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Christian morality is a shortcut to science. The human mind is inadequate to understand the mechanisms of absolutely everything. What cannot be understood from a scientific standpoint is presented from a religious view.

That prevents humanity from perishing for lack of understanding. To ignore all things that limited human intellect is incapable of grasping is to limit one’s self to a sterile realm of ugliness that excludes true beauty.

The goal of life is happiness, which can only be gotten by exposure to Truth! Truth opens the mind to see true beauty and experience true love. Promotion of homosexuality, simply because its existence can be construed as evidence that Christian morality is incorrect, dooms many to lives of misery, despair, and early death; because support of such lifestyles cements gays in their error and prevents them from seeking an easy and available cure!

Muslims are hostile toward homosexuality, as is every culture on earth, because it’s repulsive, and dangerous to human health. The gay population places an unnecessary burden on the health-care system; a burden promoted by those who support homosexual lifestyles.

Every AIDS victim treated by medical doctors in the USA requires about 2,000.00/month worth of medication to prevent the illness from progressing! That’s not to mention the countless emergency room visits to remove foreign objects and small pets gays insert into their rectums! Those are unnecessary expenses that could be avoided. Everyone could be happier!

No homosexual wants to be homosexual! There exists a sound explanation of what causes same-sex attraction, and a corresponding cure! Yet there are those who would condemn gays to live in misery, simply to provide flawed justification in support of a godless agenda! Each person is at liberty to choose for him/herself whether or not to deny God’s existence.

But if to justify such a stance requires intentional ignorance advocating premises that prevent others from acquiring happiness, it cannot be the correct view!

If anyone wants to deny the existence of God, be my guest. But don’t prevent others from happiness! No homosexual wants same-sex attraction. We must not condemn gays to live in a way they don’t want to–claiming the condition is natural–simply to supply false justification that Christian morality is incorrect.

If same-sex attraction is genetic, why doesn’t it die out!? Why is it actually on the increase, when homosexuality greatly decreases reproductive behavior? Obviously, a critical element of the faith-based belief systems of many is supported by the notion that same-sex attraction is part of the natural world; a notion that assumes Christian morality to be incorrect in its entirety!

I have considered that same-sex attraction may be genetic, but then I discovered the actual cause. It isn’t genetic. Anyone can do a search on google.com, “cure for gay”. Thousands of gays have already been successful!

Yes, then cure does involve Roman Catholic Sacraments, but many cures do! Of all illness in the world, doctors are successful in treating about 0.01% of it. Many more cases of serious illness are cured through the Sacraments than by doctors. The remainder runs it’s course. But more ill people recover by the Sacraments than by any other means.

The DSM V does not recognize homosexuality as a mental illness. So, I guess doctors “can” be incorrect! But homosexual lifestyles create a huge market for medical care, so it is not surprising that doctors label the condition as normal. Cure for gay

The more people sin the higher the demand for medical care and legal counsel. Both doctors and lawyers prosper in a climate of wickedness, which is good reason to promote a secular-humanist agenda, even it means the destruction of civilization!

Mother Church promotes an agenda of life, peace, forgiveness, love and atonement. The Church thrives in any climate, because it speaks Truth, and Truth is the ultimate object of the mind. For someone who is believed not to exist, God wields superior authority over all three-dimensional reality!

The world doesn’t make sense without God. There are so many gaps in understanding as to render a secular view essentially purposeless for any but the most trivial pursuit!

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