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The United States of America was made by white males, for white males, and for white babes to bear and nurse white mens children! We can demonstrate this like so: the men who wrote and signed The Declaration of Independence were white males! No ethnic minorities or women were involved!

The men who wrote The Constitution of The United States of America were white males, as were the men who wrote The Bill of Rights! Ethnic minorities and women were not involved! White males fought and died not only for US independence, and to free African-Americans from slavery.

White males gave women the right to vote. White males died so that the black man would enjoy freedom. White males invented and discovered everything of any consequence. The practice of medicine is a white invention, allowing modern medicine in the Third Millennium, rather than hospitals staffed by witch doctors.

Hospitals themselves were invented by Roman Catholic Monks: the original University professors who taught medicine to aspiring doctors. It was then, and it is presently illegal for a consecrated Catholic religious to practice medicine, surgery, law, law enforcement, or to perform military duties; although there are exceptions made for military chaplains and a very few doctors. Secular legal practice requires the lawyer to commit sin, so it remains forbidden to clergy, Bishops and other religious. That’s why the Monks trained laymen to practice medicine!

Roman Catholic Monks–white males–also invented the University system, and served as the vast majority of professors during the system’s first 1,000 years. The Monks spent years transcribing books, using an ink well and quill pen, and so were most familiar with the text! It only made good sense that they should teach the works.

So, we owe modern medicine and the University system to white male Roman Catholic Monks, which means we owe science to the Monks! White males–Catholic Monks Again–invented free market economics and the seven-note musical scale. These two inventions allowed The United States and music!

The US Constitution is based on Roman Catholic Doctrine inspired from God Almighty and written by white males! The intrinsic right to life was discovered by white males. It was The Roman Catholic Church that proclaimed each man has a God-given right to his own life. The natural consequence of this proclamation were statutory laws banning willful slaughter of the innocent.

That’s right!! Modern laws against murder originate from God Almighty! Without Divine knowledge, if one doesn’t like someone else, they kill each other.  Without God, the mighty slay the weak out of arrogance, and a man’s property is as secure as his army can keep it! Without God, if a bigger thug assaults the man’s security force, the weaker man loses his life and his property.

White male Roman Catholics instituted the legal concept of a man’s right to dispose of the fruits of his labor as he sees fit, regardless of his economic standing–justice is when each man knows the fruits of his labor, and his wife, are his own! This made way for laws against killing people for the sake of stealing their property, or raping their wives.

I took an informal survey at my high school, Mary of Perpetual Virginity High School. It’s an all girl Catholic school, but we have a brother school that’s all boys. We’re blocks away from each other, so we see a lot of the guys. Anyway, I asked my friends to ask their parent(s) if they would be willing to pay one-way air fare to rid the country of one ethnic minority. The results were 100% YES !!

My school doesn’t allow ethnic minorities, because ethnic minority girls are NOT chaste. They’d pollute the purity of us white virgins. I never even saw a colored until I was like twelve! But a few of them get in anyway. There’s some black students at our brother school too!

I’m not racially prejudiced. I just think if people want to complain about the fact that the USA is a constitutional republic, and government is NOT a giant breast for ethnic minorities suck on all their lives, they can approach any white person and say, “Hi, if you pay for a plane flight out of the country, I’ll be on it, and I’ll never return to this country,” and they’ll be free of this cruel nation, and EVERYONE will be happy.

I’m FragileSwan! And this has been WordPress!