I’m FragileSwan.

I have with us, Tom, who was here once before.

 Fragile: You’ve had some unfortunate experience. You’ve also been turning down interviews for years. Why is now the right time to speak?

Tom: I was raised without wisdom and prudence, so I’m a late bloomer in terms of understanding how the world works. I always thought people were allowed to share their beliefs. I was wrong. There are certain acceptable ways to communicate and certain acceptable beliefs.


In light of the US constitution, those two realities are not intuitive. If one breeches safe bounds of communication and personal beliefs, though no threat was intended nor made, the response among the people is calumny.


Such was the case with Christ, Cicero, John the Baptist, Joan of Arc, James Joyce, and Apelles:


Botticelli, 1494

The judge (right) listens to Ignorance and Suspicion personified. Slander approaches. She is beautiful, but in one hand she holds a torch of malignant fury and in the other, wrath, that drags the innocent accused by the hair to his doom. Envy thrusts Slander’s torch to blind the judge, while Fraud and Conspiracy attend to Slander. With shame-ridden glance, Repentance in deep mourning for all but the accused looks back to behold the virgin Truth slowly approaching.

On the right sits a judge, who, with very large ears, listens intently to Ignorance and Suspicion—personifications of: mass hysteria in response to authentic masculinity—while extending his hand to Slander—redhead with a blue sash—still at some distance from him.


Slander is beautiful but full of malignant fury—blazing torch, of which arm is grasped by Envy—the hooded male—of piercing eye, sickly, wasted by illness, and placing the torch of Slander’s fury such as to blind the judge.


In Slander’s other hand she holds wrath that drags the young man accused, who with hands outstretched to heaven, calls upon God’s Mercy and Justice to witness to his innocence. Slander is attended by the personifications: Fraud and Conspiracy!


They are followed by Repentance, in deep mourning for all but the innocent accused. Repentance looks back with tearful eye, casting a shame-ridden glance at the innocent virgin, Truth, slowly approaching.


In my particular experience, years of calculated implication—Slander, who is played by my ex-wife, Christine, calumnized me suchwise that when I acted in my own defense, I was seen as a menace to others; although, as I said, by implication only.


Fragile: You mean she implied, but never actually stated that you were somehow threatening?


Tom: I’ll give you an example. “I really care about Tom, but what about the kids?”


Fragile: What about the kids?


Tom: If anyone really paid attention they would see that her expressions are calculated to correspond to her words, which are calculated to imply falsehood. If you watch a sincere person, their expressions precede their words, because sincere words are a response to heartfelt emotion, not the product of lust for calculated vengeance.


In the event she has become a master at her particular routines, and knows the expressions by heart, if you ask her to solve 12 x 2, she can’t do it until she comes out of the trance.


In the event she is questioned, she says, “I don’t want to make the father of my children look bad. I have to think of them too. But I fear for their health because of what he said.”


Fragile: You must have said something pretty bad!


Tom: I asked that she please get regular health screenings for our children. I guess she was alerted to the dangers of not doing that, so she feared for the health of her children. In her mind she wasn’t lying when she appended that to the end of an affidavit—as an afterthought brought on by an alert from a victim-witness advocate who said, “You have to put down that you’re scared because of something he said or did!”


But she had already filled the allotted space, so she wrote that part after the fact. Since I know her, and also myself, I could see the truth. She isn’t afraid of anything but the truth.


Fragile: Why would she do that? Why would any woman want to lie to harm the father of her children!? and in such an insidious way. She’s fooled a lot of people, but people aren’t stupid enough to remain fooled forever.


Tom: Control, revenge, absolution, justification, expiation; it all boils down to sensual guilt. She doesn’t want me vindicated in the eyes of my children, so Satan uses her to antagonize me in hopes I will act in my own defense. Those who without cause wish to do me harm because of my religious beliefs, suddenly have justification to kill me, because I appear a menace to my ex-wife.


Nothing could be further from the truth. I’m a peace-loving man of good will to all. I have textbook natural sensual attraction and a godly view of women. If I did gaze upon her, I would gaze upon a virgin only in the context of God’s Promise of a Divine Gift; new life in the image of married lovers, and in the image of Almighty God.


To desire her for a noble purpose: to reproduce the man’s image, preferably man-child. But I would teach her only the virgin’s share in the Pain of Atonement of God The Son, never the man’s share in the Pleasure of Creation of God The Father.


