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Faith in God has always been. There have always been some who deny God’s existence based on scientific evidence. Before The Worldwide Flood (~5,000 B.C.)  scientists taught that the world was flat. There were no radio communications, so when ships were mysteriously lost a sea it was assumed they fell of the edge of the world. During this time it was cutting edge science that the sky was a large, transparent dome, above which was water making the sky look blue. Heavenly bodies such as stars, the moon and the sun were affixed somehow to this dome, using an unknown but divine adhesive. Stars were perceived to be very small, and the sun was thought to be considerably smaller than the earth.

The learned men of the age taught that the sea remained in its basin rather than flooding the land and drowning men and animals, because the lesser gods of the air were more powerful than the demons under the sea. The earth was thought to be the center of existence, which all else surrounded. Under the earth were pillars anchored into the base firmament, extending up to the bottom of world, supporting the world so it wouldn’t fall. Between the base firmament and the bottom of the world was the abode of the dead. If a ship fell off the edge of the world, it would fall past the abode of the dead, and continue falling forever. The souls on board would never rest.

World maps used by ancient man pictured overgrown jungles filled with monstrous beasts existing beyond the known world; on the fringe of the world. The people of the time did think to question the validity of ships falling off the world. The answer was, “Were else would they go? If a ship never returns to port, it had to have fallen off edge of the world!” There were no witnesses, because they fell off too.”

Here is the big bone of contention between atheists of the time and religious people: the people with faith claimed that God opened doors in the dome of the sky to make rain fall. The atheists argued that, “Yes, doors in the dome of the sky exist, and it is true that rain falls through these doors, but they open by themselves. God has nothing to do with it. The atheists agreed with every other part of what I’ve covered thus far. They simply could not accept the fact that God was involved in opening the doors in the dome of the sky. But ships sailing off the edge of the world was perceived by the atheists as legitimate scientific fact, as was the theory that stars are tiny lights glued on the dome of the sky.

Only religious doctrines have survived the test of time. Atheist diatribe is lost to the sands of time, because it’s bull shit, so no one bothers paying any serious attention, much less tries to preserve it. Atheists of today use the technological ignorance of ancient sages, to discredit religious beliefs in general, and ultimately to deny the existence of God. Five thousand years from now atheists will look back on scientific achievements in the beginning of the Third Millennium and claim that due technologically primitive beliefs held at the dawn of the Twenty-First Century, religious beliefs of that time are flawed, and they will deny the existence of God.

So, why do atheists deny God’s existence? What do they get out of it? Because of their sins, atheists are ugly and corrupt on the inside. Where normal people confess sins to God and seek forgiveness, atheists attempt to paint reality as ugly as they are, so they’ll blend in and appear not quite as repulsive. Atheists hate beauty. All people who advance non-Christian agendas hate beauty. Atheists and feminists share utter contempt for the beauty of the virgin’s hymen and blood sacrifice of innocence, because these prove God’s existence.  Proof of God’s existence reveals that atheist are damned to eternity in everlasting fire.

The hymen is the seal God placed over the virgin’s fertile innocence. The blood and water released from the Caucasian as she is pierced by her bridegroom, prove she belongs to the man, because blood and water released from pierced innocence is proof of belonging to the one who pierced innocence. Using historical data we can verify this. Common knowledge known by practically every Caucasian is that when pierced by the man’s endowment, the Caucasian virgin suffers her God-given share in The Pain of Atonement of God The Son, while the virgin’s bridegroom enjoys his God-given share in The Pleasure of Creation of God The Father.

The virgin also releases her blood sacrifice of innocence (blood and water). This is the temporal reflection of which the Blood and Water released from the Heart of Jesus, pierced by the Roman soldiers lance, is the Eternal Reality. The theory of evolution has no method to account for the evolution of an atonement sacrifice inside the Caucasian virgin, nor can atheists explain biological marriage.

The water from the virgin consecrates her marriage bed, for creation of new blessed life in her holy and chaste womb. The blood from the virgin seals the blood covenant of marriage between God The Father, Who gave the virgin her sacred release, and sealed it safely behind her hymen; The virgin’s bridegroom, who assumes the position of conquest over the surrendered virgin, and sends his invading army inside her fertile innocence; an army by which she shall conceive; And the virgin, whose blood sacrifice of innocence atones for sin held as genetic mutation in the man’s reproductive chromosomes.

Genetic mutation is atoned for by the virgin’s atonement sacrifice, and the man’s reproductive DNA is transformed into the flawless DNA of God The Father, making God the biological Father of the virgin’s child, yielding for the unborn child full communion with God, giving the child understanding of all, and the derivative: absolute power over the physical reality. This technology only works with the original hymen and the original blood sacrifice of innocence. Hymen restoration and artificial hymens result in children being born with tails and glowing yellow eyes with feline pupils: demons. But if the virgin commits godless abomination: unnatural mating: original sin, she learns the pleasure inside the man’s endowment, mutating the fetal DNA in her unborn immortal child, rendering him an ordinary mortal.

