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First I’m going to attack the most pressing issue of our time: Men are attracted to virgin girls between the ages of 16 and 24 years! A masculine male is attracted to owners of large firm well-formed pointed up breasts, because the masculine male wants his babies nursed on them! Big breasts reveal big infant-feeding potential, which is very important to the survival, development, strength and health of a man’s offspring.

But before the man’s baby can nurse on those big beautiful female breasts, the man must have relations with the owner, so she has a baby to nurse on her spectacular breasts. Hence, large breasts elicit a male reproductive response!

What does every female want to know? Females look in all the wrong places for answers:

Womens magazines—yup, the girl with strikingly beautiful, long thick shiny bouncy curly naturally light blond hair, the one who’s five-feet seven-inches (170cm) in stature, and has thirty-five (90cm) x twenty-four (61cm) x thirty-five inch (90cm) measurements, in a trim taut tanned toned one-hundred and twenty pound (55kg) package, the one photographed in the shower, holding a bottle of a certain brand of shampoo!?

Every female is absolutely correct to buy shampoo at five-times what it’s worth, because the only rational conclusion after seeing the above described advertisement is that the brand depicted is responsible for the model’s beauty! They could never photograph and publish something like that unless the girl really used the shampoo, and it was in fact the cause of her beauty!

I always wondered about beauty secrets. I always thought some people are just more attractive than others. But apparently there’s some secret to it. Like probably people who actually watched the original airings of Baywatch are pretty old now! But there was this girl who played a lifeguard, and she had everything in the right place! She married a long-haired, freaky rock musician, and then I guess she must have died! But what is the secret to looking like that actress?

It’s no secret! Good looking females are those most suited to produce many strong, healthy offspring that mature and mate and pass on the genetic phenotypes found sexually attractive. Successful survivors and reproducers send their genetic code into the future! Males are attracted to females who have genetically superior reproductive and infant-feeding potential!

  1. Horoscopes, occult and superstition,
  2. Advertisers,
  3. Mass media content providers,
  4. Internet sites for girls and women, AND EVEN
  5. Retail woman’s clothing stores

want to keep secret what attracts males to females! Why?, single girls spend all their extra money on things to make themselves attractive to desirable males. If girls knew what attracts males to females, they’d stop consuming beauty products, birth control, gyn care, and anything else that promised expiation of sensual guilt.

No guy has ever touched me impurely, because I’ve not begun to date. I’ve never even touched myself impurely, but my two filthy little brothers are always in gawking at the pagan painted virgin who lays across the monitor in the valley of candy-coated love! I’ve seen Playboy girls before. I don’t see what the big deal is.

My Mom freaks out! Before I left for school I took her aside, “Mom, about Jason and Tom, they’re like supposed to be attracted to silicone-boobed blond bombshells, digitally and surgically enhance to really excite males! A Mother only has to worry when her sons look at naked guys for excitement. What if they weren’t attracted to females?”

I felt pretty confident, but my Mom said, “Wait until you suffer sensual guilt! You’ll hate everything masculine too!”

The female is looking for security and commitment from that perfect guy she knows is out there somewhere! She is the ideal consumer! She doesn’t ask questions. She believes advertisements. It’s a piece of cake to swindle her into occult practice (superstition, astrology, luck, plucking daisy petals, belief in random chance). The modern female is bathed in superstitious foolishness!

Big, firm female breasts are more desirable to males than big droopy breasts, because firm breasts contain more milk producing tissue (mammary tissue) than do droopy (adipose—fat—tissue) breasts! This is very attractive to males, because if they mate with females who have large, firm breasts, their offspring will receive a larger food supply as infants, increasing their chances of survival, which increases their chances of maturing and reproducing!

This is how natural selection works: The genetic programming of humans most successful at survival and mating is passed into future generations. So, the female most desirable by the male has genetic traits belying genetically superior reproductive potential. It’s the same with female attraction to males. The male that makes a girl want to have his babies is the male who can fertilize her fertile uterus! During their fertile cycle, girls are much more responsive to prospective dates than they are during their estrous period!

Successful genetic programming has survived through countless generations! Individuals who are attracted to members of the complimentary gender, possessing genetically superior reproductive potential are the individuals who produce offspring with genetically superior reproductive potential! After 250 generations, the living humans have excellent survival and reproductive potential!

