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I wasn’t born yet, but apparently there was once an evil communist empire known as The Soviet Union, OR, U.S.S.R. (Union of Soviet Socialist Republics). If you look on a really old world map, there it is! I didn’t believe it myself. Then, if you look at a regular world map, it’s gone!

I heard my Dad playing, The Beetles. He has an MP3 of, Back In The USSR, an old Soviet propaganda attempt to indoctrinate the free world! I guess the Beetles were really famous before compact discs were invented. My dad told me about record players. If you even touched the arm a little bit, the record was wrecked! It would skip or make a loud crackle in the spot that got scratched.

It was really stupid, because the records were made of plastic, but the needle on the arm that played the records was diamond! Of course a diamond, the hardest material in the world, is going to scratch plastic! They could have made the records from diamond, and the needles from plastic. Then, if you bumped the arm, all you’d have to do is replace the needle. The record would be unscathed!

I’m just a sponge for history. Plastic records (albums) had to spin in order to play, and the rotational velocity was 33 1/3 RPM. Coincidentally, 33 1/3 is the exact number of years between The Birth of Christ and His Resurrection from the dead! Seth told me the rest of the story.

Because of the holy significance of the number 33 1/3, Satan had hoped to eventually take control of it. During the mid 1900s, Universities became secular humanist indoctrination centers that trained, among others, mechanical, electrical and industrial engineers.

Devoid of spiritual guidance available through Roman Catholicism, engineers that designed specifications for audio disk playback were easily compromised by the kingdom of darkness! During meetings regarding a rotational speed at which to spin a record album, Satan disguised himself as a fly and buzzed around the room.

But he beat his wings in a precise rhythm that produced a high pitched series of sounds: thirty-three and a third, but backwards! The subliminal suggestion induced the engineers to choose 33 1/3 RPM as a rotation velocity for turntables, which would later be used as the playback speed for recordings of Hell’s tormented souls’, as they resonated through roots of ancient doom, into rock musicians, and were then electronically amplified and sent through 100-foot-high speaker towers from which many innocent youth, jacked up on LSD, plunged to a bloody death, because they thought they could fly!

But then CD’s were invented, and 33 1/3 no longer had a satanic use! The advent of compact discs historically parallels the efforts of The Blessed Pope John Paul II to end the evil empire: The USSR! However, The Pope was making no progress, because he had no cards. He was honest when he claimed that the Soviet Union was bad, but no one paid attention, because the Pope could only talk about what should be.

As is typically the case, Mother Church spoke in mild and cryptic opposition to a serious global problem, but offered no solution! This is likened to a Catholic layman saying, “God bless you; may the peace of Christ go with you,” while he allows another to starve! There’s no shortage of free advice!

But a third parallel existed in the 1980s: the President of The United States of America claimed, “There’s no limit to what a man can achieve, if he doesn’t care who gets the credit.” Then President Ronald Reagan, also of a mind to end the Soviet reign of terror (My Grandpa lived during a time when everyone feared global nuclear holocaust at the hands of the USSR! He remembers 1961, when Soviet Premiere, Nikita Khrushchev, was readying to launch a worldwide nuclear attack.)

The world watched as the words of The Blessed Virgin Mother to the children in Fatima Portugal (The Third Secret of Fatima) came to pass. The children witnessed the Angel of God’s wrath holding a flame in His hand, preparing to set the world on fire! In the same vision appeared Mother Mary, The Mother of God!

The Virgin Mother held out her hand, and the Angel of God’s wrath was unable to touch the world with His flaming torch! Sister Lucia, the only one among the children at Fatima to survived until adulthood, insisted from her childhood that she was forbidden by The Blessed Mother to reveal the last part of the apparitions she had witnessed (The Third Secret)!

Eventually, upon the command of The Vatican, under threat of excommunication, Sister Lucia, by that time a consecrated Sister, gave 1960 A.D. as the time she could reveal the third and final secret of Fatima. But it’s intuitively obvious to even the most casual observer evaluating the vision of the Angel and The Eternal Blessed Virgin, and especially with the year, 1960 A.D., specified;

that the third secret of Fatima IS:

The hand of the Angel of God’s wrath was Soviet Premiere, Nikita Khrushchev, and the flaming torch was the Soviet nuclear arsenal. The hand of The Eternal Virgin Mother was United States President, and devout Roman Catholic, John Fitzgerald Kennedy!

