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I saw http://www.huffingtonpost.com/jacob-m-appel/embracing-teenage-sexuali_b_409136.html

and I wanted to comment, but comments were closed. So just look at that link, and then come back for a simple explanation of what that author has made into a mountain!

OK, you’re back. The author of the reference article above cites ages of consent in various foreign nations, for comparison to laws in United States! The general public is under a mistaken impression that it’s against the law for an adult male to date an underage female! Adult males are NOT legally forbidden to share company together with underage girls! Only intimate contact or indecent exposure is forbidden by law. Dating is perfectly legal. In fact, anyone who interferes with or impedes a girl’s courtship violates her right to freedom of association and the intrinsic right to reproduce with a husband of her own choosing!

The legal flaw lies in arbitrary prohibition of fornication, defining the same sin as both permissible and forbidden! The calendar date on which the act occurred determines whether it’s legally permissible or a serious crime! One minute’s time duration is the difference between a pedophile and a normal, red-blooded American male.

The United States is a Christian Nation: The Nation Under God, so State governments legislate Christian morality. A properly licensed twenty-five-year-old man is legally allowed to have intimate relations with a sixteen-year-old girl listed on the same government-issued license!

Fornication carries penalties grossly out of proportion to the offense–forty years in prison! By comparison, driving without a valid license carries a penalty of a small fine only. The difference between a convicted sex-offender and a family man is about fifty bucks!

To constitute legitimacy and consistency, anti-fornication laws must prohibit all premarital intimate contact, or government must relinquish jurisdiction over marriage, deferring to Roman Catholic Church authority.

Otherwise, any guy can print this post and hand it to the judge, and there won’t be any argument! The man can simply apologize for neglecting proper civil procedures, and promise to procure a marriage license immediately. The couple can then return to the courtroom to make their vows, the bailiff and court reporter can sign as witnesses, and the judge is vested with authority to pronounce the couple man and wife.

POOF! Satan’s plan to soil every female becomes a casualty of logic!

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