I’m FragileSwan.

Homosexuals want to force godless
perversion down your children’s throats. Girl Scouts of America (GSA)
offers evidence of that.

Adults can check this out and then come
back: WOW

If I had daughters, I wouldn’t want
their innocence stolen and their souls destroyed. But the evil are
irresistibly driven, out of sheer wickedness, to defile the beauty of
innocence! Rather than recite an inventory of the obvious, I’m going
back to basics, for the benefit of those who might be saved.

Sex education in public schools is a
one-way ticket to Hell! Parents need to teach their daughters
Christian values:

Chastity and morality,

Obedience and kindness,

Modesty and charity,

Thrift and gratitude,

Acceptable expression of femininity.

Ignorance is attractive in the female,
especially ignorance to her unexplored intimate territory. Girls are
naturally magical thinkers, because their hormones make rational
understanding of their environment almost impossible. The disposition
of a virgin toward the world necessitates practice of Roman Catholic
Sacraments, lest the choicest bridal adornment be lost!

Girls must understand the law of supply
and demand: a girl is in demand until she supplies! Immodesty is
proof of vanity; a sin that presents an occasion of stumbling to
males. Females wear long hair, but present themselves to masculine
kind, including The Lord God Almighty, only with their heads veiled,
because of The Angels.

Maidens wear their hair dangling,
because long, thick, healthy hair belies fertility. Men are attracted
to such maidens for their reproductive potential. But each girl must
be wise in the ways of the female.

Every father must specifically inform
each daughter of the pain he would suffer would she cast shame on his
name, by privacy with a male she was not related to. The virgin does
not understand the male.

Each male is charged to find a chaste
bride! By testing each one, by the time he reaches age 30, he can
usually succeed. The virgin doesn’t understand that she is ultimately
desirable for her immaculate, unstained purity (her fertile
innocence), but once soiled by fornication she is useless as a wife
to any self-respecting man.

Normal people do not have much
inclination to touch themselves impurely. This is because of natural
selection. Until antibiotics were discovered, people were cautious
about what went on in their private area.

Many people living today think The Holy
Bible sounds ancient or irrational, because it attributes to God what
is now understood to be a function of natural law. This opens the
door to illegitimate postulates. I pray God will forgive me, by The
Perfect Living Sacrifice of Jesus Christ, if I try to describe in a
reverent way what I mean.

Everything has a scientific
explanation, AND, natural phenomena are mutually exclusive to God’s
Immutable Will! So, if we say, “The Nile River turned to blood,
because of a rare but periodic occurrence during which a certain
marine algae washes down and dies, making it red in color and
poisonous to fish,” we have only to admit that God has shared some,
but not all, of His secrets!

Scientific explanations do not deprive
miracles of their ultimate Source! People believe miracles are rare,
but only because we don’t include them all. Rather, based on biblical
interpretations that appear inaccurate, we deny the seamless
integrity of God and His Creation.

As mankind progresses in understanding,
it will periodically adopt a stance of independence, at which point
true discovery ceases, and man is prevented from destroying himself.
Our Heavenly Father desires understanding for us!

The University system,


depersonalization of nature and the
natural law,

the big-bang theory,


the seven-note musical scale,

medical practice based on scientific

natural science based on experimental

Holy Roman Catholic Mass,

are all from The Roman Catholic Church.
The Roman Catholic Church invented and built the University system.
Academic accreditation links back to Mother Church!

Could you imagine a world without
hospitals and/or the musical scale!

Understanding and life coexist due to
the guidance of Almighty God, through His Beloved Son: our Lord Jesus
Christ, through Mother Church! Empires and republics and their
leaders come and go, but Mother Church remains unscathed, unchanged,
and vindicated for being steadfast in righteousness.

We live in a world steeped in deceit
and evil. We observe Nature in Her attempts to rid Herself of Her
rapists, and to call the righteous to their duty! We need not
employ radical extremes. Change comes through piety, chastity,
charity (love for God), mortification, fervent prayers of thanks,
supplication and petition; recitation of The Holy Rosary AND
The Chaplet of The Divine Mercy, The Prayer to Saint Michael,

Rosary: here

Chaplet: here

Prayer to Saint Michael: here

Other Prayers: here

It is sinful that lesbians and
sodomites defile the innocence of children. Rejection is the natural
human response to homosexuality. Permission is promotion. They become
guilty who permit or accept those who do wickedness in God’s sight!
Jesus said of the children, “If anyone should lead astray one of
these little ones, it would be better that he had a millstone tied to
his neck and he be thrown into the sea!”

There is a cure for same-sex
attraction: here

I’m FragileSwan.