The restraint Mother Mary used against the Angel was the discipline and superior fighting force, born of the will of a free nation, to offer Truth, Justice and The American Way to all men! What Mary held concealed in Her hand, that which the children could not see, was The United States Military: Army, Air Force, Navy, Marines!

During The Cuban Missile Crisis, the end of the world, President Kennedy undoubtedly sought counsel from his Holy Catholic Mother, Mary, The Most Blessed and Eternal Virgin, Mirror of Innocence, and Sanctity and Refuge of Penitent Sinners; as soon-to-be Roman Catholic Saint John F. Kennedy, former commander of a US Navy destroyer vessel, ordered a Military Blockade to prevent the evil empire stockpiling nuclear-armed ballistic missiles on the isle of Cuba, only 90 miles off the US coast!

The Cuban Missile Crisis, during which for one week the end of civilization loomed over the innocent, America’s comfort was drawn from their confidence in the only Roman Catholic President to ever be elected, because he indeed was the hand of The Blessed Virgin! President Kennedy proved that no one can love The Son but not love His Mother; no man will save the world in a practical sense, save that such a man loves both God The Son AND His Blessed Mother!

The Bible speaks of Simeon the Prophet who told The Blessed Virgin, “Your own heart shall be pierced by seven swords, that the souls of many may be revealed!” Those who claim to love The Son, but who do not love His Mother, have been exposed as corrupt; For one cannot love The Son but not His Mother! Their corrupt souls have been laid bare, just as Simeon, the man of God, had long ago prophesied to Mary!

Back a ways in the post, Seth got a little distracted and sidetracked, but he said to write everything, anyway! So, add together (the end of Satan’s reign over 33 1/3) + (The Blessed Pope John Paul II speaking rationally regarding just how evil was the evil empire) + (US President Ronald Reagan and his iron-nerve poker-playing skills) = (the collapse of the Soviet economy) = (the end of the cold war) = (an end to free childrens’ fears of instantaneous incineration, which would fill their imaginations just before bedtime each night)

Ronald Reagan met with then Pope John Paul II, to discuss moral issues involved in ending the Soviet reign of terror. The President and The Pope were of one mind that to do nothing at all, because the alternative would be confrontation, would necessarily condemn both of them to Hell for the final impenitent sin of allowing intolerable evil for the good that may come of it!

Reagan met with then Soviet General Secretary, Mikhail Gorbachev, in several weapons-control summits. Reagan did not fear offending the Soviet Leader, and at one such summit, simply walked out of the talks and flew back to the US.

But Reagan had an idea, ‘A space-based guardian-grid that protected the US against nuclear attack, would essentially render worthless and wasted, all Soviet economic investment in nuclear stockpiles. The United States rapidly developed technology for satellite-based proton-laser that concentrated and focused subatomic particles into a coherent, invisible beam that could precisely acquire a target, and fire a pulsed particle beam one thousand times a second, each pulse piercing a large hole in an enemy missile guidance system!

Only a few people knew the overall concept of the project, because the government used several military contractors, each to build only a discrete component of the system! With full deployment only two years hence, The Soviets were soon-to-be defenseless against the USA! The reality was that the United States Government would very shortly gain power to set up a Constitutional Republic in the USSR!

That would mean loss of power and wealth for a handful of people who ruled the Soviet Union, and prosperity for the rest of the population! The evil empire did not allow citizens to cross the border out of the empire. Those caught teaching Christianity to children were imprisoned in concentration camps for up to 20 years! There once existed a Soviet law that stipulated 20 years as the maximum sentence that could be imposed, unless a crime was committed!

At one point there was a threat that the proletariat (working class) had become too large, and the rulers were no longer able to control such a massive populous! To make things safer and more manageable for the oppressive rulers, the military force simply destroyed the food supply belonging to 60 million people, and they starved to death!

Soviet spies attempted to secure the classified technology being used by The United States, and the US was kind enough to leak it to them. The Soviets diverted 80% of their economy to development of a similar satellite-based proton-laser defense system! It became a race to deploy the system before the US gained military superiority, and the consequent demand under the threat of nuclear annihilation, that The Soviet Union cease oppressing its citizens, allow the conquered republics to nationalize, and the US would then destroy the Soviet nuclear arsenal!

During this time, President Reagan gave a speech on the West side of the Berlin Wall! That’s what I said, “What Berlin wall?” There was once an impenetrable wall that divided Berlin, Germany! The people on the West side of the wall were free people. The ones living East of it were prisoners! They lived under communist rule. If they tried to cross over the wall, they’d be shot to death! I know! It seems impossible until you think about Barack Obama being President!

