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A month or so ago I published a story about Tom and Christine, and their two children. Well, Tom offered me an exclusive interview, so I said, “Can I ask any question I want?”

He said, “Sure.”

I said, “No holds barred?”

He said, “Agreed.”

I said, “Then let’s get to it! What does your ex-wife get out of antagonizing you?”

It’s a tactic used by divorced women seeking to justify the conflicting notion that their ex-husbands are still in love but display no interest.”

I said, “Why is that important to ex-wives?”

Females suffer sensual guilt. Therefore, they require masculine love and forgiveness. A woman’s greatest fear is to be forgotten, because no male will mourn her death! The masculine grief of surviving loved ones ransoms a woman’s soul from Purgatory!

In the past, virgins were mated only when fertile, in a single marital act after which the virgin conceived (an) offspring. The mammalian male does not naturally mate the same female until after she gives birth, nurses her offspring, regenerates her hymen, reacquires her attractive body—with larger breasts and fuller hips—and she becomes fertile once more.”

I said, “The, ‘past,’ you’re talking about must have been a lo-o-o-o-o-o-n-g time ago!”

He extrapolated, “If the virgin is mated according to Nature, she will suffer only her share in the Pain of Atonement of God The Son. She shall remain ignorant to the man’s share in the Pleasure of Creation of God The Father. Therefore, she commits no sin. Her Heavenly Father imputes no guilt to the woman who knows only suffering. But no father will hear his own daughter confess sensual pleasure!

The matron cannot approach the Throne of her Heavenly Father on her own behalf. She can offer prayers of petition and intercession on behalf of her loved ones, but for her own sins God devised an infinitely inventive and creative atonement ritual.

We live in a modern age, but there has existed no age that wasn’t considered at the time the most advanced in history!

We can’t judge right and wrong, nor truth and falsehood, based on popular notion. Popular notion during the middle ages dictated long life and good health were gotten by drinking blood. Physicians observed that sufficient blood loss causes death, so life was thought to be in the blood. Intravenous injection was not yet devised, so drinking it was the sole means to get blood into the body.

The Roman Catholic Church opposed blood drinking. After a 400-year campaign, Mother Church prevailed, and doctors stopped prescribing blood. But they began blood-letting, which is removal of blood from the body, under the assumption that illness drained out with the blood. The Church opposed this also and eventually prevailed.

However, when intravenous infusion later became possible, doctors first attempted to treat illness by injecting blood, and at a later time by pulling it out, using modern equipment and instruments.

That’s just an example, but the blood fixation continued for 1,000 years! Doctors of today are the finest of the finest, but in the present era there exists crisis of female identity and purpose; not something medicine can solve!

There is no magic pill. But we have a reliable reference that always holds true: What was Truth is Truth now, and it always will be Truth. There is One Truth. Everything else is wrong.”

I said, “What if I flip a coin 10 times and it lands on heads every time? Before I picked up the coin there was probably like almost even chances of heads or tails, but now there’s a really good chance of it landing on tails.”

He said, “Why?”

B E C A U S E ! If something happens or doesn’t happen 10 times, then the opposite is more likely to happen because it hasn’t happened as much.”

He said, “Let’s say a guy breaks up with a girl. What are the chances he broke up with the girl?”

I said, “Like, 100%.”

Ok, what if the guy broke up with 10 girls. What are the chances that he broke up with 10 girls?”

I said, “For sure! If he broke up with them, then it’s 100% positive that he broke up with them.”

Ok, if you flip a coin 10 times and it lands the same way each time, what are the chances that the coin landed the same way each time?”

I said, “100% … I see what you’re doing. You’re tricking me! But explain how.”

The probability of anything happening in the past is 100% or zero. The probability of two things occurring is the product of each occurring separately. A coin toss has very close to 1:2 odds of landing a certain way. 10 previous tosses have 1:1 probability of landing the way they landed. ((1:1) x (1:2)) = (1:2)). The probability of something happening in the future bears no regard to the past. The past and future are statistically unrelated.

Many spend countless hours to develop formulas that predict future outcomes, based on past performance. Mathematics proves that such a feat is impossible for chance occurrences. But we do know that women suffer sensual guilt, and men do not!

This has been concealed by a false premise upon which male-female equality is theoretically based: equality in masculinity. Females cannot have masculinity equal to a male’s. That’s not the key to liberation from sensual guilt.

We must gravitate back to Truth. God said to the woman, ‘Your heart shall be for the man, and he shall be your master’. It’s not popular, but popular is not correct. I suggest a simple atonement ritual that frees the female from her sensual guilt.

There’s no shame or disgrace in it! It’s emotionally healthy for both man and woman. The woman shall confess her sins to her husband. Depending on the individual couple and the degree of sensual guilt involved, the wife may optionally request a firm masculine hand.

Upon hearing his wife confess sensual pleasure, the man is highly motivated to sow the masculine seed forgiveness inside the woman’s contrite fertility. The woman’s sin bathed in masculine forgiveness brings forth new life.

What greater manifestation of God’s Forgiveness could there be than new life in the image of married lovers, and in the image of God Almighty; new life the woman can call her own. It doesn’t get any better than that!”

I said, “You are s o o o romantic!”

He said, “Christine requires reconciliation of her emotional needs to the conflicting facts. It’s obvious she has been forgotten, so she conceals herself in the darkness of deceit, manipulates her pawns into provocative positions, and awaits the predictable response.

Any man who has been divorced for many years does not want his ex-wife meddling in his life. He wants to be free of her. It takes a lot to antagonize me, but in ferreting her out she inevitably gains advantage and protection.

Knee-jerk reactions to feigned feminist fear of authentic masculine expression weakens the underpinnings of perceived legitimacy necessary to avoid a morally bankrupt civil court system.

