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I started college about two months ago. Wow! It’s like culture shock compared to an all-girl Catholic high school! But the all-boy prep academy was just blocks away. I interviewed four frosh, so I could get some objective viewpoints. I am already eighteen, so I know kinda what a girl wants.

Here’s what I want: I made swim team, but I’m too tall for gymnastics: 5’ 7” (170 cm), and a little heavy: 125 pounds (56 kg), probably because of my breasts. I’ve looked in the mirror and compared myself to nude female models, and, I mean, I look as good or better!

I get a lot of attention, but I haven’t started dating yet. I figure, what’s the point! Every first date is a mutual job interview for the position of spouse. Dating isn’t meant to be a recreational activity, unless a girl wants a broken heart and to be left grief-stricken over the loss of her choicest ornament: her blood sacrifice of innocence!

I’m properly proportioned, and everything is in the right places, so I figure I can get the guy I want when the time comes. He’s a Catholic man whose strong masculine features are chiseled like a god! I want him to be 10 or more years my senior; a man who has a strong and innate desire for competition, adventure, exploration and conquest;

but also a man who has the confidence necessary to place my innate female needs for security and commitment above his primal urge, to elevate my person-hood above his passion, making me a true equal to himself, because he loves me more than he loves his own body!

I haven’t met him yet, but he is a true protector, willing to give his life in defense of my own and those of our children! I’m not looking right now, but I will be in two years. I want to nurse my first child before I turn twenty-two.

I have my wedding all planned. My bridegroom and I will bring our most valuable possessions to our wedding ceremony, to give to each other as wedding gifts. During the ceremony, we’ll give to each other the Sacrament of Holy Matrimony, as time stands still and we gaze into each others’ eyes; the only two people in the world. Mother Church will grant Her Blessing upon me and my sexy, adorable lover-to-be!

We’ll exchange rings, his a gold band, and mine a five-carat flawless e! I’ll hold my hand toward the guests, so they know how much my new husband loves me! I’ll blush as I lift my veil—the guardian lifted from my innocence!

My bridegroom will cradle my flawless complexion in his rugged, masculine palm, place his thumb under my delicate, feminine jawline; and his ring finger and pinkie around the back of my slightly elongated and elegant neck! With gentle and skillful grace, he will tip my lips toward his, and we’ll kiss for the first time—a symbol of my hymen pierced!

Everyone will admire us, because people see true beauty in the expectation of young attractive white newlyweds reproducing! I’ll be in my spotless pure virgin gown with seven bridesmaids holding my nine-foot (274 cm) royal train! We’ll have a feast and dance, and everyone I know will be swimming in joy! And then my bridegroom will lead me to the bridal suite, scoop me up cradle-style in his strong, masculine arms, and carry me over the threshold!

I’ll slip into my special nightie, and get under the sheets before he sees me, and then we’ll exchange wedding gifts! As he pierces my chaste fertility and releases my blood sacrifice of innocence, teaching me the virgin’s share in The Pain of Atonement of God The Son; he shall receive my gift: my intact hymen!

My release of blood and water prove I belong to him, and I receive his gift to me: his name. Marriage is not by government or religious sanction. It’s a biological function of the white virgin! The biological release of water from the virgin consecrates her marriage bed for creation of new blessed life in her holy and chaste womb.

The biological release of blood from the virgin seals the biological blood-covenant of marriage between God The Father, Who gave the virgin her sacred release and sealed it safely inside her hymen; The virgin’s bridegroom, who assumes the position of conquest over his surrendered virgin and sends his invading army to conquer her unexplored intimate territory; And the virgin, whose blood sacrifice of innocence atones for sin held as genetic mutation in the man’s reproductive chromosomes!

His domination and power; my surrender to his conquest; his ecstatic fulfillment; my abject suffering—teach feminine subjugation to masculine rule! Male is the first fruit of the obedient virgin’s womb! God bestows His Blessing of bountiful fertility upon the chaste, obedient wife! I want to conceive my husband’s offspring on our wedding night, and then remain untouched—a sacred vessel for God’s Child!

Though I conceive by the man, I do not sin, because I know not pleasure forbidden to the female! I had a little trouble with that whole concept, because cable networks broadcast atheist doctrine that proclaims perverted sexual behavior observed among animals in captivity is natural!

But I called MasonCide, and he said, “Atheists are dumb as posts. Animals in captivity behave like prison inmates. In their natural environment, the mammalian male pursues and mates the female of like species, only when the female is fertile, in a single mating act after which the female conceives offspring.

“The male will not mate the same female until she has given birth, nursed her offspring to weaning, and has become fertile once more. In the case of female Homo Sapiens—human beings—which are mammals, the virgin who mates according to nature: only when she is fertile, does not sin. She knows only the female’s natural share in The Pain of Atonement of God The Son.

“The virgin does not sin who knows not pleasure forbidden to the female, because God imputes no guilt to purity’s innocence in her suffering. She remains without stain: holy and sacred—the ideal woman, after God’s Own Heart, because such a virgin cares more for God than she does for forbidden sensual pleasure!”

So I said, “OK, thanks! Is your warrior-priestess wife still the most stunningly gorgeous female in the Universe?”

He said, “Yes.”

I said, “I thought so. I wanted you to marry ME!”

He said, “You wouldn’t like marriage to me.”


He said, “Perfection perfected perfects not the imperfect!”

I said, “What don’t you like about me?”

He said, “You’re mortal.”

I said, “But I obey God’s Commandments! He will lead the perfect husband to me. I Trust my Heavenly Father. I’m subject to Mother Church in all things great and small. I …”

He said, “Your a holy Catholic virgin. That pleases me, simply because it shows your feminine beauty! But look at your body!”


He said, “Visual attractiveness attracts not attractive attraction.”


He said, “Doing what?”

I said, “You keep using the same word over and over!”

He said, “I use usable usage used usefully.”

I said, “So, you don’t want to be rude, but you have to go?”

He said, “Thanks for reminding me.”

“OK, are you and HER coming to see me ever!”

“She doesn’t like how, well, how shall I say—your sweaters; your chest—she can see I arouse you, and she has very keen olfaction. She knows you’re a virgin, because she can smell it! She can no longer claim virginity as her own. So you must be engaged beforehand, and then we can meet as couples.”


“If I didn’t make you angry and jealous, you’d never hang up! But I apologize. I beg your forgiveness!”

“OK, bye bye. I guess I still have my drunken slut roommate to talk to, whenever she stumbles in. Are you there? Mace …” He hung up on me. NO,  he’s not hung-up on me! He hung up on me!

Why can’t life be simple? There’s so much to do and so little motivation. I have to read two chapters of symbolic logic. I always sit way in the back, but he always calls on me anyway! Why does anyone care? I hope you liked my blog.

I’m FragileSwan! And this has been WordPress!