Everything males are attracted to in females has reproductive or infant-feeding significance. Long thick hair belies female fertility. So do hard strong nails. Males are also attracted female bodies that have not given childbirth. But why? No one ever thinks about it. It’s one of those things taken for granted. People just know that men like girlish figures.

Males want their own offspring to be the first fruit of the womb, because the firstborn is healthiest, smartest and most successful. This means that if the male mates a female who has never been pregnant, his offspring will be the most likely to pass on his genetic code to future generations. That means the father’s genetic code is also passed into future generations. The whole object of physical attraction is reproduction. Male-female attraction is a genetically programmed reproductive trait!

The greater a person’s perceived beauty, the greater his/her reproductive potential! Physical attractiveness is determined by relative reproductive potential! Females over 35 years old are less attractive than 22-year-olds, because women age 35 and over have 15 times the rate of complications in pregnancy and childbirth as do girls in their early 20s!

All males, no matter what age, prefer mating virgins with long thick hair (belies fertility), large firm well-formed pointed-up breasts (belies superior infant-feeding potential), beautiful faces (the man wants his children to look like her), long slender legs (belies athletic prowess, speed, and ultimately, ability to flee danger), flat tummies (belies freedom from constipation—freedom from sensual guilt), trim waists (belies virginity), and proportional hips (belies ability to carry large, healthy offspring)!

Women past age 40 look old because they can’t reproduce as well, while males look vital into their seventies, because they’re still potent! Men can still reproduce up to age 95, so they are perceived as distinguished instead of old! Men will not marry women over 35, because men marry to start families. If a guy doesn’t want kids, he doesn’t get married. From a male perspective, marriage without children is just a road to poverty!

A man is attracted to mating with the owners of beautiful female faces, because he wants his children to look like them. In the event his mate (the beautiful woman) dies, he will lure another mother for his children, because they are so beautiful and lovable, their irresistible! And she will love the man because his children are so delightful and intelligent. Attraction to females who have beautiful faces is a genetic survival trait!

Physical attraction is a genetic mating trait meant to draw those fit into the marital act. But men are most attracted to female innocence, because the virgin suffers the pain of atonement and releases a blood sacrifice of innocence from behind the seal God placed over it: the virgin’s hymen!

The chaste white virgin is an atonement sacrifice to atone for sin held as genetic mutation in the man’s reproductive chromosomes, yielding the flawless DNA of God The Father, making God the biological Father of the virgin’s child, giving the child full communion with God The Father, resulting in understanding of All Truth, and the derivative: absolute power over the physical reality!

Sensual beauty of the virgin is God’s Promise of a Divine Gift—new life in the image of married lovers, and in the image of God! This is the basis of e r o s. But human males, like all other mammalian males, mate the female of like species only when she is fertile, and in a single mating act after which she conceives offspring. Studies done on animals in captivity showed perversions similar to those of prison inmates.

If the virgin is mated only when she conceives, and not after that, she will not learn the man’s pleasure.  If the woman is mated against nature: when conception does not occur, she commits godless abomination: original sin. The woman’s pleasure causes genetic mutation in her unborn offspring, which causes eventual death to all humans.

If the female knew only her God-given share in the pain of atonement of God The Son, she would not sin. Her child would be born immortal and all powerful, the way God had Ordained from the beginning. Consequently, females suffer guilt for sensual pleasure. Female sensual pleasure is the root of all evil. Conversely, the child that freed the world from sin was born of the virgin who knew only suffering.

Falling in love is the anticipation of becoming parent to God; of bringing God into the world. Lovers experience euphoria! Time stops just for them, and nothing else matters but their love for each other! This is the sensation wrought of the Promise to become father and mother of Jesus Christ!

Many virgins conceive a Son of God, but they are subsequently stained through forbidden pleasure. Their children are made an ordinary mortals! Every female kills Christ when she learns the man’s pleasure! Jesus’ Perfect Living Sacrifice was in atonement for the aggregate female sensual pleasure. Pleasure is a sin for the woman. Her pains in labor are testimony to her guilt, so that the world will not forget: evil entered the world through the woman!

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