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On Divine Mercy Sunday, May 1, 2011, the Sunday after Easter each year, The One True Holy Global Roman Catholic and Apostolic Church offered this petition to God The Father:

Eternal Father

We offer Thee The Body and Blood

Soul and Divinity

Of Your Dearly Beloved Son

Our Lord Jesus Christ

In atonement for our sins

And those of the whole world

For the sake of His sorrowful passion

Have mercy on us

And on the whole world!

Holy God

Holy Mighty God

Holy Immortal One

Have Mercy on us

And on the whole world.

That same chorus is heard from every bended knee, in every nation, in every tongue (language). Yesterday was Divine Mercy Sunday, coincidentally the same day one million people attended the beatification Mass for The Blessed Pope John Paul II. Beatification gives the title Blessed, and requires that at least one proved miracle be attributable to The Blessed’s intercession.

There’s a lot paperwork and investigation, and then if a second miracle is attributed to the intercession of the Blessed, in this case Pope John Paul II, the process of canonization is begun. Writings, speeches, Mass homilies, and testimony among the living on behalf of the Blessed; are analyzed in aggregate to confirm the possibility of future scandal is managable.

I give testimony to my prayer answered through the intercession of Pope John Paul II. I prayed:

Dear Heavenly Father, through The Perfect Living Sacrifice of Jesus Christ, I come before Your Mighty Throne a chaste virgin pure and sacred, obedient to my Heavenly Father, never having touched myself in a moment of weakness, nor have I been in private with a male I’m not related to.

I give You the thanks, honor, glory and praise due You Holy Name! On this Divine Mercy Sunday, through the intercession of The Blessed Pope John Paul II, I humbly offer my petition: May Usama bin Laden, the same by any other name, be captured and tried as a war criminal. Should he resist capture and be killed, let him be shot to death by white, clean-shaven, righteous Christian American military men!

I can approach the Throne of Almighty God, because I have never experienced pleasure forbidden to the female. The Priest told us in health class to keep a ten foot distance from any wash machine when it’s on spin cycle. I guess some girls have lost their souls! He said we only have to be cautious until we get married, because … I don’t know why!

May 2, 2011 12:30 am EDT, Usama bin Laden shot to death by US Navy Seals.

12:40 am, Times Square in New York City is busting at the seams as police barricade the streets and join the celebration. President Barack Obama is a HERO, soon again to be a zero, unless he leads the nation to repentance!

On the Presidents order, 40 Navy Seals embarked from a makeshift airbase just inside the Afghani border. This mission was so secret, only the Seals, The President, and the a few in the CIA knew about it beforehand.

The Navy Seals are trained to complete hazardous missions under any environmental conditions, anywhere on earth, under water, in the air, in urban settings, jungles, deserts or Antarctica! Only the toughest of the tough qualify to train with the Navy Seals. Former Minnesota Governor, and costar in an ancient classic, Predator, is Jesse Ventura, a former Navy Seal! My Grandpa watched Jesse Ventura in professional wrestling!

Seal training is 100% voluntary. Anyone may withdraw from the training at any time. 75% voluntarily end their training before completion. 7% are told to leave for medical reasons. 3% leave for all other reason combined. My Dad knows everything about guns, professional wrestling, military stuff, Arnold Schwarzenegger movies, body building, motorcycles and cars!

President John Fitzgerald Kennedy ordered the creation of a military special forces unit capable of achieving all possible military objectives, in silence, under camouflage, armed with state-of-the-art technology and communication; that could strike with unmatched surgical precision, soldiers who are essentially superior to all others. President Kennedy specified the name Seals, and that they would be part of the Navy.

United States Military superiority brings peace to the world, because peace is always secondary to strength! The US Military protects Truth, Justice and The American Way. Never mind what was written regarding superman. He’s proud of his US citizenship! All Marvel Superheroes are proud to be American, except maybe that Norse one!

If anyone living in America disagrees with white people controlling their own nation, and disagrees with white people enjoying God’s reward to the righteous (wealth), and/or doesn’t like The US Military, s(he) can walk up to any white person and say,

I’m sick of you white people having more than everyone else, just because you’re smarter, more educated and harder working! I think the US Military should dance around like a bunch of fairies and throw poop on enemy troops’ instead of murdering them!

I think The US Constitution is wrong! I hate Western Culture! I hope I never see another roll of bathroom tissue! But before you say anything, just let me ask you a question: Would you be willing to pay one-way air fair, so I can go live in a different country?

I guarantee any white person would say, “Sure!” Airlines could help by offering discounted rates to any non-white passengers flying one-way out of The USA, and/or to those whose luggage is cardboard boxes, burlap sacks, polyethylene trash can liners, or paper grocery bags! White people want to know what it’s like to be segregated, judged by the color of their skin and treated differently than everyone else! You don’t believe me?!

Anyone who wants white people to feel the pain of segregation and rejection, to be judged by the color of their skin, need only telephone the FAA, and make their views known, like this:

Hi, FAA?, I think ethnic minorities should have their own airport security checkpoints, and white people should be excluded! Make white people go through segregated checkpoints for whites only. Let everyone else fly together on commercial flights, but force white people on separate planes! See how they like it! It’s about time we do to them what they did to us!

If outraged minorities unite, they can get it done! Ok, So, Mother Church and Her faithful petitioned God for Mercy. I prayed for the intercession of The Blessed Pope John Paul II, and Usama bin Laden was miraculously located, but unfortunately killed.

The Bible says, “Do not rejoice over the death of your enemy! For you will meet the same fate, and you don’t want rejoicing over your passing.”

We must never drink the death of the wicked to sate our thirst for vengeance! Sin causes death. It is not a time to rejoice. International law enforcement agencies were performing their duties as ordered by legitimate government authority. The Navy Seals pursued a law enforcement objective: take Usama bin Laden into custody to await a fair trial.

It is unfortunate that the world’s most wanted criminal attacked those dedicated Americans who had secured God’s Blessing upon their mission! Americans must resist building walls of implicit symbolism, i.e. When you mess with the US, you’re messing with the best!, OR One sand-nigger down, 300,000,000 to go!

And especially avoid these mental traps: God wanted Usama bin Laden dead!, OR The USA is Number One!, OR, This is the end of Islam!, OR The lives lost in the attack on September 11, 2001 have been avenged! OR, That camel jockey got what he deserved!

Those attitudes only build overconfidence, false sense of security, division, contention, lust for revenge, blood lust and aggression which create a veil of arrogance that’s easily exploited by enemies. America MUST humbly accept long-overdue justice as a gift from Lord God The Almighty.

Do not seek revenge. Justice is Mine, says The Lord! May 1, 2011, Americans turned to face their Heavenly Father and ask Him for His Mercy upon us; for the sake of the sorrowful passion of Jesus Christ! Truth and Justice are The Right Hand of God Almighty: The United States of America: One Nation, Under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all!

Roman Catholic ArchBishop Fulton Sheen—who for years had the largest television audience in the USA, whose entire program starred only himself standing in front of a camera and speaking whatever came to mind—wrote, “A man will love his Country and Her disciplined fighting force to the same degree he loves God!”

America was blessed for one day, because we asked God for Mercy, by The Precious Blood of His Dearly Beloved Son, Our Lord Jesus Christ! Truth be told, The USA is number one only because God is Number One, and The USA is The Nation Under God!

I’m FragileSwan! And this has been WordPress!