration is good. But after a nation has all the people it needs, it doesn’t need any more people immigrating. But there are certain people you want all you can get of:

Fashion models

Sports heroes

Industrial magnates

Rich people

Educated people

Skilled people

Healthy people

The US has absolutely no need for millions of Mexican immigrants. The Mexican government is free to make changes to The US Constitution, and adopt it as the law of the land. Then Mexico will also have unbridled prosperity and wealth, so Mexicans can just stay there.

The value of a nation’s currency is directly linked to that nation’s desirability. With Obama’s new plan we can all take our money and urinate on it! No sane nation grants amnesty to millions of the least desirable immigrants!

If you think politicians are all boneheads, it’s your job to set them straight. It just takes a little common sense.

I’m FragileSwan. And this has been WordPress.