So, if the virgin’s child was conceived immortal, and her sensual pleasure made her child mortal, then her sensual pleasure killed her child, just not immediately. We know from scientific studies that the mammalian male mates the female of like species, one male and one female in a solitary pair, only when the female is fertile, in a single mating act. Flawed studies done on animals in captivity show sexual perversions similar to humans in prison. Go figure!

Humans are mammals. The human male naturally mates the human female only when the woman is fertile, in a single mating act after which she conceives the man’s offspring. According to nature, the man will not perform the marital act on the female until after she gives birth, regenerates her hymen, her virgin body is restored, and she becomes fertile once more. In the intervening time the male either hunts for, or mates fresh virgins, or mates with fertile females that already belong to him. The male has exclusive rights to the reproductive tracts of all the virgins he pops, but none of the virgins have exclusive rights to the masculine endowment.

The male is free to mate virgins who then belong to him and cannot mate other males. The human female must not experience sensual pleasure and must mate only with the male to whom she belongs: the male who popped her hymen and released her blood sacrifice of innocence: her bridegroom.

From here down is MasonCide material:

Feminists hate masculinity because it illuminates female sensual guilt. Since the woman’s sensual pleasure is the reason people grow old and die rather than living forever, females suffer guilt for consensual sensual pleasure. Normal females use their bodies in a way pleasing to God: to bear and nurse a man’s offspring, and are subjugated to their husbands’ God Ordained Masculine Authority. When a normal female feels rebellion against masculine authority, she calls her husband and says, “I’ve been a naughty girl. I think I need a spanking.”

Her husband will expose the woman’s small round bare bottom and give her a firm masculine hand. After this he will pin her fragile feminine body under his hard masculine physique, force his pulsating endowment inside her unwilling but responsive reproductive tract, disregard her person-hood in favor of using her as flesh to sate his primal masculine urge as he plows her fertile plain, After surrender,  she gives her mind, body and soul over to masculine domination that promises the seed of forgiveness sown in her guilt-laden womb. From the woman’s sin and the man’s forgiveness springs new life: God’s Forgiveness. When she tells her husband that she bears fruit of her womb, fruit from the man’s seed, her husband will forgive her.

The man’s seed of forgiveness sown in the guilty woman’s contrite womb, contrition demonstrated by fertility, is the sole means to expiate female guilt for consensual sensual pleasure. The urinal-banning feminist says that male urination while standing is a dangerous expression of masculine superiority and domination, and that it encourages males to sexually assault females. For the safety of women, urinals must be banned.

Cameras must be installed in all public mens rooms to verify men are sitting while they urinate, rather than standing in front of the toilet. If any male is caught standing while he urinates, he shall be imprisoned for not less than ten years. Standing urination is 309th and a half degree sexual assault, along with a man pulling on his groin or zipping up his pants in the hallway outside the mens room.

This is a feminist cry for help to all masculine males: “Pin me down and get me pregnant before my brain blows up from sensual guilt!” It’s a critical condition that requires immediate impregnation, or the feminist could die.  If she reports the guy as a rapist, he can just tell the cops, “She wanted urinals banned!” The cops will make a report that the man forced the feminist because she needed it.

Ok, MasonCide went somewhere. He’s very private, except about his involvement in the open source community. I was rereading his input to the post. He has so much testosterone, just his presence sends sensual female tingles down my spine. He’s perfectly natural. He oozes testosterone and pheromones. He’s pure masculinity: a rugged individualist who could break girl’s hearts if he wasn’t in love with that virgin-warrior-priestess-goddess. He spoke in more than two-word phrases to me. I said, “Why are you in love with that virgin warrior?!”

He said, “She’s immortal. A mortal woman would grow old and die. I’d have to watch my wives and children die again and again. Eventually love would bring with it fear of loss, and I could never love again. But I will always have her.”

I said, “I understand. I wish it weren’t true. When I do get married I’m afraid my husband will make love to me and I’ll be thinking about you.”

He said, “No. You’re a virgin. You will biophysically, psychologically and spiritually conform to the exact compliment of your husband. You will fit him perfectly. You will be the perfect mate for only him. You will never be truly satisfied by any other male. And when you experience the pain of atonement, you will forget about me and your husband will be forged into your being.”

I said, “You’re a great guy! You know everything!”

He said, “I have to go.”

I said, “Will you kiss me?”

He said, “No.”

I’m FragileSwan. And this has been WordPress.