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A study released on, November 12, 2012, shows humans are becoming less intelligent. Life is so easy, people don’t get a chance to use their brains, which favors survival and mating of emotionally unstable and less intelligent people; dumbing-up the gene pool.


Before verbal communication had been developed, when our ancestors first left Africa, people were more intelligent. Modern man drives a car to the supermarket, and obtains necessary nutrients from food products neatly arranged on shelving; an activity even stupid people can engage successfully.


Primitive hunter-gatherers had to grab a stick and bash food over the head, or they would starve! Apparently the researchers who wrote the article, and the editorial staff that reviewed and published it, are unintentionally purveyed as proof of their hypothesis, because even a moron could write this stuff.


People of today use computers, whereas thousands of years ago they had to build everything with their bare hands, and spear-chucking requires high intelligence too, and stuff. Primitive man had no way to determine the purity of clear water, regardless of their intelligence, so they had to really think before they drink.


We can prove government-run school-systems have nothing to do with the trend, because we have credentials, and we say so. Don’t give me the common-sense argument. It requires more intelligence to swing a club than to design a microprocessor. Common people; they’re so unsophisticated, and, well, common. Can we eat our laptops?


We haven’t discovered exactly what human mothers did after the evolutionary stage at which babies began unpredictably excreting waste products, and the production of textiles, from which diapers are made. But we do know, whatever means were employed, greater intellectual investment was employed, because any imbecile can pin a diaper on a child.


Even today, there are those whose brains haven’t died at the hands of purified water—anyone can turn on a faucet—but drinking-water that cows bathe in presents challenges to survival that require superior intelligence to overcome.


Modern civilization employs scientific means to obtain experimental evidence that prove the effectiveness of medical treatments, by measure of reason. Any idiot can schedule a doctor appointment. But it takes superior intelligence to survive in small hunter-gatherer groups that employ superstitious means to treat and cure illness.


Modern people can just shut the doors, windows, and adjust a thermostat. How much mental effort does that require? Real brain-power is required to live in six-foot by ten-foot mud hut, in one-hundred and thirty-degree Fahrenheit temperatures,


especially when inundated by poisonous reptiles, parasite-bearing insects, rodents carrying Y. pestis (Bubonic Plague) infested fleas, and nomadic warlords whose armies sporadically ransack the village and cut open pregnant mothers to use their unborn children as ritual human sacrifices.


Modern civilization has produced automobiles, refrigerators, vacuum-cleaners, automated laundry machines, and electrical power distribution. Any moron can use that stuff. Intelligence is required to procure afresh, necessary nutrients and water each day, using only rocks, sticks and bare hands as tools.


And what an intellectual endeavor was mating in ancient times. Modern man just purchases a six-pack, finds a girl and whispers three short words. Ancient man had to club a girl over the head and drag her to a secluded area before he could mate her. That requires superior intelligence.


People are no longer required to use their spacial intelligence, so those lacking the ability to kill a sabre-tooth tiger with a pointed stick are now able to survive and reproduce rather than perishing in the attempt.


It couldn’t be that operating a motor vehicle requires spacial intelligence superior to that of hunting animals, since cars travel much faster, because we have credentials, and we say so. If you can’t understand what we say, or if you disagree, it’s because you’re too stupid and common to grasp truly revolutionary thought. It’s not your fault. It’s happened to everyone who doesn’t blindly accept our findings and conclusions.


Seriously folks, University professors, such as Crabtree, must present purely speculative evidence in profoundly outrageous ways, and draw conclusions found shocking even to the reprobate, because the sole route to ultimate authority—godhood—is to speak in conflict to The Owner of The Universe.


The Owner of The Universe maintains absolute control over everyone and everything, always. Henceforth, anyone who wishes to violate the Commandments of Almighty God has three options:



  1. Confess sins to God Almighty; Claim Atonement for sin, by The Perfect Living Sacrifice of Jesus Christ, and sincerely—by the Grace of God—resist temptation to commit the same sins.
  2. Draft a Declaration of Independence citing grievances against Almighty God, His Creation, and/or Absolute Morality as specified by Roman Catholic Doctrine; stipulate that God’s Almighty Hand is no longer required as protection for one’s self against the forces of darkness, and then vacate earth.
  3. Death


God has recently revised the gift of life to a license agreement:


You are licensed to use one life for the Glory of God and to usher in The Kingdom of God.

Making duplicates is prohibited.

Reproductive organs shall be used only to procreate the species.

The Ten Commandments shall be observed.

One shall not be unjustly deprived of his life.

Sin shall be avoided.

Intimate relations shall be between one man and one woman, within the bonds of Sacramental Matrimony.

Marriage is inviolable without the husband’s written consent.

In elections won by systematic voter-registration fraud and voter-intimidation, victory shall be granted to the actual winner.

Homosexual acts violate this license agreement.

Mass-media shall not present depictions of sinful conduct, not even implied, in gratuitous, wanton, positive or neutral contexts; but only from a position of Christian morality as is documented in Roman Catholic Doctrine.

If, at any time, you come to disagree with any of the terms of this license agreement, and so violate it, you have three options:


  1. Claim The Perfect Living Sacrifice of Jesus Christ as Atonement for you license violation (sin), realign yourself to the terms of the agreement, and resist temptation to commit the same sins in the future. Repeat as needed.
  2. Vacate the Universe.
  3. Cease using your life, and return it to its Creator for a full refund of nothingness.


This agreement is binding in all jurisdictions in the Universe, and is enforced by Almighty God—The Omniscient, Eternal, Holy, All-Powerful, Immutable—I AM—Creator of All, and Owner of The Universe. And, it applies whether or not any particular individual or group likes it. No one is required to like it. It remains in force.



I’m FragileSwan. And this is WordPress.