Hi, I’m FragileSwan. And this is WordPress. My friend and I found this in her brother’s room. She asked her Mom if it was permissible to put it on a blog. She said yes. So here it is. This is the work of a 16 year old.

Jesus Christ spoke in parables. He did this because only those who were given Understanding by God, because they were willing to repent from sin, would be able to understand the parables.

I dispense Truth straight up, in plain language. That means anyone is able to understand. But not everyone is entitled to the information. You have to realize, this is the formula for Immortality and Absolute Power. God doesn’t want just anyone becoming Immortal, or gaining Absolute Power.

Information that will give certain people insurmountable advantage over everyone else cannot be dispensed to everyone, because the world is imperfect. Some people would use the information to do evil.

I’ll give you an example: Not everyone knows the virgin’s blood sacrifice of innocence atones for accursedness, hidden in the man’s chromosomes as genetic mutation. Atonement makes the man’s DNA perfect, just like The Flawless DNA of God The Father.

This allows Immortal Man/Gods to be Conceived in the womb of a mortal woman, with a mortal man as father. But, the virgin must know only The Pain of Atonement of God The Son, and remain ignorant to The Pleasure of Creation of God The Father. The virgin knowing only The Pain of Atonement, knows not sin.

The Child Conceived of the virgin’s blood sacrifice of innocence is Conceived without stain, because the virgin knows only suffering, but not the man’s pleasure.

This is what set The Virgin Mary apart from all other women. On the day following Her marriage to Joseph, she went to visit Her Cousin Elizabeth. Thus, she only knew The Pain of Atonement, as every chaste virgin learns on her wedding night.

Since Joseph didn’t have access to his wife, Mary, she remained pure and sacred, knowing only the pain of atonement. And thus, she committed no sin. The woman only sins when she learns the man’s pleasure, because to do this, the couple must perform the marital act when comception is impossible. The virgin that conceives on her wedding night, and does not know man again, until after she gives birth, will regenerate her hymen, creating a new blood sacrifice of innocence to offer for her next child; making all of children holy and blessed.

Mammals mate when the female is fertile, in a single act. Flawed studies, done using animals in captivity, have shown that animals in captivity act like humans in prison: Against Nature. There is no doubt that humans were Created to mate according to Nature: when the female is fertile, and with a single mating act per conception.

After all, humans are animals: Kingdom:Animalia; Phylum:Chordata; Subphylum:Vertebrae; Class:Mammalia; Genus:Primate; Species:Homo Sapien. So humans natural mating patterns would resemble those of other mammals.

So, now we have all the information we need to Create A Race of Man/Gods, natural born Immortal Sons of God. I’ve already written to Pope Benedict XVI, and ArchBishop Timothy Dolan, explaining the concept. The virgin’s blood sacrifice of innocence represents the key to man’s next evolutionary stage: Immortality and Absolute Power.

The Flawless DNA of God The Father, as each human father’s DNA is rendered, by the virgin’s atonement sacrifice, has a Flawless Spiritual Component: The Holy Spirit. The Natural Born Man/Gods have The Holy Spirit as Their Souls. This allows Full Communion with God The Father, yielding All Truth, and Complete Understanding.

With Knowledge From God The Father, The Man/Gods, or Supermen of Nietzche fame, will have complete dominion over physical reality. They will essentially control The Physical Laws of Nature.

It’s important that Rome currently has some of these Sons of God, because a single Man/God IS able to surgically extract terror cells, from among the masses of innocent people, and telekinetically transport the terrorists, through the air, to an active volcanoe, and drop them inside.

In fact, this is where the concept of Hell comes from. There were once many of The Man/Gods living on earth. They enforced God’s Justice, by dumping entire city states into Mount Ararat.

The Catholic Church sits on this knowledge, because witches were luring young men into taking the virginity of a young apprentice witch, and before the child was conceived, the young witch would knick the man’s neck with a sharpened neurotoxin laced fingernail.

This created children, conceived after their fathers were dead. These children grew into superhuman beings, having the advantage of the virgin’s blood sacrifice of innocence offered for them, yielding Flawless DNA, making them Immortal. But rather than The Holy Spirit for souls, the witches’ children were the embodiment of evil: Vampires, Werewolves, Warlocks.

Dracula is a true story, but not a personal story. The basis is true, but not the exact person. There were once many people who lived past the age of 300 years. They were not alive, but undead, and extremely wealthy.

If you do the math, after 2 lifespans, great economic advantage is gained over people who live only 1 lifespan. One of the things The Roman Catholic Church did for humanity, was hunt down and kill the undead pure evil Immortals; spawn of the dead father; conceived after their biological fathers had died from neurotoxin.

It’s important that everyone not have access to this information, because, as you can see, the fate of the world lies with it.

Does anyone else find this kid a little creepy. I’m absolutely sure this is not correct, and I’m already in my twenties. If it were true, I would know about it. I’m trying to get more Prophesy from Seth. So hold tight, and check back.