I’m FragileSwan. And this is WordPress.

Human females are legally allowed to believe any way they wish. In this vein, here is what I believe:

I believe this great nation is as strong as the strength of its men and the chastity of its women. I believe when a nation loses the virginity of its females to fornication, that nation is over. No civilization in which men cannot find chaste wives, can survive. Each female must be subjugated to The God Ordained Masculine Authority of her father or husband. It is the natural function of the human female to bear and nurse a man’s offspring.

Females do not require education to fulfill their God Ordained purpose of reproducing God’s image, preferably man-child. Every female who has an abortion will either repent of her sin, and confess her sin to A Catholic Priest; OR she will burn in Hell for all eternity. Black females are committing genocide against the black race, by advocating black females have abortions rather than live births.

Females must avoid intimate contact outside the bonds of Sacramental Matrimony. No female fornicator will be respected by her future husband. Every self respecting young masculine male wants a wife with an intact hymen. No man wants a girl who has had some other guy inside of her reproductive tract. And no man wants a wife who has some other guy’s kids. That leaves divorcees out in the cold, because no man wants to marry a divorcee.

Let’s face facts. No matter what the circumstances surrounding a divorce, it’s the wife’s fault. Either she couldn’t please a man or she divorced her own husband, both of which indicate female rebellion against masculine authority. There is one exception: In the case a wife was abandoned for more than four years by her husband, she is no longer bound by marriage, and divorce is only a formality.