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I was googling for the greatest inventions of all time. I couldn’t believe how lame people are. Here’s some of what other people think are among the greatest inventions:

Saran wrap

Cell phone



Cotton gin





I thought to myself, ‘These are inventions by an intellectually primitive, matter composed organic species, that hasn’t the slightest idea of how to invent.

The following are some truly remarkable inventions. The number one greatest invention is:

The Universe.

The Universe is remarkable in that it was Created by pure Authority, Wisdom and Power; none of which are composed of matter. Another astounding property of the Universe is that matter nor energy can be added to or subtracted from the amount there is.

The second greatest invention of all time are:


Angels are not composed of matter. Therefore, no input of energy is required for an Angel to travel at light speed. The amount of energy necessary to accelerate an object to light speed is directly proportional to the mass of the object. Angels have zero mass, so zero energy is required for acceleration. Angels also possess The Wisdom of God, giving them dominion over The Physical Laws of Nature.

The third greatest invention is:


Life is priceless. It is a beautiful intricacy, magnificent beyond compare. Life is a gift given to its possessor From his Creator. Also ranking third is DNA.

Number four:


God knows about orgasms. He invented them.

Number five:

The white virgin’s atonement sacrifice.

The blood and water released from the white virgin when she is pierced, atones for accursedness in the man’s seed, yielding genetically flawless, immortal offspring; unless the virgin later learns the man’s pleasure, in which case her unborn child suffers genetic mutation, and becomes mortal.

Here are more inventions by white people:



Diffraction Grating

Practice of Medicine




The above are remarkable, but wait! What about these?:

Trees are inventions. The live longer than people, so the have seen much more. Trees, and plants in general, love to be near animals. I don’t know if trees have souls, but I do know that trees should not be loved outside our love for our Holy Creator. Protecting God’s Creation at the expense of the immortal soul is not necessary. Even if humanity detonates every nuclear bomb on the planet, and every nuclear power plant has a meltdown the same day, planet earth will recover. There will yet be life in the sea. Sea life demonstrates ancient lifeforms, because global cataclysms do not kill all life in the oceans. Some of the best DNA belongs to sharks. They have survived through everything. And crocodiles also. During The Great Flood, sharks and crocodiles survived, because they could live and feed in water.

Rivers are good, because without them civilization would not exist. Rivers were invented by God Almighty.

Polar Bears are a great invention. They’re big and cuddly, and have fur, life, and they control the seal population.

Stars are magnificent. They were all Created by God. Ancient man believed stars were tiny lights glued onto earth’s dome. They believed water was above the sky, and God opened the doors of heaven to make rain. Ancient atheists claimed the doors in the dome of the sky opened by themselves, asserting that God played no role in allowing the water above the sky to fall as rain. Atheists of the era also maintained that if a ship sailed off the edge of the world, it did not get stuck in limbo. It only got stuck in eternal darkness. The Roman Catholic Church later maintained the concept of a nearly spherical earth, but the atheists argued that if earth was spherical, what happened to all the ships that fell off the edge of the world?

I’ve been discovering that white people invented and discovered almost everything before any other race did, but not before God did! LETS list more inventions that humans are very proud of:




Electrical power generation and distribtuion

The transistor

Polio Vaccine

The muscle cars of the late 1960s to the mid-eighties. I’ve heard of CAR named GTO. iT’S a classice Manufactuerers1 dureing

I’ll add to this post each week, until there are 101 inventions listed. If anyone has a suggestion, leave a comment.