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I was trying to find some products to help my parents be more ecologically responsible regarding our carbon footprint. I found a few very useful items, but only if you’re one of the people who never uses algebra in real life! Other people—people capable of rational sequential thought—immediately see the Truth:

For the tidy sum of $380.00USD, we could purchase a clever device that converts sunlight into direct electrical current, inverts the DC into power utility style 120 Volt alternating current—AC—at 60 cycles per second—60 Hz. The unit produces 120 Watts, which is one kilowatt-hour every 8 1/3 hours. The great part is that all this extra power is put back on the power grid, through a power outlet, and is sold back to the power utility. This is all true!

8 1/3 hours is about a day’s worth of sunlight, so we can say we’re generating roughly 1.0 KWhr per day. This amounts to about 10 cents of compensation per day. But it isn’t sunny every day, so we can save an average of 5 cents per day. At this rate the unit will pay for itself after 21 yeas of continuous use, during which time it would have furnished 3,800 kilowatt hours of green electrical power.

However, if we take into consideration the manufacturing and transportation of this device:

Mine raw materials

Refine raw materials

Ship refined materials to factory

Manufacture the product

Transport to distributors

Ship to retail  stores and individual users.

WE see that the carbon footprint of manufacturing is larger than the finished product could prevent! So, the whole idea is stupid!!

I looked around and found self-sufficient power systems—wind, stream, dam, fuel powered—but who would care about electricity after a nuclear war. Like, your career is RUINED!! Surviving nuclear war isn’t my idea of survival.

So, I conclude that the Green energy movement is an oxymoron, because it creates more environmental pollution than it prevents, and the financial payoff is roughly equivalent to putting your pennies in a 5 gallon water cooler bottle for the next 20 years. The biggest problem with the world is that people want the feeling of making a difference, without expenditure of time, effort, or money.

Work is the only thing that makes a difference. People want to use their oversexed and zero-creativity minds to make something beautiful, but the people are not themselves beautiful. They worship ugliness. They’ve become ugly. We don’t need Green power. The world’s volcanoes have a greenhouse gas footprint 300,000 times that of the United States—more than the global man-made footprint.

If humans disappeared tomorrow, it wouldn’t make the slightest difference in atmospheric concentrations of greenhouse gases.

I’m FragileSwan! And this has been WordPress!!