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There are some myths circulating about vampires. Currently, all published information on vampires is fictional, except this post, and this post . I recommend reading the linked post before reading this post, because it explains vampire theory.

In the days before The Roman Catholic Clergy hunted down and killed vampires and witches, doctors recommended blood drinking to their patients as a means to good health. For Centuries the wealthy class drank human blood. They paid peasant blood donors to supply them with blood. Real soulless walking undead embodiments of evil: The sons of the damned, lived for five to ten Centuries, before being discovered and killed. They were essentially Immortal.

The movie and television series, Highlander, portrayed an unrealistic form of Immortality. True Immortals, like anyone else who has a human body, can be killed, but they won’t die of natural causes. Living in Mexico, and Central and South America is the vampire bat. This bat has a raspy tongue, and uses it to literally saw through the hide of cattle, deriving its nutrients from cow’s blood. Vampires were named after this bat. However, drinking blood does not make one an immortal undead vampire.

There are two distinct types of human vampires: Wealthy mortal humans who drank blood as a means to good health, and wealthy immortal soulless undead embodiments of evil who drank blood for the same reason. We will use the term vampire for the soulless undead. No true vampire living in modern times would drink blood, because the medical community long ago discovered that blood drinking is not health promoting, and causes sensitivity to bright light.

Vampires got a bad reputation from mortal blood drinkers, because the wealthy would come out at dusk, and there were no laws at that time protecting peasants from arbitrary slaughter by the mighty. To save paying a peasant blood donor, many times a wealthy person would have a peasant killed, and drain out a few cups of blood.

But there was no refrigeration at that time, so the blood had to be drank fairly quickly. Most of the blood in a human body would go to waste. Vampires lived for Centuries, and refined blood drinking to an art form. The filed their eye teeth to a sharp point, because fresh blood drank directly from the carotid artery was much more palatable that blood drawn and placed into vessels.

Vampires preferred female donors, because Centuries past, a guy sucking on a guy’s neck could get both burned at the stake. Faggots are actually bundled sticks stacked below a homosexual tied to a stake, and then ignited. Vampires wanted to fit in, and avoid being mistaken for sodomites.

As the human male prefers a female who hasn’t had some other guy inside her reproductive tract, a vampire preferred a female who hadn’t had some other vampire’s teeth in her carotid artery. Movies exploited this because of the implicit relation to loss of innocence through bleeding. The virgin bleeds when pierced by her bridegroom. The vampire’s mistress bleeds when pierced by the vampire’s teeth.

One cannot become a vampire by being bitten by a vampire. Vampires practiced the occult, making them also warlocks. They can use their eyes, combined with certain sounds, to hypnotize victims. The hypnotized victims will continue being blood donors. Vampires desire control over the wills of others much more than to kill. They’re not killers, unless threatened or otherwise provoked.

Through their vastly extended lifetimes, vampires acquired great wealth and power. They were frequently politically connected, rulers, wealthy socialites and noblemen. But the soulless embodiments of evil would not be referred to as vampires in the Second Millennium, because vampires are intelligent, and intelligent people have no reason to drink blood in the modern era.

Briefly, because this is covered , I will explain how one would know if he is a true vampire. A soulless undead vampire’s father would be dead before the vampire was conceived in his mother’s womb. A man with knowledge indicating his father was living after the man was conceived cannot be a vampire. If you want more information, see here

Vampires are conceived of the virgin’s atonement sacrifice, and are therefore exclusively male. There has never been a female vampire, and there never will be. It’s impossible. See this link for more info: http://wp.me/pqsM2-1t .

Myth: Vampires have no reflection in a mirror.
: Vampires have a faint reflection in a mirror.

Myth: Vampires can transform themselves into other animals.
Truth: Vampires cannot change into other animals. Common sense says that would be impossible. Vampires when threatened can make their physical bodies nearly transparent, and transfer their essences into other mammals. When danger has passed, the vampire can lead the animal back to his physical body, transfer his essence, and make his body opaque again.

Myth: Vampires become ravenously hungry after a time without drinking blood.
Truth: Vampires can eat food, like everyone else. They drank blood only because of primitive medical advice at that time.

Myth: Vampires are repelled by garlic.
Truth: Vampires are repelled by garlic worn around the neck.

Myth: Roman Catholic Sacramentals weaken vampires and burn their skin.
Truth: Yes! The Power of Christ renders vampires helpless.

Myth: A vampire cannot enter a Roman Catholic Church.
Truth: Vampires will never voluntarily enter a Catholic Church.

Myth: Vampires have chronic halitosis.
Truth: Yes! Vampires have bad breath.

Myth: Vampires have the strength of ten mortal men.
Truth: Yes! A vampire is animated by spirits of darkness, giving him incredible physical strength.

Myth: A vampire must sleep in coffin, on a thin layer of topsoil from his ancestral homeland, or he’ll die.
Truth: No! Vampires prefer to sleep in coffins with a thin layer of topsoil in the bottom.

Myth: Sunlight weakens vampires.
Truth: Blood drinking makes anyone sensitive to bright light. Vampires are averse to sunlight, but it doesn’t weaken them.

Myth: There is one way to kill a vampire: Driving a wooden stake through his heart.
Truth: This myth requires understanding. Vampires can be killed by other means. However, the myth is a warning: Unless a vampire is sufficiently weakened by the presence of Roman Catholic Sacramentals, such as Holy Water, a crucifix and/or certain Saint medallions; that a mortal man could drive a stake through the vampire’s heart, attempts on the vampire’s life will be met with the hunter’s fate.

