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I tried posting the following as a reply to a post on http://zdnet.com . But it returned the error: Your comment contains profanities and will not appear on the site until it has been checked by a moderator.

My reply got too long, so I posted it here: http://wp.me/pqsM2-d5 . Before you look at it, let me just say, “It’s tragic that people must suffer and die at the hands of nature. My prayers are offered every day, in union with the holy sacrifice of the Catholic Masses said throughout the world, for Mercy upon the victims of the hurricane.”

What your Heavenly Father tears down, He intends to build back, only better than it was before, and to secure the allegiance of His children in the process. Harm done by natural disaster does not usually come to individuals based on some contrived scheme of retribution.

Those harmed or killed by Sandra’s force were NOT chosen because of some evil attributed to certain individuals. However, The Almighty would see His beloved children suffer and die, before he would see them destroyed by wicked leaders.

Sooner than The Nation Under His Divine Providence would be fed to the forces of darkness, it shall be destroyed. Death of the temporal body is preferable to death of the soul while the breath of organic life remains. Americans have committed grave error; deadly error, and the above post [the post I was replying to] does nothing to reveal the Truth.

“My people perish for lack of knowledge.”
“Truth will set you free.”
“What was Truth is Truth now, and it always will be Truth. There is One Truth. Everything else is wrong!”
“Heaven and earth shall pass away, but Truth shall never pass away.”
“Those shall inherit the earth who wield The Sword of Truth with utmost perfection.”
“Truth slays the wicked and perfects the just.”

Now, click the above link [the link back to the remainder of this post], or copy and paste it, if you wish.

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Here’s my question: Where is the profanity? Zdnet.com should be avoided by those who use ‘reason’ to navigate life, because it obviously doesn’t exist there! Zdnet has also declared war against God Almighty!

The Word of The Lord to those at zdnet.com: “Draft your Declaration of Independence, list your grievances, read it out loud to Me, and I will promptly lift My Divine Hand of protection from you. At that time you shall be given a choice. Either option serves to preserve life, but the remaining alternatives bring death.

  1. Find a different Universe.
  2. Obey The Creator of this one. 

Here’s the post that started out as a reply to the post on zdnet.com:

Blessed Virgin Stands Undaunted by Hurricane Sandy

To avoid the messages nature speaks so loudly, we must tuck our heads under a pillow, plug each others’ ears, cover each others’ eyes, and chant together, “If we can’t see it it doesn’t exist.”

Then, should we practice the faith-based belief system called, climate change, OR, global warming; a religion that substitutes carbon-based gases for the opacity of evil that prompts earth’s surface-dwellers to adopt distinct denominations of intentional ignorance as the means to combat eventual, ultimate and certain death, and the ensuing judgment?

Granted, global warming presents the user with the savior of mankind: ‘scientific data’. The faithful can use defective scientific findings to combat the diabolical source of all evil and sinister agent of doom: those who consume fossil fuel.

That concept eliminates human reason from the equation, producing the blindly zealous hearts ‘green-technology’ corporations require to fulfill their corrupt quest to afflict the ignorant with things like electric cars:

60 mile range, if you begin coasting to a stop at least a mile before you actually have to stop.

8 hours to fill the tank (charge the battery), before you can travel another 60 miles without heat or air conditioning, because electric cars carry the energy equivalent of one liter of gasoline; hardly enough to provide power needed by automobile climate-control systems.

It’s looking good so far. But the best part is: to get the electrical-power to charge the batteries in electric cars, you have to generate it, at a power plant. Only one-third of the energy used to produce electricity gets to the outlet where you plug in your car for 8 hours, because much of the energy is lost to heat escaping the boiler that drives the steam-turbine that drives the generator to generate the electricity.

The remaining losses are incidental to the physics involved in electrical-power distribution. Here’s my favorite: the single solution to every world problem. And the great thing about it is, it places no moral restriction on use of human reproductive facilities.

For only $300.00, you can buy a device that soaks up sunlight and converts it to electricity. You just plug it in. Whatever power you put back into the electrical system makes your electric meter run backwards for the kilowatt/hours you generated yourself.

So, you’re happy, because the world will be saved after all, and you’re generating income, so those you love can have a brighter future!

Could anything else make people feel so warm and fuzzy all over? Probably only if government controlled everything, because, after all, government is the source of all good.

Utopia is just around the bend, except reason is mean, and rational people are evil, because they destroy the happiness-potential offered by things that make us feel good; things that are also, incorrect.

More energy is required to manufacture such devices than will ever be reclaimed by them, alerting us to the unalterable nature of the three-dimensional reality: energy is neither created nor destroyed. So, the device puts more pollution into the environment, before it’s ever used, than it can prevent from being put there in the future.

The physical laws of nature apply to absolutely everything in the Universe. The sunlight-converting device has a ten-year useful life, at which point it becomes hazardous waste. During it’s life, it doesn’t even break even from an economic perspective. On the longest day of the year, if it’s perfectly sunny, all day, the device can produce 2.0 kilowatt/hours of energy, or about 25 cents worth of power!

But ‘green-energy technology’ manufacturers maximize their influence over the mathematically challenged robots produced by the government-run educational system. Since those my age make decisions purely on their emotional responses, quantity and magnitude bear no influence.

Adoption of minimum legal requirements as the ideal standard of moral conduct, and the consequent moral bankruptcy, have freed mankind from restrictions placed by The Almighty upon his children. But think of the good that could come from utter annihilation at the hands of nature.

We’ve seen a glimpse of real power. Hurricane Sandra did not obey those who commanded it to turn back out to sea. It obeyed The One Who made it; The One Who maintains complete control over everyone and everything, always.

The people affected by the damage done were not chosen on an individual basis, because of some unspecified evil attributed to them. Rather, all men are indicted as unworthy.

Pain and suffering are tragic, but, “All things work for good for those who turn from evil, and embrace The Truth of their Almighty Father.”

Don’t vote for wicked candidates. Wake up! Face reality! Turn your faces toward your Loving Father. Turn away from evil, and receive your Inheritance. Place good leaders over you. End homosexual marriage.

Act properly, and don’t fool yourselves. The world is steeped in falsehood. There exists only One hope. Let His Loving Hand Embrace you, or perish into the darkness reserved for those who persist in their error.

If someone doesn’t like what I have written, it’s ok, because no one is required to like it. It’s perfectly acceptable not to like something. Nevertheless, Truth remains correct, while those who don’t like Truth are ‘w-r-o-n-g’.

I’m FragileSwan. And this has been WordPress.