My enemies are aware I will act in my own defense. I do not fear death. Satan inspires the wicked to lay snares whereby the innocent will be caught unawares. One such snare is to threaten the innocent, and when the righteous defends himself, use it as justification to kill him.


I’ll give you an example: The wicked man pulls a gun. The innocent man pulls his in defense, but before he can shoot, another minion of evil out of the shadows shoots him dead. Now, the first wicked conspired with the second, to pull his weapon, but presented only a harmless look-a-like.


In that regard, the innocent was under no threat, so pulling a real weapon was not warranted, but it did warrant killing the innocent, because he proposed a genuine threat in response to no threat at all. This reasoning is, of course, flawed. It’s the oldest trick in the book. And it’s very difficult to navigate in a world full of people willing to perpetrate such crimes.


My ex-wife is strongly motivated to prevent communication between my children and me, because she has been deceiving them for years. I sent them Christmas and Birthday gifts every year until she took off. I didn’t know where to send my children gifts, so I had to stop.


But in all the years I did send them gifts, I never heard a word from either of them. I became so frightened, I once called police to make a welfare check on them. The police refused. Christine is well-connected to the Common Council, which determines the budget for the police department.


So, if Christine calls an Alderman friend, the police do as their told. Basically, the police in her city are her own personal mercenary army, fully willing to travel outside their jurisdiction to harass me.


Fragile: What do you do?


Tom: I tell the police, “I didn’t break the law.”


Fragile: What do the police say?


Tom: They put on a show and leave. Although they do make sure I don’t photograph their auto plate.


Fragile: How?


Tom: They run out the door, run to their vehicle and do a tire burnout before I can get to a camera.


Fragile: Why don’t you photograph them while their harassing you?


Tom: I have nothing against any police officer. I don’t want to expose an officer to a photographic flash. I want to pay attention to what is said. I don’t want to appear threatening, because I’m not. I’m not trying to pin anything on any police officer.


I simply want them to pin Christine down on several important issues:


  1. Specifically, what did your ex-husband say or do that was threatening?
  2. Why were you threatened by it?
  3. Has he ever intentionally struck you?
  4. Has he ever physically harmed you?
  5. Has he ever directly threatened to personally do you physical harm?
  6. What tangible evidence can you produce that indicates he might harm you.


Years of merciless antagonism, including a murder attempt, failed to evoke from him even the slightest physical response. What have you done that could drive such a man to physical violence against you?


It would then become clear that she fears based on what she would do if she were me and what had been done to me had been done to her. She’s has a vengeance mentality. She knows she’s guilty. She knows what she deserves. But she isn’t going to get it from me.


When she is caught, she can face the penalty. But I will not harm the mother of my children. That deprives her of any even pseudo-legitimate reason to harm me, which places her in the wrong from beginning to end.


She shamelessly swindled her divorce lawyer into taking her case. He originally turned down the glowing opportunity to represent her. She’s lied to everyone, mostly by implication. She’s deprived her children of their father. She found some way, I don’t know exactly what, to prevent my children from contacting me in response to the gifts I sent them each year.


She has created the illusion that I’m presently worse off emotionally than I was during our marriage. Nothing could be further from the truth. I’ve never been happier, more productive, more at peace, more hopeful, more healthy in body, mind and spirit; more creative, more loving; more influential, on an international level.


I have no reason to harm anyone. I have absolute fulfillment every second of the day and night. My life is ultimate perfection. I’ve received my Divine Inheritance while the breath of life remains, so there is nothing that could prompt me to perpetrate injustice or iniquity. I’d lose my Inheritance from my Almighty Father!


The rational individual prefers death at the hands of the wicked to destroying them, because one who knows Truth does not react according to the world’s standard. The minimum legal requirement is not my moral ideal. To forgive is infinitely more rewarding than to exact vengeance.


Satan learned a lesson from Jesus Christ. If the innocent submits to the gravest injustice; injustice that leads to death of the innocent, and the righteous dies with a heart filled by forgiveness for those who murdered him, he seamlessly integrates into the Sacred Heart of Christ and forever radiates Divine Love and Forgiveness upon earth’s surface dwellers.


Satan makes errors but generally not more than once. They might wish me out of the way, but those who conspire to kill me present more of a threat, because I am perfected by passing through death, and I am then an unassailable enemy to the kingdom of darkness!


Satan comes out ahead by killing my enemies, no matter the number, and God does also. So I gain full support of both kingdoms—The Kingdom of God, and the kingdom of darkness—in a strange way one might call: united, on behalf of my continued temporal existence.