Reagan boldly spoke these words during his speech, “MR. GORBACHEV, TEAR DOWN THIS WALL!” The citizens living on either side of the wall grabbed railroad picks, sledge hammers, chisels, and anything else that could help them destroy the wall. It was over 87 miles long and 12 feet tall, made of steel-reinforced concrete. The Soviet leadership didn’t interfere, because they were busy developing a defense grid!

After the Soviet economy started to buckle, Reagan easily plowed Gorbachev into a landmark arms-reduction treaty, but compliance was questionable on either side. The Soviet economy collapsed due to astronomical defense spending. Soviet currency had always been soft, meaning it was not negotiable for international trade. The large banking institutions offered to lend funds for the restoration of the collapsed economies, but only on the condition of complicity to certain human-rights treaties, which were conditional to all nations that desired hard currency!

Hard currency is legitimate in world banking markets. Before China had been accepted into The World Trade Organization, its government was required to hold 3 trillion US Dollars to back China’s currency in international trade markets. The former nation states that formed the Soviet Union rebelled and formed their own governments. Communism was over.

The Roman Catholic Magisterium officially credits The Blessed Pope John Paul II with toppling world communism. Am I missing something? Oh, yes, Saint President Ronald Wilson Reagan! The cause for beatification should begin for both President Kennedy and President Reagan, who can both acted as The Right Hand of God!

John F. Kennedy has two miracles attributable to him: being simultaneously a Democrat AND a good President, and saving the world from nuclear annihilation! Ronald W. Reagan also has two miracles that can be attributed to him: tripling the size of the US economy, and defeating the evil empire! Modern civilization owes its present existence to these two US Presidents!

Ok, that’s the whole post! So I asked Seth, “Do you think I’m attractive?”

He said, “If I say yes, you’ll want more. If I say no, you’ll be hurt. So, maybe.”

I said, “You have to say yes, or no!

Then my Mom shouted from the kitchen, “SETH IS BEING POLITE! HE’S A HOLY MAN! YOU LEAVE HIM ALONE, DO YOU HEAR ME?”

I said, “YES MOTHER,” and to Seth, “How did she hear me?”

He said, “When you get married, have a few children, and your daughter begins testing her attractiveness, your hearing will improve.”

My Mom shouted, “THANK YOU, SETH.”

I said, “That’s almost scary!”

He said, “Do you recite your Rosary each night?”

I said, “Yes.”

He said, “Do you pray to The Blessed Virgin Mother’s intercession on behalf of your chastity, including the spiritual strength to avoid touching yourself even in a moment of temptation?”

I said, “Of course! That would be filthy! Boys do that, the filthy pigs! I can’t stand it! I’d feel dirty and used if I touched myself impurely! How could I ever tell my husband?, I mean, after I get married.”

Seth said, “A husband has a special way to forgive his wife. She kneels at his feet and confesses her sin of sensual pleasure. Her head is veiled in reverence to her husband’s masculinity. Then, she can say, ‘I’ve been a naughty girl. I need a firm masculine hand on my small, round bottom!’

“Through punishment for her sensual pleasure, sensual guilt is expiated, and closeness returns to her heart. After hearing his wife confess sensual pleasure, and then spanking her, her husband is strongly motivated to sow his masculine forgiveness deep inside the woman’s contrite fertility.

“The woman’s guilt-laden but repentant intimate domain bathed in masculine forgiveness calls forth God’s Forgiveness from Heaven, and the woman conceives new life in the image of married lovers, and in the image of God! What greater expression of Forgiveness could there be?!”

I said, “I’m having sensations I’m not familiar to. I feel warm and tingly, like I want you to touch me.”

He said, “I was only explaining the dynamic in God’s plan for the female. You don’t have to get excited about it. I’m a chaste mystic. I can’t give you children. I’ve never joined to a woman.”

I said, “You called a woman! I’m a woman! And you’re a man! Doesn’t that mean something?!”

“God has set me apart for Himself. I didn’t intend to arouse your female need for security and commitment. I was only stating facts that you’ll find one day are Truth. You’ll begin, of maybe have already begun to experience feelings you don’t understand. You’d be best off speaking to one of the consecrated Sisters at your high school. I don’t feel comfortable discussing it further while we’re alone in your bedroom in your father’s house. It’s not prudent or proper.”

“I don’t care! Every part of my body wants to trust you! I would do anything for you; absolutely anything!”

“All right, I want to stop talking about this.”

“Did you notice how perky my nipples are? Could you brush your hand over my sweater, just as a friend?”

