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I wanted you to know the truth. The Roman Catholic Church invented and built the University system. Academic accreditation of today is continuous from Roman Catholic Monks in the middle ages. The Roman Catholic Church invented hospitals. Previous to Mother Church, serious illness was seen as a sentence imposed by the gods. Pagan mothers treated their sick children with utter contempt, and such children were soon left to starve in the wilderness, unless they were eaten alive by wolves first.

Before The Roman Catholic Church, people believed that anyone who was nice to the poor and the sick would incur the same punishment: wrath from the gods and at least as severe a sentence as those he was helping. The Church invented being nice to those in need, called charity. The pagans publicly berated Christians for treating illness and feeding the hungry. Non-Christians could not  conceive of ‘treating’ illness! What could be more insane than abetting those who were condemned to death. After all, it had happened many times that the same sentence of death was passed on those who lent assistance. And many illnesses are contagious.

The Church claimed that Non-Christians are full of shit, illness is not a punishment, and it can be treated! Roman Catholic Monks were also the first Professors of Medicine. They hand-copied medical manuscripts (no printing press yet), so they knew the material inside and out. They owned all the hospitals in existence, so they also employed the doctors after their training was complete. At that time, science was synonymous with magic, so doctors were wont to use mystical means to determine diagnosis, prognosis and treatment.

Even today, the Roman Catholic Church is the largest medical provider in the world. By comparison, the second largest provider is so small it might as well not even exist. Mother Church has always taught the sole means to prevent STDs–Chastity! Condoms don’t work for the uneducated poor. The population of subsaharan Africa is very slowly adopting Roman Catholic teachings in regards to the causes and treatments of illness, and preventative measures.

If the people believe AIDS is caused by the wrath of dead ancestors, they will not use condoms to prevent its spread. Only Mother Church has both the staff and motivation to teach the people and care for the sick, because The Church doesn’t evaluate based on potential profit.

In the view of medieval physicians, astrology was the most reliable means to determine a patient’s destiny, which helped with prognosis, because it was written in the stars whether the patient would live or die. The Monks who owned the hospitals insisted that no treatment be administered without rational evidence of its effectiveness. In response to an order from the Pope, a team of the foremost physicians in the world determined the cause of the plague of 1348 A.D.. The Black Death, which killed 66% of the world’s population, was caused by a pathogenic disease called, Bubonic Plague.

After 6 months of careful analysis, the doctors had ruled out every possible cause but one: three years previous, three planets had been in the same zodiac at the same time. They weren’t sure what caused the delay, but only now–three years later–was the earth beginning to release poisonous vapors (the supposed cause of the plague). These credentialed icons of the healing arts recommended preventative measures as follows: Avoid drinking rainwater. Avoid sleep during daylight hours. Do not eat fish and cheese together. Avoid the bodies of the dead. Avoid all poultry and think upon wealth.

Needless to say, the Pope was not satisfied. The official recommendation of Mother Church was to sit between two fires. The analysis and advice of the physicians is laughable, and the Pope was correct. The microorganism that causes plague is killed by temperatures just slightly above human body temperature.

The Roman Catholic Church wrote International law that proclaims each man has the fundamental right to security in his person, property and liberty, and that the fruits of a man’s labor, his wife, and his children shall be called his own. No man shall justly be deprived arbitrarily, because these rights are granted to each man by God Almighty, and no government shall legitimately violate them.

It’s difficult to reconcile, without belief in God Almighty, that a nation whose law is based on Roman Catholic Doctrine, would save the world from conquest by the Nazi Regime, and later, rescue the world from global nuclear annihilation, and then become an economic superpower, thereto unknown, to rule the world with a military force capable of easily defeating all others in the history of creation, combined!!

Before the 800s A.D., books were written on one continuous page rolled up on wooden dowels. The text was all upper case, with no spaces between words, no punctuation, and no lowercase letters. You didn’t finish the first sentence until you finished reading the entire manuscript! Roman Catholic Monks invented the lower case alphabet, punctuation, paragraphing, spaces, and chopping books into two-sided leaves bound in sequence (the bound book).

After the printing press was invented, Mother Church embraced it with enthusiasm, while Cambridge University, recently broken away from The Church, insisted mechanized printing was a passing fad, and soon enough everyone would return to copying manuscripts by hand, one at a time.

Cambridge refused to allow machine-printed books into its libraries, and it was adamantly opposed to storing books on end rather than flat. The Church remarked, “It’s a lot easier to pull books off the shelf if you only have to take the one you want, instead of an entire pile.” But the University staff was undaunted in its policy.

The Church discovered the law of supply and demand, making possible to fund development of modern civilization. Mother Church is the largest, wealthiest, most popular, and most enduring thing of any kind, ever! Mary Most Holy is the most famous female in the history of creation. Billions of people revere her, because she preferred housework to sensual pleasure. Jesus Christ is the most famous man ever, because by His Perfect Living Sacrifice all are reconciled to their Almighty Father! He reigns as King of Glory!

More people listen to the Pope during any particular 24-hour period than listen to all other heads of state, combined, during any particular year!

The Pope drew a live audience of over a million people, and not a single violation of the law was reported. Clearly, those who deny God’s existence and/or who deem the Christian religion undesirable, are practicing a faith-based belief system, as did those before them, that lands them squarely into a distinct denomination of intentional ignorance.

The final testimony of those opposed to Truth shall be their rotting corpses, brittle bones, and finally, dust! But Truth lives on forever. What was Truth is Truth now, and it always will be Truth. There is One Truth. Everything else is w-r-o-n-g!

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