Myth: When The Roman Catholic Church revealed the existence, dynamics and diabolical evil of vampires: The soulless undead, conceived in the wombs of witches, through a godless perversion of the same genetic technology God The Father used to Conceive The Christ Child in the blessed and holy womb of Mary; the townspeople took up arms and hunted down the immortal minions of evil.
Truth: The townspeople were frightened. Witch and vampire hunting was done by Roman Catholic Clergy given the same authority as law enforcement personnel. Witches of the time were also very dangerous. They were experts in preparing systemic poisons, many of which were used in lower dosages as medicines. The plant alkaloid and deadly poison, strychnine, was used as a medicine into the Twentieth Century.

In ancient Rome the use of systemic toxins to commit murder was widespread. Antony’s Egyptian wife, Cleopatra, was essentially a witch. She was practiced in her art. Antony refused to dine with her, unless his taster was with him. A taster functioned to eat a small amount of someone else’s food, to demonstrate whether or not the food was poisoned. The mere fact that a man employed a taster discouraged attempts on his life, because anyone attempting to poison the man would kill only the innocent taster (Sometimes called a ‘cup bearer’).

Myth: Vampires do not cast a shadow.
Truth: Vampires do cast faint shadows.

Myth: Vampires cannot walk on sacred ground.
Truth: Yes! If a cemetery is part of a church, or Catholic Parish, a vampire could be killed by simply walking over it.

Myth: Vampires are the dead come back to life: The undead.
Truth: Vampires are not renevants. They are born soulless. If left alone, they remain animated forever.

Myth: Vampires drank blood because they were crazed.
Truth: Vampires drank blood because doctors of that era recommended blood drinking for good health.

Myth: Vampires live off of the life essences of the living, which is present in the blood of the living .
Truth: The life essence is present in DNA. Blood cells are the only body cells that have no nucleus, and therefore no DNA, and therefore no life essence. Vampires are animated by evil spirits.

Myth: Blood drinking makes males more potent.
Truth: No. Vampires have no drive to reproduce, because they’re immortal. So what would be the point. Immortals don’t need to reproduce, and it would only cause them heartache to watch their loved ones grow old and die. For this reason, vampires are emotionally unavailable.

Myth: Vampires stalk their victims.
Truth: No! Vampires are opportunists. They place lures, and victimize people who come to them.

Myth: Drinking blood makes a person a vampire.
Truth: No! Medieval vampires drank blood because the medical community of that era touted blood drinking to preserve and/or restore good health. If there were any animated vampires in the Twenty-First Century, they wouldn’t drink blood, because everyone is aware that there is no health benefit associated with blood drinking. Ancient Roman physicians documented a shortened life span among blood drinkers. Most medieval blood drinkers were mortal. It was a fairly common practice among the wealthy, both mortal and immortal.

Myth: The vampire material available on the Internet is legitimate.
Truth: The only legitimate online vampire information available is in this post, and this post: http://wp.me/pqsM2-1t .

Myth: Vampires are the sons of witches.
Truth: Yes! The passage of the apprentice witch into the craft involved conceiving in her womb a vampire. The genetic technology involved is explained in this post: http://wp.me/pqsM2-1t .

Ok, I’m tired of writing this post. I’ll post more information about vampires a few posts from now. I’m sick of vampires. Just a little footnote:

A psychiatric forensic nurse working on a suspected suicide of an adolescent male had privy to his “Book of Shadows”. That’s a blank, hard cover journal filled out like a diary. The victim had been addicted to online “Dungeons and Dragons”. He was on medication for clinical depression and attention deficit disorder. He wrote about drinking blood donated by his fellow high school students. In one of the last entries he claimed he had become an immortal vampire via blood drinking. Shortly thereafter he was proved wrong.

The autopsy revealed he had taken a massive overdose of amphetamine (Adderall, for ADD), Zoloft and Prozac. It also revealed 24 ounces of blood in his stomach and duodenum, but no cause for bleeding. His parents had taken away his Internet privileges as a punishment, and he killed himself.

There are hundreds if not thousands of mentally ill social outcasts deriving a sense of belonging through drinking the blood of others.

Myth: When one person drinks another person’s blood, two separate souls of the individuals unite in a sick sort of intercourse, forever.
Truth: There is nothing mystical about blood. Ancient superstitious medical practice held that the life force was in the blood. Now we know this isn’t true. So only mentally ill idiots have any reason to still drink blood. Blood drinking has no supernatural benefit above other forms of cannibalism, which have no benefit to the cannibal other than nutrition. Blood drinking doesn’t make delusional psychotics vampires. Vampires are vampires regardless of whether or not they drink blood.

People who refer to themselves as vampires, because they drink blood, are almost universally below average intelligence, above average psychotic, below average socially, above average in stalking celebrities, below average achievers, above average drug abusers, below average mood, above average persecution complex, below average looks, above average antisocial behavior; and they’re delusional.

In closing, blood drinkers who think they’re vampires, are idiots. Vampires are vampires whether or not they drink blood. Get a life, you wannabes. There are no real vampires in modern times, because authentic witchcraft died with the Roman Catholic slaughter of witches, and consequent loss of the knowledge witches possessed. Without witchcraft, vampires cannot be conceived, because the conception of a vampire is a witchcraft sex ritual.

This post here explains in plain language exactly how vampires were conceived, and why . What was Truth IS Truth NOW, and it always will be Truth. There is One Truth. Everything else is wrong.