“Then I guess you were lying.”

“They are perky! I can feel them!”

“You said you’d do anything for me; absolutely anything. I said I wanted to talk about something else. But you won’t do that for me.”

My Mom shouted, “SETH, DO YOU NEED MY HELP?”



I said, “I heard that!”

He said, “You probably did. What of it?”

“First tell me what inveigle and supine mean.”

“Inveigle means to lure using flattery or guise. Supine means face up.”

I said, “So, if a guy tells me I’m really beautiful and smart and graceful, and he’d like his babies to nurse on my breasts; and then I lay on my back for him?”

“Your hormones are already interfering with your proper use of language.”

“I feel like an air-head, especially when you look into my eyes! I love your masculine smell! Would you lay on top of me, just as a friend?”

“No! Your must recite ten decades or more, tonight! Temptation is crouching at your door, but you can be its master! If you remain chaste, you shall think well of yourself. But if in a moment of wanton harlotry you touch yourself impurely, you’ll lose your soul! Many a girl has yielded, only to become a chemically sterilized flesh receptacle for fruitless acts of masculine biological release.”

“I didn’t need to hear that!”

“Yes you did! Your mature enough that you must heed the wisdom of your elders! Else, you’ll end up like this:

Hot young Susie never swore,

Nor with the boys played truth or dare.

She always sought her elders’ voice,

Before she settled on one choice.

In meadows lurked the opium,

The devil lies in anxious wait.

By sinister opprobrium,

The curious meet their lurid fate.

She took a shortcut through the trees,

Beyond dwelt unknown enemies.

A boy so beautiful to behold;

Sensations mother had not told;

Lustful passion gripped her heart,

Stood she slain by cupids dart.

Darkness only mimics the light;

From fools, Satan won’t take flight.

The devil’s fiercest sentiment;

The virgin’s choicest ornament,

Rage in a battle to survive,

One shall live and one shall die!

Hypnotic were his vulgar calls,

To stretch her virgin sugar walls.

Her fickle heart his charm embraced,

She was naked to the waist.

Her wraparound he deftly shed.

On her back lay curious Susie.

The prairie grass her marriage bed;

The poppies made of her a floosie.

For violation begged her cherry,

From his love cove mercenary.

Her evil deed, in time was etched;

Out of wedlock she was stretched.

The demons masquerade as light,

Molest, possess, and win the fight.

Her progeny had eyes bright yellow;

Two-spiked skull and pointed tail.

Silent screams her shamed heart uttered,

In the attic her mother shuddered.

Hot young Susie’s morning after,

Found her hung on mourning rafter.

Sometimes, when the wind is still,

The Townsfolk gather at the well.

They teach of long-dead virgin’s thrill;

Young girl’s hear her cries from Hell!

I said, “You m a d e u p that whole thing! I hate it!”

Seth said, “It’s easy to hate reflections unveiled within the heart that plots evil. If you were to soil yourself, you’d lose your talent! If you remain chaste, you’ll become a professional writer!”

“No I won’t! I write a feeble blog!”

“Let’s not forget Wayne’s World, the feeble public access television program. You have a lot more to say than Wayne and Garth did.”

I said, “What are you talking about?!”

“Do you recognize the sarcastic response, “Yeah, and monkeys might fly outta my butt!” It expresses the perceived improbability of a specific occurrence.”

I cracked up laughing! “Where did you hear that?”

“Forget it. I forget sometimes my age. It’s from a movie called: Wayne’s World.

“That is hilarious! I’ve got to get the DVD! What other good movies do you know about?”

“I’m happy to see your mind is back out of the gutter. I have to go. Hurry, you have a lot to write!” Seth slipped out.

I heard him say to my Mom, “She’ll be fine. She learned a lot about herself tonight.”

My Mom said, “I’d kiss you, but I’m married!”

Seth said, “A kiss from a woman of your exquisite beauty would be too much temptation to bear!”

She yelled up the stairs, “ISN’T HE ADORABLE!”

My Dad said, “Hey Seth, did you ever see MasonCide’s fiancee?”

Seth said, “I have, and though she be immortal, she is yet no match for the women in your family. Ta Ta!” And off he went. He thinks I’m more attractive than MasonCide’s virgin warrior priestess goddess fiancee!

Ok, I have to be up early. Good night. Oh, you’re probably wondering about that whole defense grid thing. It was called, The Strategic Defense Initiative, and it was a bluff, but a pretty gutsy one!

I’m FragileSwan! And this has been WordPress!