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I found out about some group called NRA; it’s an association for riflemen. Their message is really quite brief and simple. I can’t imagine how they keep busy. Here’s the whole thing in a nutshell. Americans have the right given to them by God Almighty, to carry firearms for use in defending themselves against violation of all other rights given to American citizens by Almighty God.


In 1774, the British government, which ruled the American colonists across the Atlantic shore, passed the Coercive Acts; a collection of laws that made permissible the use of armed military troops in response to further tax revolts, like The Boston Tea Party!


Political leaders in the American colonies were instructed to collect firearms in a systematic fashion, because this is an essential first step in instituting abject tyranny over a free nation’s people. Great Britain had at that time ruled the world for some 500 years. They desired to subjugate the colonists and thrust unreasonable taxation upon them, under the threat of military invasion if the demanded sum was not produced.


Great Britain possessed a global naval fleet, the finest military force on earth, spectacular wealth and magnificent geopolitical sway. The American colonies posed a military threat to Britain roughly equivalent to the threat Somalia poses to the United States today.


The Crown had loyal, trained soldiers seasoned in combat. Americans were a disorganized collection of agriculturalists who had never engaged military combat, much less against the premiere world superpower—Great Britain. They lived at liberty, albeit under the Crown of England!


Boston was the first place anyone attempted to infringe the right of Americans to keep and bear arms. The result was not pretty. Although no modern communication existed in the late eighteenth century, the British troops were confronted by 3,000 mounted marksmen that could shoot just the eyes off of a Jersey Mosquito perched on a British officers ear, from 1,000 yards away.


You have to picture this, because all 3,000 Americans were wearing farmers shirts, upon the left breast of which their woman-folk had embroidered, “LIBERTY OR DEATH!”


The British soldiers were terrified that such a force could be summoned so quickly and advance unnoticed until only an additional 3 minutes would have been required to mow down the Redcoats with a flying blade of lead!


But the King wrote, “You still have to get those guns away from them! The Crown can levy taxes until the aggregate whale-oil reserves of the entire world have been exhausted! If the colonists have firearms, we can’t become more powerful by forcing them into poverty! A nation in which the people make their own laws—a constitutional republic—is a fearful thing if the citizenry is an armed militia to defend against solitary, wandering drifters, and to defend against renegade government!”


But the ceaseless attempts by the British army to infringe upon the American right to keep and bear arms—a right recognized from the beginning to be the defense against all things that might threaten any of the rights given to Americans by The Lord God Almighty—including and most especially the threat posed by renegade political leaders like Barack Obama; ended in a crushing military defeat dealt to the Crown of England: wholesale slaughter of the world’s premiere military force, by a bunch of farmers who had no organization and only the most primitive and unreliable means of communication!


The Americans developed a decentralized body of sharp shooters; each a force of only one man but together most unnerving, because they could successfully pick off military officers from 3,000 feet away. And that’s what they did.


Every male between the ages of 16 and 60 carried 20 pounds of powder, 20 pounds of lead, and at least one firearm. After the high-ranking officers were sniped, the troops were easily driven off for lack of cohesion and leadership.


Today there are millions of men in the United States who can explode anyone’s head from 3,000 feet away. What is the President going to do about them. They’re all prepared to expend every last milligram of strategic savvy and cunning, and to lose their own lives in defense of liberty, because they’re descended from the same guys who kicked Britain’s butt.


All those sent after these men will be found later without heads attached, because now we have .50 caliber rifles. But, the American people are not all aware that Obama wants to be the last President ever elected. He can do that by disarming the armed citizenry and then declaring himself emperor of The United States of Islam!


But stupid people can also be used to the advantage of good people. If assault weapons are not available, everyone will have to use hunting rifles which are designed for extreme power, precision accuracy, and long distances.


Military-style rifles are much less effective against renegade government. The rounds are smaller, the accuracy is poor, and you have to come within visual range of the target to even have a prayer of striking it.


Military rifles are an excellent value for your firearm dollar. They are highly reliable under adverse conditions, they have 100% interchangeable parts for easy procurement and repair on a battlefield. But they are absolutely NOT the weapon of choice against government gone renegade.


I have tried to warn the President that he lives on the edge, and he bears a responsibility to the American people. He cannot from a moral perspective, press the limits of his security to the breaking point. Even the death of a President like Obama demoralizes a nation by striking at its very heart.


It leaves everyone so vulnerable and weak, isolated, violated. I’m fully willing to admit that it’s conceivably possible a President could be even worse than Obama. I’ll just give myself a little pat on the back to congratulate myself for my most charitable and tolerant assessments of others.


That’s how I managed to go from an F to a D- in Women’s Studies. I innocently raised my hand during one discussion. I was trying to help. I said, “Wait! Ms. Andry, I thought the woman was Created from the man, for the man, to please the man, love the man, serve the man, and to submit to the man in cheerful obedience, for the man’s pleasure and to fulfill the natural female function: to bear and nurse a man’s offspring, preferably man-child.”


She went into some kind of seizure and was taken to the hospital. I went to visit her, as a surprise and because I felt guilty. I lied and claimed I was family. I said, “I offered my daily Rosary for the intention of your restored health.”


She said, “It wasn’t your fault. I’m happy to see you. You’re such a tall, attractive thing!”


I said, “There’s something just burning a hole in my brain!”


She said, “Tell me.”


I said, “I always thought males experienced a mating response to female breasts because the man wants his babies nursed on them. Wait! It makes sense, because men are not attracted to mating industrial food-processing plants, so they must desire at some primitive level that their offspring be fed breast milk and not baby formula.”


She had another attack, so I quietly sneaked out and motioned to the nurse. Then I left. When she returned to class she announced right in front of everyone that I was going to get an F in the class. So, I said, “Ms. Andry? Would it make any difference if I told you it’s conceivably possible that a woman could be less attractive than you are?”


“She said, “D-minus. You’re excused for the remainder of the semester. Go marry Ken!”


So, I had to walk out of the lecture hall right in front of everyone. But I thought maybe it was God’s way of leading me. I’m very contemplative sometimes. I once imagined a world where everyone is a perfect 10 except me! I was an 11!



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