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I was surprised by the lack of understanding of science, intentional or not. Global- warming appears to be a faith-based belief system that provides salvation through government policy; policy that must be instituted regardless of whether or not there is actual proof of a problem to solve.

At the same time, it provides a diabolical nemesis that must be vanquished at any cost, lest mankind, and every other form of life, be wiped from existence.

Wealthy capitalists finance research, or less directly, finance research institutions, to generate a preponderance of evidence that their own products are hazardous! But they conceal the data.

It is secretly leaked to whichever radical group will take up the cause, and the corporation(s) become Satan! Not only do they know millions will die, they tried to cover it up!

The salvation of man becomes a battle against evil. The stakes are life and death. However, the faithful are composed of those select chosen whose desperate plea was repeated each class period, “I’ll never use algebra in real life!”

And they were true to their word. But it’s difficult to do science when armed only with buzzwords and statistics. You actually need algebra, and calculus.

But the whole idea is not to solve anything, but only to divert one’s self from Truth! The greenhouse effect is theoretically legitimate, and mankind has added what most people view as large amounts of greenhouse gases to the atmosphere, and this has caused alteration to the atmosphere and ecosphere,

so the only possible conclusion is:

Drive electric cars.

Until then, add ethanol to motor fuel.

Use solar and wind and water power, but don’t kill even one mosquito in the process.

Ban charcoal briquets.

Convert homes to use solar-generated electricity.


Driving electric cars is idiotic. Electricity adds 3x the greenhouse gas as just burning the fuel in a car engine. WHY? During power generation and distribution, vast amounts of energy are lost, mostly as heat into the atmosphere. That is energy wasted.

Electricity is not magic. During construction, hydroelectric dams pour more pollution into the environment than they will prevent during the first fifty years of operation. And if you investigate further, you’ll see that filling up with gasoline takes 5-10 minutes, but recharging an electric car takes 8 hours.

The added economy of NO HEAT and NO AIR CONDITIONING appeals to few. The 60-mile range of affordable electric cars dooms drivers to an 8 hour stop for every hour driving on the freeway.

Ethanol must be manufactured. Elementary physics teaches: energy is neither created nor destroyed. Petroleum, or crude oil, contains energy stored from the pressure of the earth upon organic matter.

One step further and you’ve got diamonds. Diamonds are pure carbon, so: carbon is a girl’s best friend! Petroleum mining, refinement and distribution requires far less energy input than the energy stored in crude oil, so you have a net energy gain!

Ethanol cannot be mined, because no stores of it exist. During the manufacture and distribution of ethanol, significantly more energy is used than is stored in the ethanol. That’s a net energy loss.

From a holistic perspective, adding ethanol to motor fuel pollutes more than just drinking it.

Let’s not forget all lead and acid from billions of batteries required for solar electrical-power systems. And electric cars have huge, poisonous batteries. Hmmm, looks like a larger problem is brewing.

But the oil companies will just shift a little and produce ‘green’ products. No matter that green products require more energy input to manufacture than they will ever produce, giving us another net energy loss!

From God’s Perspective, green products add more pollution to the environment than power plants that use discarded tires and asphalt roofing shingles for fuel.

But what about Las Angeles, California? Conservation measures got rid of the smog! NO! there’s still smog in L.A.. An invention from like the 1860s, the catalytic converter, may have had some lessening effect on photochemical smog, but more likely it was computer technology that enabled automotive engineering at a pace theretofore impossible.

Today, a 6-cylinder engine can blow away the muscle-cars of the seventies. There’s no magic in it! Data-processing capabilities rise parallel to automotive performance and technology. But cars cost twice as much, adjusted for inflation, as they did in the 1970s.

So, when big business desires a big change, with big costs to consumers, but big dividends for capitalists, they ally to their enemies: radical environmentalists, and create a faith-based belief system, complete with the illusion of the ancient battle: good vs evil.

The faithful desire only license to violate the absolute and immutable morality imprinted upon human genetic code, and translated into words by The Roman Catholic Church. But the math-crippled legions are also reproductive-crippled, so they require a religion based on science.

Environmentalism in tempered form is rational. But in its radical state it is at best a means to rob God’s economic reward given to those who practice Christian marriage and acceptable standards of decency.

At worst, it is a distinct denomination of intentional ignorance, which, like all false religions, is a one-way ticket to Hell

I’m FragileSwan. And this has been WordPress.