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I was out in the blogosphere and I wrote a reply to another post. But for some reason it wouldn’t allow me to post. It was a pretty long reply, long enough to be a post of its own right.

700 years from now, the Church will be correct while people will laugh at 2010 A.D. medical technology. When Pope Benedict XVI says that condoms are not the solution to the African AIDS epidemic, he is correct! The people must learn chastity and holiness!!

The solution to the African AIDS epidemic is proper education. Black Africans acquire most of their knowledge from their parents and from witch doctors. Ordinarily, subsaharan Africans do not seek medical advice or treatment until all voodoo oriented cures fail.

Most members of this group believe AIDS is an evil curse that one can gain protection against or have dispelled by a symbolic act specified by a witch doctor.

Most black Africans view medicine as utterly useless and nonsensical, because it doesn’t address the wrath of deceased relatives, curses, demons, or anything else that causes illness.

Until AIDS victims abandon superstitious treatments for disease, they will not reliably use condoms. They don’t understand why they should, because the males don’t want to use them, and they don’t believe in microbial pathogens.

They think the man’s semen contains tiny people that grow into infants. They have no concept of a mother being blood relation to her children, because they cannot observe ovulation.

One of the superstitious AIDS cures is for a cursed man to sodomize a virgin. But virgins are difficult to locate.

Black African men that have angered their dead ancestors, and thus been afflicted by AIDS, will try to sire a child with a non-virgin, so if she gives birth to a female, the man can sodomize the infant and be free of the curse.

It is impossible to simply educate the people, because they’re illiterate, ignorant, superstitious, fearful of witch doctors, and oppressed by political leaders.

Some subsaharan nations don’t have governments! The Roman Catholic Church is the primary source of education worldwide. Mother Church has educated more people than all other entities combined. She has lifted more illiterate savages from superstition and ignorance than all other sources combined.

She invented and ran the university system for 800 years. She invented civilian hospitals, and was the exclusive source of medical education. Without The Church’s influence, the sick would be abandoned and left to die.

Mother Church is the primary charitable organization on earth’s surface. It is by far the largest and wealthiest organization in the history of creation. It’s annual budget dwarfs that of the United States government. The Roman Catholic Church put an end to human sacrifice. She has treated and cured more illness that all other entities combined.

She educated barbarian Europe, taught just systems of law, developed the first efficient iron ore refinement technique, that made possible the industrial revolution. She invented the printing press.

She invented high yield agriculture, and the science of genetics. Long before Galileo, She posited a heliocentric universe. During the black death of 1348 A.D., the physicians used astrology to discover the cause and devise a treatment. Among other things, it was advised by the foremost physicians on the planet, that to avoid the plague one must avoid sleep during the day, not eat fish and cheese together, and strictly avoid drinking rainwater.

The cause of the plague was determined to be an astrological configuration three years previous, which found three conflicting planets together in the same zodiac, and was only now causing earth to release poisonous vapors!

The Pope disagreed, and recommended that the people sit between two fires. After it was discovered that bubonic plague is caused by a pathogenic microbe, killed at temperatures slightly above human body temperature, everyone knew the Pope had been correct, and the physicians of the time were clowns.