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The godless hear ethnic diversity and cheer, because it won’t be long before ethnic-minority males are granted equal access to white virgins! Let’s examine. What drives white men to acquire wealth? Living in luxury, fast cars, mansions, influence, power, leverage, control, security, privilege? All these factor in, but wealthy white males don’t live in luxury, they work. They love the thrill of a fine automobile, but they rarely have the opportunity to drive! Influence and power are pretty much a given at the $200 million Dollar net worth stage, yet white males continue to seek wealth beyond any practical use.

A man can only make use of a limited number of residences. You can only cruise on one yacht at a time. No matter how large a mansion, the human body occupies the same space. Wealthy white males are practical. They’re concerned with function. Private jets are real time savers, and time is the most valuable commodity where wealth is concerned.

Driving one’s own car consumes time that could be spent working, so a driver/body guard actually saves money! Powerful corporate executives work in lavish offices, decorated by famous designers, but this setup serves only as an intimidation factor and sign of rank. If you asked a typical CEO to describe his workspace, without looking at it, he couldn’t do it, because it really means nothing to him. It means a lot to others, because they don’t have it.

So what is all this stuff for? MATING RIGHTS!! White women are the most expensive of all. They can spend more money in one day than the total yearly budget of a small government! Wealth gives males mating rights to practically any female desired. If she’s a young feminist, he can give her a job, and a company BMW, and a tanning deck on the roof, and company credit card, and her own office, and her own job title. Then, he can give her assignments which make use of her cute new car and her charge card.

She can shop for gifts the man needs for special occasions, and string bikinis to wear on her private tanning deck, and all the personal electronics that will fit in her office! She’ll lose the feminist edge pretty quick and become a submissive female. The confident male never hears the word no to a request for a companion on a short getaway. He’s already purchased a stunning pair of diamond earrings with matching chain and pendant. It’s only money!

He checks them into separate but adjoining rooms, and says, “Relax for a few hours, but be ready for dinner at 7:00. If you require apparel, just ask for Jacques.”

“How do I find him?”

“Just speak his name within your room. He’ll come up fit you, consult on your personal style, make recommendations, and his staff will create a one-of-a-kind dinner dress that complies to both your fashion sense and public decency laws.”

“I feel like Cinderella. You’re the best boss I could ever wish for!”

“I’m your boss during work hours. I’d like to get to know you better.”

“Really! Why?”

“There’s something mysterious about you; in a good way. You’re unexplored.”

“Ok, I’m going to call Jacques! What are you going to wear?”

“A navy blue business suit.”

“Don’t you have something more fun?”

“I also have a brown business suit.”

“Navy blue, please!”

And the rest is history. Ethnic-minority males believe that white women are colorblind golddiggers, and a wealthy dark-skinned male has equal access to white females. The godless celebrate ethnic diversity, because it represents the initial stage of genetic elimination of God’s children. This will eliminate the white virgin’s blood sacrifice of innocence, indirectly eliminating the Sons of God!

Ethnic diversity is racism, because it is based on race. The Linux development community offers a model for success. Linux has revolutionized the world, by providing operating software for every computing platform. It will run on everything from a cell phone to a Cray XT-5 supercomputer, and everything in between.

The software is freely available to all. Sophisticated computing power is possible without payment of software license fees, placing high performance computing within the reach of the entire world’s population. Linux is the operating system run on more computing systems than all other software combined!

Think about this if you will: imagine a PC or laptop that can run continuously for a year, without blue-screening or locking up, ever, not even once! It sounds like fiction, but Linux can do that. Why am I talking about this?

The Linus development community does not discriminate on the basis of persons. It matters not what you look like, in which nation you reside, whether male of female, religious affiliation, race, political viewpoints, personal beliefs, allegiances, income, social status, educational level, criminal status, sexual orientation, marital status, disabilities, physical illnesses, family upbringing, or anything else except one thing: MERIT!

The individual is judged on merit. If he/she writes computer language source code that works, solves problems, complies with established convention, is easy to implement, and doesn’t burden the rest of the community, nothing else matters! This is the ideal system for all human endeavors. The Linux kernel community does not operate to serve a political agenda, to suit social criteria, to redistribute wealth, or to achieve ethnic diversity.

Each individual is responsible for his own success or failure. Merit-based systems produce the finest creations wrought by the hands and minds of man. Yes, there is a clear and distinct majority of white people in the Linux development community, because Linux was invented by a white person. But what else is new?

Ethnic diversity is the key to failure in all endeavors except giving everyone a warm fuzzy feeling all over. Aircraft might break apart in flight, because one of design engineers attended a public school in which the children felt good about themselves, because they had math problems like this:

If a plane is flying at 40 mph, what is your favorite color? Everyone got the correct answer, because Truth is a matter of personal preference! So, when the aeronautics engineer came to an equation that tripped off his attention deficit disorder, he remembered his favorite color. Instead of entering 23.46236 into the aircraft design software, he entered blue. And it was so self-affirming to know that if a problem is too hard, you just name your favorite color, and the problem goes away, just like hiding under the bed in a house fire, or denying the existence of God!

I’m FragileSwan! And this has been WordPress!