I’m FragileSwan! And this is WordPress!

I wanted to see how other girls did their profiles, and they were all pretty much the same. Here’s a generic example:

Vivki012394700 describes herself as adventurous but domestic, classy but fun, graceful but spontaneous. I love walks on the beach, romantic encounters, DVDs and frozen pizza. I don’t like guys who just use me. It seems like every one is worse than the previous. One guy woke up my daughters he was so loud! At three and four years old they heard JT grunting, “OH TRIXIE, YOUZEZ SO FINE,” but my name is Vicki.So much for ex-cons.

I’m looking for an attractive lifeguard or firefighter who doesn’t have porn on his cell phone. What guy would actually want an 18-year-old candy-coated love-treat/arm-trinket just laying there like she’s never had a man inside her, hoping the guy will offer her the most intimate part of himself. I don’t get it.Talk about desperation. If I can’t attract a guy while I’m dressed, I’m not going to remove my garments in hopes of success.

My kids come first in my life, but I know you would love them if you got to know them. I’m not desperate or anything like that. I just hope the next guy is sincere, kind, strong, independent, loving, potent, feral, well employed, generous, understanding, sensitive, forgiving–the fictional guy advertisers implicitly promise to every woman who purchases beauty products!

I respond to messages from all men who have a picture.


I don’t have kids, and I’ve never been married. But guys don’t go on dating sites to find kids. A man cannot truly love a woman but not her children. Conversely, no one can love The Son but not His Mother. Either one loves both Mother and Son, or neither. But advertising your kids on the web is pedophile bait. After a guy falls in love with a woman, he also loves those who belong to her. Great Blessings are bestowed upon the man who marries a young widow.

If a girl wants to find the ideal husband, she can do her profile like I did mine. I got 400 some–I lost count–marriage proposals the first month or so, and thousands of poems.

Fragile_Swan describes herself as nineteen-year-old brunette collegiate swim-team starter and former gymnast who has long, thick, shiny, bouncy, curly hair; majoring in journalism; draped over her large, firm, well-formed, pointed-up breasts; cascading down her elegant back to just touch her small, round bottom.

Her hypnotic crystal-blue eyes radiate as priceless gemstones set atop her perfect Roman nose, punctuated by pouty crimson lips contrasting to bright white teeth and her little pink tongue; together framed by the cheekbones and delicate feminine jaw line of a lesser goddess!

My favorite time of the day is when Mother Angelica and The Nuns of Our Lady’s Monastery are broadcast on EWTN, reciting the daily Rosary. I recite mine with them, with the intention to implore the Intercession of The Eternal Blessed Virgin, on behalf of the chastity, obedience and a generous season of fertility for all women, everywhere.

When I experience sensations that tempt impure and forbidden exploration, I offer my resistance to God The Father as a gift for the repose of the poor suffering souls of fallen women who died in their sins of impurity!

I’ve never been in private with a male I’m not related to. My mentor is the Mirror of Innocence and Sanctity and Refuge of Penitent Sinners: Mary Most Holy, because she preferred to do her cousin’s housework for three months rather than remain in her honeymoon suite and learn pleasure forbidden to the woman.

Mary conceived without subsequent stain! She knew only her natural share in the Pain of Atonement of God The Son, while the man, Joseph, experienced ultimate fulfillment as he reaped his natural masculine share in the Pleasure of Creation of God The Father!

I want to be like Mother Mary. My wedding gift to the man who wins my heart shall be my choicest ornament, that his child be conceived of my holy and chaste womb; of my blood sacrifice of innocence.

I want him to teach me the virgin’s pain of atonement and to release my atonement sacrifice, as he dominates in the position of conquest; and I, the surrendered virgin, supine and opened to accept the man–for his pleasure and to reproduce his image, preferably man-child–submit in pain as his invading army infiltrates my unexplored intimate territory–the army by which I shall conceive.

Suffering submission teaches each virgin her place as she passes into woman-hood. I’m 19, so I’m in grave danger of losing my soul, even just coming too near a washer on spin. I use the ten-foot rule. But the Nuns say married women are safe. They can just walk right up to a vibrating appliance.

I don’t understand. But you must realize the first time I saw an African-American I was eight years old. I saw them on TV, but I didn’t know they looked like that in real life. Kinda sheltered, but my Mom was an army nurse!

To my prospective bridegroom, “On our wedding night I will be fertile as the arctic winter is long. I’d just love to offer my suffering agony for your pleasure, that you might know your son was conceived of a pure sacrifice. And I’d love you to watch me realize my genetically superior infant-feeding potential as I care so lovingly for your little one.”

My menstrual cycle is perfectly stable. My teeth are very healthy. My skin is fine, soft, without blemish. I’m five-seven barefoot, and 120 pounds in a wet swimsuit. My virginal hips are proportional. I’m sure I will bear strong, healthy offspring.

The greatest things I have are peace and joy from The Sacred Heart of Jesus Christ. I have the confidence and self-esteem, given to me by father, because he always took me on his lap and said, “Fragile, you are the second prettiest girl in the world!” I knew my Mom was the prettiest, so I never asked. But then he’d add, “When you marry and have a family, you’ll be the prettiest girl in the world!”

I’m FragileSwan! And this has been WordPress.