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I was laying on my bed over the weekend thinking, ‘When money is the most important thing—the measure of goodness of anything—the minimum legal requirement becomes the moral ideal. Right and wrong are determined by risk of discovery vs. potential monetary gain.

Many corporations are able build the cost of litigation into the cost of their products and/or services, because the frequency of litigation is sufficiently high that meaningful statistics can be calculated.

In my perfect world litigation would be used only as the exception. Punitive damages would drive offenders under after 3 to 4 violations. The law is designed to administer deterrents sufficient to prevent future violations and/or violations by others.

Secondary to that is compensating victims for their legitimate damages. We don’t want to incentivize victimhood. But at the same time we do want to deter death and destruction. Damages that amount to entitlement or satisfaction are economically dangerous, because by them injury and suffering are made profitable occupations.

In Greece there is a problem of intentional AIDS infections. The victims can obtain an entitlement of ~700.00/mo. + medical expenses + plenty of sex with those seeking AIDS-infected partners so they too can collect from the government.

If they received only compensation for medical expenses the problem would be solved. But corporations are so large and so wealthy that compensation for injuries becomes part of a business model. If punitive damages were levied in addition to real damages, lives would be saved. But who would receive the additional damages?

If government collects the additional damages, then it would be in the interest of government to tilt the entire litigation process against deep pockets. If the injured receives them, then victimhood brings fortune. And large corporations would then have incentive to file bankruptcy, because they would receive punitive-damages-paid in the form of a bailout.

So what is the solution? The solution is a civil-court system that at least seems fair to most people. That’s what we have now. It’s not ideal, but it promotes peace and order. The other solution is for people to turn back to God Almighty and observe sound moral teaching.

Many will take advantage of that social condition also, but the common people live better lives if they take advantage of the cost-free, apology-forgiveness-love, conflict-resolution system than the vengeance-for-pay system now under discussion.

In fact, written law by itself cannot create equity among men, because government has no remedy that actually adds good to the world. Government is only able to use force to do harm as a means to acquire cooperation.

True peace and security are obtained through voluntary observance of a moral code higher than written law. The human condition is to desire what one perceives she cannot have, to resist against force, to strive for liberty, and to create beauty.

That’s why the government fails when it attempts to make everyone be nice to each other. But Jesus Christ succeeds! Pope Benedict XVI spoke to a live audience of over one million. 32,000 staff were required for the event. No building in the world was large enough to host the gathering. So, it was held at an airfield.

After four days and nights—some of it in the rain—there was not a single violation of the law, or injury, or accident. A million people gathered to worship Jesus Christ, and there was only peace, joy, love, a sense of well-being, and true blindness to differences of race, gender, age, nationality, political affiliations, criminal history, physical appearance, language, wealth, position, occupation, and/or gender of attraction. Jesus Christ brings true equality among men!

Compare that to Woodstock, a crowd of 500,000 non-Catholics. Jimi Hendrix was the closest thing to an African-American present during the entire event. The Hell’s Angels motorcycle club—the toughest guys outside the octagon, and maybe even tougher—worked security for the event.

By comparison, the Woodstock audience nominated Caligula for consecrated sisterhood! Many cherished youth were lost during that weekend; not to death, but to moral relativism and intentional sin that slay the immortal soul.

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