Given that just one Angel slew 180,000 fully armed soldiers in just under three minutes, without sustaining a single injury Himself, and there are infinitely more Angels of God than there are living people, I’m humbly secure in my person, property and effects. Unless I presume such!


There has been vindication for me on every level. I simply cry out to my Heavenly Father. I never talk to Satan. It is written: “You shall love The Lord your God! Him alone shall you adore!” My Heavenly Father Loves me. I’m the picture of His Grace and Mercy!


It is written:


Blessed is the man whose sins are not counted. God imputes no guilt for sin upon such a man; in his spirit there is found no guile.”


Anything anyone has found within me threatening is only a phantom seen through the lens of their own guilt for sin.


All things are pure to the pure. Suspicion is the device of a guilty mind. I can be outrageous, but it’s only to obtain the positions and identities of my adversaries. I say, “They will perish,” not as a threat—everyone dies—but so that The Heavenly Father may be Glorified in their destruction.


If I hear someone say to me, “You’re going to die.”


I say, “Thanks for reminding me. I need to say my daily Rosary more often. Again, thank you for the kind gesture. It’s that little incentive I needed to fully repent from sin.”


But others are frightened when they hear the same words. I don’t get it. A soul united to Christ cannot die. The worst anyone can do is kill the organic body, but they can’t really hurt you. Rather, fear The One Who can throw both body and soul into everlasting fire!


Fragile: From a chaste mystic to Catholic girl those words speak so true. OK, so, if your ex is using the cops against you, why do you cooperate with them? Why don’t you just lie?


Lying is a sin. I’ve personally known a Sheriff’s Deputy, and he’s just a regular working guy trying to earn an honest wage He’s a person, with feelings. I wouldn’t want people lying to me when I’m trying to do my job.


I’m confident that my behavior is well within the bounds set by statutory the law, and the police have attempted only to solve problems.


Law-enforcement are straightforward and rational. They have authority granted by the government. They are sworn to uphold the letter of the law. They deserve respect, if for nothing else, because of the position they hold.


Fragile: Wow, you could not say it that way if your ex-wife was sincere in her heart. Don’t you want justice?


Tom: I’ve obtained justice. As truth was revealed, I became angry at what had been done to me. But as I pursued truth, it was revealed that:


  1. I was defeated fair and square.
  2. History demonstrates vengeance consumes resources otherwise available to gain happiness and peace. No one but Roman Catholic Saints are remembered by the hearts of a thousand generations.
  3. My experience is not typically a consequence suffered by the innocent, as the direct result of a civil-court action.
  4. The law occasionally brutalizes the innocent.
  5. It’s one of the costs of civilization.
  6. Peaceful means of change are written into the law itself.
  7. God has given me more in return than what I had lost, and has Forgiven all of my sins.
  8. All people are my brothers and sisters under our Divine Father.
  9. It is illegitimate to hold others liable for losses incurred as a result of inexperience, ignorance or illness,


As is written:


A large debt was owed to a wealthy man. He summoned the debtor who said, “Please give me time. I will repay you when I am able.”


The wealthy man said, “I know your means, and you shall never be able to repay me what you owe me. Guards, place this man in Hell until he repays what he owes. Sell his property, his effects, and his wife and children to cover what part of the debt their liquidation may.”


But the man fell to his knees, “Please spare my family. I am unworthy, but please forgive me. I beg you to spare those I love, and myself, because they need me. I will sell everything I own and bring you what I fetch for it.”


The wealthy man said, “I see no need for that. Your heartfelt plea is sufficient. I forgive you everything you owe me. But answer one question.”


“Kind and noble man who you are, I offer infinite gratitude for your kindness!”


“Very well. Thank you.


“Listen carefully! There was a man beaten and stripped by robbers. He lay on the side of the road. A priest passed by and ignored the man. A merchant likewise saw the dying man, but did nothing to help him. Then a foreigner came to the spot where the man lay, and he treated his wounds with water, oil and wine, and used his own clothes to make bandages.


“He took the man to an inn and paid the innkeeper in advance to care for the man until he was able to travel. He promised to return and settle any charges in excess of the sum paid in advance. He asked for nothing in return.


“Which of the three men, the priest, the merchant, or the foreigner, acted with mercy and righteousness?”


The debtor said, “Of course it was the foreigner!”


“Then do likewise from this moment on.”


