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I got an anonymous email a while back. It’s about the coming election. I’ve posted it below.


Men reap the fruits of righteousness, by standing up for the principles set forth by Almighty God:


  1. liberty: freedom from unwanted intrusions by government
  2. free enterprise: merit-based reward
  3. market economy: supply and demand; economic value based on merit and scarcity
  4. prosperity: financial security, private property, freedom
  5. hard work: a system that rewards those who assume risk, and that encourages investment of time and effort into building an estate and a lasting legacy
  6. Love: courtship, marriage, family and children
  7. justice: that each man knows the fruits of his labor are his own
  8. peace: unity of language, culture, law, customs and worship
  9. Truth: a road lit by happiness in this world, leading to ultimate reward in the next
  10. Joy: love in one’s heart
  11. happiness: the correct balance of: Peace, Love, Joy, A sense of well-being, and a sense of accomplishment
  12. Masculine strength and moral straightness: the basis of a nation’s security
  13. Feminine chastity and purity: so that men can find chaste, obedient, fertile virgin brides
  14. Written law aligned to natural law: governing law that mirrors genetic engravings written on every human heart
  15. government by the people
  16. Christian education for children


Those who for various reasons oppose God, stand up for principles that enrich themselves at the cost of others:


  1. Chaos and disunity: a public awash in contention, strife, deceit and confusion yields great power to those who create the problem.
  2. Warm fuzzy feelings: bliss resulting from ignorance disguised as tolerance and charity, but which is in reality moral disorder
  3. Acceptance and inclusion: two more distinct denominations of ignorance
  4. relative morals: adoption of the minimum legal requirement as the ideal standard of moral conduct
  5. Sensual license: belief that government defines right and wrong
  6. Justification of sin
  7. Occult: legal industry thrives on sin, making it the primary competitor to Almighty God. The medical industry thrives on illness, trauma, genetic mutation, and ignorance; making it the primary competitor to righteous living.
  8. Government-run social-welfare programs: subsidy on single-motherhood, fornication, drug abuse, and violent crime. Charity is compelled under penalty of imprisonment, thereby robbing God of the love of his people, because charity requires a loving decision of the heart, toward those in need.
  9. Sodomy
  10. organized penis-envy (feminism)
  11. war on authentic masculinity
  12. relative truth



The above two lists reduce to good versus evil. The designs of wickedness are concealed in its infancy, only to be revealed after it’s too late! Those who would trade safety for freedom are sacrificing a known good for an uncertain promise, and therefore they will have neither.


Niccolo Machiavelli wrote of the lengths the populous would go, and the hardships they would willingly endure, in preservation of liberty and certainty they would not be deprived of the fruits of their labors, their children, their wives, or their patrimony.


But, says Machiavelli, the extremes endured and the violence inflicted in and by those seeking to preserve their own liberty are nothing compared to the savage brutality thrust upon leaders as vengeance in retribution for liberty lost to power-hungry advocates of principality.


So, what does that mean? It means the people will toss aside property and livelihood, preferring arms to plowshares, slaughter their oppressors without mercy, and reclaim the land, rather than submit to servitude.


But, if they happen to come under the control of a savvy but ruthless principality, the people will go directly to foreign leaders and request their allegiance and assistance, in exchange for wealth and property belonging to those the people wish themselves to be rid of!


Surprisingly little need be promised in exchange for overwhelming military intervention and public displays of torture administered to those who offend the sensibilities of the common people. In the end, the people own the government, and everything belongs to them.


Where liberty presently exists, objectionable power-structures ought not be sought by the ambitious, for such liberty can be eliminated only by eliminating the population. In negotiating with foreign allies, representatives of the people may legitimately claim ownership of everything; and they being the vast majority, cannot be successfully contradicted, because the existing leadership is devoid of credibility.


Of course, Machiavelli cites historical instances to support his theses. But each situation differs in particulars, so the principles remain theoretical, not necessarily applicable to every conceivable set of circumstances fitting the criteria.


Be that as it may, the people have four boxes to used in defense of liberty:


  1. Soap
  2. Ballot
  3. Jury
  4. Ammo


Preferably in that order. Now we see ourselves at a crossroad. Moral inclusiveness and progressive tolerance seduce even the righteous, because it’s nice to be nice to the nice. It makes people feel all warm and fuzzy all over, because no one will ever offend anyone ever again, ever.


