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For as long as I can remember, Protestants have been drumming up hoopla over ancient history, claiming that a beast named 6-6-6 will appear and force everyone to accept its mark on their foreheads or right hands, and to bow down and worship the beast. Historically, people have believed this same thing. Pope Pius XII even claimed the end had come.

Take a look at this coin:

Stamped Image of The Beast and His Right Hand

The coin is a stamped image of the beast. On the reverse side is a depiction of the beast showing a patera in his right hand: symbol of divinity in Roman paganism. Also stamped into the coin is the name of the beast, when translated into Greek, the numeric equivalents of the Greek letters added together produce the required sum: 666.

The author of The Book of Revelation was trying to convey in concealed language that people are damned who knelt and made offerings to statues of Emperor Caesar Nero; statues that Roman military commanders erected everywhere.

By authority of the Emperor, Roman military commanders ordered all commerce by Roman coin only. Anyone caught using local coin was executed. So, no one could buy or sell without accepting a stamped image of the beast’s head or right hand (holding the patera: pagan symbol of divinity), or its name: NEROCAESAR.

The Roman commanders were given equivalent authority as the Emperor (beasts that came out of the first beast’s mouth–Emperor Nero’s word granted authority) , and these men exchanged local coin for Roman coin. But, to change money into the only legal currency: Roman coin, each family was required to bring an offering before one of the many statues of Caesar Nero, kneel before it and make a food offering.

After the offering was made, the Roman soldiers were given most of it, and the family was left with enough to feed themselves. This kept fed the army , and the people got their local coin changed for Roman coin. But they were also forced to bow down before the image of the beast, and to accept a stamped image of the beast and its right hand: Roman coin.

But what about the second beast that could call fire down from Heaven? The ancient Israelites were highly motivated by mystical beliefs, so the Roman military commander ordered thousands of troops quietly into position outside the Jerusalem city wall. No one inside the city could see the soldiers, because the wall concealed them. The commander entered Jerusalem. To intimidate the Jews to surrender, he threatened to call down fire from Heaven and burn the city to cinders.

His troops meanwhile ignited flame-tipped arrows. The Jews essentially refused to adopt the Roman pantheon of gods (part of the means ancient Rome used to keep order among its provinces). Then the Jews assured the Roman commander that The One True God was more powerful than any number of pagan gods, no matter how great. So, the commander, on his exit said, “Great gods of Rome, rain fire down on these atheists; atheists, because they believed in only One God, which was to Romans the equivalent of no God.

Add to that that The One True God is simply, God, not, Zeus Olympios, or some other personified deity, and the Romans view was that Jews were irreverent even to the One God they did claim as their own! As the commander left to safety, preserving the illusion he created, the soldiers–each down on one knee–launched their arrows in an arcing path over the city wall! The Jews inside the city believed it was a wall of fire from Heaven! The city, and its residents, were immediately reduced to ashes! Few lived to tell the tale. That’s what Jesus was talking about when He said, “Not one stone shall be left upon another.” The Temple was destroyed. It has not yet been rebuilt, because The Roman Catholic Church is the Temple rebuilt.

But, then, Who was The Second Coming of Christ? In a future post I shall reveal His identity. But I’ll give you a hint–He was responsible for the holy Bible in the form of one complete book, and also for The New Jerusalem! But, there is no New Jerusalem yet! But there is! Practically everyone on the planet’s surface knows about it, its location, and its name. Your job is to find it.


Let’s not have any new religions based solely on what I have written! It’s just common sense! It’s a matter of one two-letter word: ON. If you change it to: OF, it all works out right. The people were not accepting a stamped image ON the foreheads and/or right hands. They were accepting a stamped image OF THE BEAST’S head and right hand, and his name which is also stamped into the coin.

But John could not explain it like I did, because at best the book would have never gotten to the early Church, because the Roman Army would have confiscated it; and at worst many people would have been killed for promulgating such a doctrine!

I don’t know whether it’s a mistranslation from the original Greek, or if Mother Church intentionally misled the Church community, for Millennia! I have one final note on this: everything is NOT in The Bible! If anyone stopped to think about it, it would be easy to figure out: The Bible is not a compendium of all possible knowledge! But without God’s Word, everything else is meaningless. All beauty has its source in God Almighty!

I’m FragileSwan. And this has been WordPress.