Atheism is a form of progressive blindness that eventually enslaves the mind to a faith-based belief system that pivots on academic credentials. Atheism doesn’t work unless the thing disbelieved exists. Otherwise, it would be denial of the existence of nothing, which is pointless at the least, and at most also pointless.

However, I do believe atheism nearly always fails the faithful, because it’s a discrete denomination of intentional ignorance; ignorance that prefers belief in undetectable things that don’t place moral restrictions on human behavior, i.e. dark matter, dark energy; rather than God Himself, i.e., “It’s that way because God made it that way!”

With the God explanation, as the world progresses to greater understanding, it at least moves in a direction of continued existence rather than unwitting annihilation.

Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin were the products of failure to practice Roman Catholicism as prescribed according to Roman Catholic Doctrine, and they were both also the products of atheism and secular humanism!

Atheism is favored by government, because atheists are easy to control, manipulate and oppress. To an atheist, the ultimate authority over right and wrong is the government. That philosophy reduces the ideal moral standard to the minimum legal requirement = moral bankruptcy = the devolution of civilization into warlords, soldiers and slaves; and reduces women to a standardized medium of exchange, the value of which is determined by the relative potential to give ultimate masculine satisfaction, and her reproductive and infant-feeding potential!

I am also familiar with the camaraderie among scientists that invariably finds atheism fashionable, because it eliminates the unknown and exalts human understanding. This brings with it a false sense of security and the constant need for new justifications!

In ancient times the academics taught about the dome of the sky that had many small lights attached and a few bigger ones too. The theists postulated that rain was caused by God opening doors in the dome, which permitted the water above the dome to fall as rain.

The atheists of the time postulated that God had nothing to do with the doors opening. They claimed the doors opened by themselves, without assistance!

At the same time, the atheists and the theists were in full agreement that ships quite regularly sailed off the edge of the world! Atheism is an attitude. It uses the understanding of the epoch to offend the righteous.

Every generation is the most advanced in history, until the next one comes. But that will soon change, because understanding has left the hearts of men. They reason vainly, so their senseless minds were blinded. The halls of higher learning became the holes of deeper darkness! Academic credentials became the guarantee that the possessor was among the most likely to offer advice that is flawed and self-serving.

The critical juncture at which academia finds itself is of it’s own design. Discovery of truly new and original thing has ceased, because inspiration has been rejected! The University is meant to divert the attention of youth away from vice just long enough to learn proper conduct from the chaste and honorable example of his instructors.

And education teaches one not what to think, but how to think. The wrote material is presented simply to avoid duplication of effort—to avoid reinventing the wheel! No University student was expected to remain a drone tethered to his textbooks!