Television can broadcast a blank screen 24/7, accompanied by a 3,000 Hz. Tone (dial tone), so no one is offended. Children can be genetically engineered such as to omit senses of vision and hearing, thus making positively sure they will never be offended.


New humans can be cloned from master-template genomes and grown in industrial complexes. This is both economically and socially sound, because cloned humans can be kept unconscious and programmed during the growth stage, which could be reduced to four years, versus the present 18-year time frame, eliminating the need for schools, bathing facilities, homes, beds and clothing.


The replacement humans can be surgically fitted with USDA-approved nutritional-sludge ports directly on the stomach, allowing a plant-wide nutritional-sludge feeding system precisely adjusted to deliver the bare minimum nutrients needed for survival.


Homosexuals wouldn’t feel left out, so i-n-c-l-u-s-i-v-e-n-e-s-s, the most important thing in the world, is bolstered.


The USDA-approved nutritional sludge has to be good, because it’s USDA-approved. It’s made from the clones that reached the end of their 27-year continuous duty-cycle.


The need for sleep and the compulsion to commit suicide have now been engineered out of the master-template genomes, reducing IQ to an average of 30, which is more than offset by continuous, 24/7 work output.


A financial analysis revealed that reproductive and infant-feeding parts had become unnecessary, and were now only compromising efficiency—idle use of nutritional sludge. So, they were classified as legacy components and genetically engineered out of the master-template genomes.


Since replacement humans were produced by industrial conglomerates, these multinational corporations owned the earth’s population. The labor drones were not sold but only licensed to other industries. The master-template DNA is patented, so derivative works are not legally allowed.


But why? Because machines have no will to live! That’s what’s so fun about people. They’ll do anything, no matter how painful, to get another breath of air! And they are the most efficient users of fuel, alleviating earth of the greenhouse effect.


This world is not yet perfect, but crime is severely discouraged. Each replacement human is fitted with an agonizer around the neck. Should the law-enforcement satellite-system detect a violation, statistical calculations are instantaneously performed by earth stations, and punishment duration is determined by that precise duration of agony corresponding to the least likelihood of recidivism, within the parameters of 10 minutes to 27 years.


The agonizer is triggered by satellite. A unique code assures the proper agonizer is activated. The convict receives the tactile and visual illusion of third degree burns over the entire body, rubbed with salt, and concentrated hydrochloric acid applied on top, plus every bone shattered into minuscule pieces. No real damage is done, but 27 years of that?


The agonizer is equipped with a mega-potency central-nervous-system stimulant that prevents the body from manufacturing natural opiates and from going into shock. Every last ounce (1 oz. = 27 gm.) of pain is experienced by the offender! It’s really an advance in technology!


If the above offends someone, you must speak now, because the whole idea is that no one be offended, and everyone be included. Unless that offends someone, in which case the offenders will be killed. Unless that offends someone, in which case the killing will continue until there is only one person left! Then the world will be perfect, because no one will be offended!


I just feel so warm and fuzzy all over! Utopia is just around the corner!


The basis of temporal existence is to pass on one’s genetic legacy to future generations. This only makes good sense, because those who have survived and mated in past generations were those driven by genetic encoding to send their DNA into the future. That’s why their genetic code is here now.


In the case of those who fail to reproduce but do contribute enduring beauty through consecrated religious orders, art, literature, music, prophesy, poesy, political rule, and/or exquisite and outstanding virtue; their genetic legacy reached its natural end:


the degree of ultimate perfection, and therefore it could not be made better. So, the stem of generations past burst forth into a blossom that leaves its enduring reflection of Almighty God upon the living, long after its co-creator has been perfected by passing through death into Full Communion with The Eternal Father, through Jesus Christ The Son, by The Holy Spirit.


The Sword of Truth slays the Wicked and Perfects the Just.


Veni Vidi Vici,


The Sons of God


PS Use your ballots wisely. Your survival depends on it. Failure shall be met by vaporization.



That’ all it said. I didn’t know whether I should notify the authorities or copy and paste it to a blog post. They didn’t really didn’t even say what it is They want. It could just be a prank, or someone just pretending to be The Sons of God.


But what if it’s true? I have to go. I have to recite my daily Rosary and do my homework.


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