I do not fear my own death, and I forgive my enemies, but my Father Owns The Universe! I am willing to lay down my life in a gesture of forgiveness toward the wicked, that my blood become proof of their wickedness, and they turn from sin and be redeemed by Christ Jesus. But thus far, my Father has not allowed me to do that. Consequently, many people have been injured or killed while trying to do me harm.

I have nothing to do with their demise or predicament. It may be coincidental! But I’ve given up issuing warnings, because my enemies use my kindness against me. My Dad gave me permission to let the wicked silently perish without warning!”

I said, “She tried to kill you? How awful!”

No. I think it was a slight miscalculation. She intended to evoke an aggressive response, so that I might suffer at the hands of criminal justice, or be deemed insane and condemned to a sanitarium. I pity her. She’ll learn after it’s too late. She has always been at liberty to accept my forgiveness. I have always offered to her forgiveness. And she has always thrown it back in my face and returned to stalking me.”

I said, “Do you think you’ll die because of her!?”

Death is appointed to each man. If someone says to me, ‘You’re going to die!’ I say, ‘Thanks for reminding me. I haven’t confessed my sins yet today.’”

I said, “Wow! You wouldn’t be afraid?”

I’ve faced death so many times; life is but a breath. Death comes quickly, like a thief in the night.”

I said, “You have an attitude toward death that may frighten others. It scares me a bit to have some guy walking around who shrugs off death as if it’s belly button lint.”

I’m sorry. People become carried away with preserving their own lives. When they meet a man like me, they realize God is in control of life and death. It isn’t my ex-wife who presents a problem. It’s Satan’s grasp on her. Her sensual guilt has turned to feminism, because vengeance is never enough to quench the thirst of bitterness!

On a lighter note, if death frightens anyone, he/she should repent from sin and live righteously. To fear death is bondage. True freedom is only through freedom from fear, and freedom from fear is only through The Perfect Living Sacrifice of Jesus Christ!”

I said, “Are you Catholic?”

He said, “I am. And you?”

Catholic …”

Do you have any more questions for me?”

I said, “What drives a man like you?”

All I do, I do for love of God’s Love and Mercy. I too am a sinner, but I have known Almighty God, and I have been given His Holy Name! I did not ask. It was given to me as He has given Himself to all men: through the Sacred Heart of Jesus Christ. I simply agreed.

One need only seek God to become like God! In the case of a fallen woman, she shall know masculine love and forgiveness through the masculine seed of forgiveness sown by her husband, inside her guilt-laden but chaste fertility.”

I said, “But what does that do to women’s rights?”

I really have no control over women’s rights. Each woman must choose the life she sees best fit for herself, based on her inmost desires, her resources, her beauty and her unique talents. I have heard a woman say from time to time, after she’s been married for several years, ‘It seems like such a waste of my potential!’

She fails to account for the lives she brought into the world. Everyone has a mother. The most famous female historical figures are known for the greatness of the man-children they bore, or for their chaste devotion to our Lord Jesus Christ. Mary is the Eternal Blessed Virgin Mother. Joan of Arc died a virgin.

A woman’s contribution to the world is most significant if it is new life in the image of married lovers. Dissatisfaction is wrought of deceit. There are many ways to say the same thing: Those who are happy are those who know the truth!

Every person is unique. Yet there are collective human traits, and there a marked differences in what brings satisfaction to a female vs what satisfies a male. Essentially, females of today are seeking liberation from sensual guilt and to reclaim female identity.

And it’s not because I’m telling you that! Five-hundred years from now the Truth will still be! No one is required to believe what I say. Each individual is at liberty to reject it. But for the sake of those who can find happiness through revelation of Truth, let it be said and let us be at peace, each with his brethren, wherever they are, whomever they are.

I heard one of your friends cured same-sex attraction. That information should be public. If anyone wants to remain homosexual, he/she is free to do so. But let the cure remain freely available, so that those who choose it are able.”

I said, “What is your greatest fear?”

The inevitable heartbreak of offending God’s Merciful Heart …”

I said, “Do you find glamorous models attractive?”

Of course!”

Why do nude models turn guys on?”

Sensual beauty is God’s unspoken Promise to the man. It moves man’s heart toward God, because it speaks of a Divine gift: a child. But Modern man views God’s gift of beauty with designs to possess, control and dominate. Beauty held in clenched fist becomes lust that kills the soul. Beauty beheld with love for her freedom prompts her creativity, which is her share in creation of new life.

But a man must use reason! He wouldn’t trust a diamond to the streets of Manhattan. Nor ought he trust who is infinitely more valuable, his beloved, to a cruel world that desires to seduce her, use her, chew her up and spit her out! It’s a delicate balancing act.”

I said, “You’ve been smeared. What are you going to do about it?”

I’m naive. I was unaware of the influence words carry, and of the social-responsibility imperative that governs proper use of well-honed skills. Some ideas are best left off the playing field.

I drew inspiration through memory of tumult in my own childhood; the pagan rules my biological father observed. As a tool of emotional healing through understanding, I wrote streams of thought woven together to reveal the diabolical evil I have battled these long years.

Lo, Satan twisted reality and made me appear the evil one! I was naive and innocent, trying desperately against all odds to once again become a man of means, so that I could win back the heart of my beloved Christine, and be reunited to my beautiful children!

But Satan robbed me again. Still, perhaps I have not learned too late; for I exercised great restraint, knowing Truth was yet to be found. And if those against me knew what lengths I traveled to spare them, they would think quite differently!”

I said, “Thank you, Tom. I’d marry you, but I’ve heard you’re a chaste mystic, consecrated to God; that no woman’s heart can hold you.”

It’s true. But thanks for the compliment.”

I’m FragileSwan. And this has been WordPress.