“Bless you, sir,” said the man as he kissed his hands and held them out in gratitude. At his plea, he had been redeemed by the kindness and mercy of another.


On his way he met a man who owed him a much lesser debt than he himself had just been forgiven. He seized the man by his lapel and insisted, “Pay me what you owe!”


The man said, “Please, have mercy on me! Lo, I have been afflicted! Pray for me, and I will surely recover. Then I will make good on what I owe.”


But the man said, “Give me what you owe this instant!”


The man could not pay, because he was struck by infirmity. So the other took him to the jailor and said, “This man owes me this sum. Cast him away until he has produced every last bit of it.”


The extremely wealthy man heard of it and summoned him. “I forgave you ten times what your brother owed you, but you held him to the last bit. You pitiless man. I then hold you accountable for what you owe to me. Guards, cast him outside where there is much wailing and gnashing of teeth—where the worn dies not but rots the flesh—until he pays every last bit he owes!”


The man can expect Divine Forgiveness commensurate to the degree to which he forgives his brothers and sisters.


In every successful constitutional republic there exists(ed) a legal mechanism to prevent calumny, namely: make it easy to accuse, but difficult to convict.


But it’s silly to accuse someone of exercising his constitutional right to communicate his beliefs, regardless of what they are. This is what the court has done. Cases involving domestic abuse injunctions have granted injunctions to millions of women, simply because women don’t like the truth.


A woman’s mind is structured perfectly to allow complete government control over every aspect of human life. She believes that something can be either harassment, OR, the truth, but not both.


Therefore, if a man tells a woman the truth, but she doesn’t like it, the justice system within each state provides that:


any court, anywhere, will give any woman an unlimited number of domestic abuse injunctions, for whatever reason, at any time, against any living male; as long as the petition bears even the thinnest and most fragile veil of feigned feminist fear to conceal penis-envy-induced lust to control and manipulate that which reveals sensual guilt within the heart of the vengeful, bitter woman.


Our republic, The United States of America, has tried on a State-government level to provide legal remedies that offer to divorced women an alternative to calumnizing their divorced spouses. But the very remedies provide the foundation necessary to build calumny, and are therefore destroying underpinnings of legitimacy upon which court authority rests.


I love my country. I don’t want to see it destroyed. There’s one other thing I wanted to touch on. Mass hysteria and reckless accusations of child molestation have created a civilization in which many adult males refuse to acknowledge children not their own.


Children grow up fearful of males, because they develop a complex over the unnatural male-avoidance-behavior wrought of feminism, and ultimately, Satan. Feminism is a discrete denomination of satanism.


The harm being done to children as a result of false accusations of child molestation is insidiouswhen symptoms first appear, the damage is irreversible. The key element is to place parents in suspense over who is a sexual predator.


The more false accusations there are, the more hidden predators become. The more groundless suspicion that flourishes, the more difficult it is to spot real danger. The more guilt for sin collectively incurred, the more out of proportion become fears of sexual abuse, because what little innocence remains is all the people have.


Hysteria-based decision-making obscures true threats, indicts the innocent, punishes the righteous, and allows the guilty to conceal themselves behind the smoke screen of public paranoia.


Fragile: I still want to marry you! I’m a virgin. I’ve never even touched myself impurely. I’m all caught up on my Sacraments.


Tom: My dear Fragile, such an innocent child you are. Of course I am attracted to you. No man could not be. You have everything and more: Beauty, brains, breasts, bottom; and I’m only to the letter ‘B’!


You’d break my heart. I’ve given myself to The Lord God, through the Sacred Heart of Jesus, through the Immaculate Heart of Mary Most Holy!


I love looking at you. I’ll tell you what! If you can convince your parents to consent to a marriage between you and me, I’ll eat my shorts on national television!


Fragile: That is hilarious! Where did you hear that?


Tom: It just appeared in my mind.


Fragile: I think I’m in love with you!


Tom: Girls your age think they’re in love with a new guy each week. But never reveal your heart like that. Guys know how to prey on female desperation!


Fragile: Ok, I’m sorry. Do you want to come over!?


Tom: That would be entering into the near occasion of sin; a sin in and of itself.


Fragile: I supposed you have more important things like YOU STILL LOVE CHRISTINE!!


Tom: I love her enough to set her free. I release her from her obligation. She can remarry and have a happy life. I release all claim to her.


Fragile: How bittersweet. You held out hope until just now!?


Tom: Yes.


Fragile: Call me if you need me.



I’m FragileSwan.